20 Best Infobase Anti-Fraud Websites

Last updated on October 18th, 2016 at 06:24 am

There are tens of thousands of websites that report scam-related news, but some are purposely designed to reporting fraud.

While some of them provide resources which help to detect scam, some give you the liberty to submit any website and email you think is a phish.

Mobile Banking Watch (MBW) did an anti scam websites scout and is coming up with 20 best anti-fraud websites that are campaigning vigorously against online crime, and how cyber users can stay safe surfing the net. 
Whether they are funded by individual, non-governmental organisations, corporate bodies or governments, their aim is working on how to have a safe internet use, and a better platform to carry out financial transactions.
If you surf the net using your mobile device, cybercriminals too use smartphones and tablets with mobile network connection to carry out their fraud.

Here are the top 20 anti-cybercrime websites:
1. SCAMwatch

SCAMwatchis the brainchild of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to enlighten consumers and small businesses on how to recognise, avoid and how to report scam.

If you said ACCC’s role should be consumer protection, infrastructure regulation, you’re right, but it also partners with other cross-border government agencies to fight online scam which triggered the formation, in 2005, of Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce (ACFT).
On SCAMwatch, you can report a scam, reading access to the experiences of those who have been defrauded or scammed one way or other which would be a lesson for you on how to protect yourself.
2. Scamadviser.com

Scamadviser.com looks at every website from marketing perspective.  It is a website trust check to getting enough facts about an online shop and website before making any online transactions. This site gives details of websites whether it is safe or not.

Online buyers get the facts they need to know before handing over their personal and account details.
What scamadviser tells you about a website are:

  • Domain age 
  • Popularity 
  • Websites speed 
  • Owner 
  • Address 
  • Registrant’s postal code 
  • E-mail 
  • Registrants’ city 
  • Phone number and other details that qualify a website to be trusted.

How to use scamadviser.com

Copy the URL of a company you want to buy from

Click on check websites on home page

Paste the copied URL into the search bar.

Click and within a few seconds, it spit out all you need to know about the company you want to deal with.
Two of the criteria I believe scamadviser.com uses are:
1)    “Domain registration length (website life expectancy).” This is because legitimate domains are often paid for several years in advance, while illegitimate domains rarely pay upfront. They’re rarely used for more than a year.

I’m sure you know that domain registration length is one of the 200 Google’s Ranking factors, “Therefore, a date when a domain expires in the future can be used as a factor in predicting the legitimacy of a domain.”
Related to this is newness of a website. A new website is believed yet to have online reputation.

So, a domain that expires within a year may be rated as being “risky” by scamadviser.com.

2)    Website origin: certain countries are listed as being high risk because of cases of internet fraud.
3. PhishTank

Phishtankis a platform operated by OpenDNS which gives you the liberty to report a suspected phish website. Your submission is tested and verified, if the phish site is positive, it’s flagged.
Founded in 2005, OpenDNS aims to improve the internet through safer, faster, and smarter Domain Name System.

Phishtank makes phishing reports and stats available FREE to the internet community. But you must have an account in order to make submissions, and be a member of the community.
4. Action Fraud

Apart from alerting the public about internet crime, UK’s ActionFraudis also a website dedicated for reporting fraud and internet crime.

Action fraud doesn’t just report, it investigates financially motivated internet crime, using great online reporting tool.

The good thing about actionfraud is: Speakers of other languages other than English are also given the opportunity to report cyber scam.
5. Scam.com

Scam.comis a free open forum where registered users can engage in debate relating to scams. List of scam websites is frequently updated so that visitors can know whether the company they’re about to deal with is a scam or not.

Not just that you can also report any forms of scam. One interesting thing about scam.com is that it advises its users to beware of kinds of advice, opinions, or statements they take in forum.
6. 419Eater

419eateris dedicated on the Nigerian 419 scam, but still believes that cybercriminals operate from any part of the world.

However, 419eater approach to fighting Nigerian scam is tasking as it has a large team of internet experts whose responsibility is to remove and shut down banks accounts and websites operated by online thieves when such sites must have been certified as been fraud. 
7. Scam Warners

Apart from being an awareness centre for internet scams, Scamwarners.comalso advises and supports victims of scam. 

This site has an active forum where useful information is shared among members. Scam warners has jurisdiction because it isn’t a law enforcement agency, but I believe it’s a good internet anti fraud resource centre for law enforcement agents and everybody. 
8. Anti Fraud News

Antifraudnews.com informs you about phishing, advance fee fraud, romance scams and other of kinds scams.

Anti fraud news believes that enough information is needed in order to avoid becoming a victim of a scam. It doesn’t investigate fraud, but always gives updated report about internet scam.
9. SFO
Serious Fraud Office popularly called sfois an UK’s independent government department that investigates and prosecutes complex fraud with the aim to “maintaining confidence in the UK’s business and financial institutions.”

Its jurisdiction may be in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, but sfo plays a crucial role in cyber security alert by working closely with other overseas agencies to track down cyber criminals so as to make the internet a better place.

10. TalkPTC Scam List
Paid To Click (PTC), an online business platform that targets people aiming to earn extra money from home.

Updated TalkPTC Scam List is an extensive research carried out on PTC websites.

Have you found a PTC website to earn extra cash from? Then TalkPTC scam list will be a good stop-over for you to check whether you’re about to register with a scam websites.

TalkPTC makes effort to inform PTC users of scam websites so that they don’t waste their time, and ending up handing over their data to “online bad guys.”

What’s PTC
PTC is like middlemen between advisers and consumers, whereby the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTC websites.

Part of the payment then goes to the viewer for viewing the advert.

However, PTC websites have been ravaged by scam because of the money involved.

Scam PTC websites are notorious for attracting new users with cheap offers for upgrades and referrals and disappear without trace after a short time.

11. SurveyPolice
This doesn’t have any affiliation with police, but since 2005 surveypolice.com has been providing survey information for survey takers. It gives survey takers a voice to relay their experiences to others.

An illegitimate market research panel may quickly change name if it got caught, but surveypolice is always quick to alert its fans through its forum so that victims would be minimal; and possibly blacklist such fraud website.
12. Fraud.org
Are you an online buyer or seller? Then fraud.org wouldn’t be a bad place to know the latest scam about online market places.

It puts users on red alert based on the complaints it receives from consumers who have either been scammed or on the verge of been duped.

With its online complaint form, fraud.org is able to verify the authenticity of complaint and advising the public about such fraud.

13. FBI
If you think Federal Bureau of Instigation is mainly for terrorisms, or espionage you’re absolutely wrong.
Cyber crime is number three in the top 8 national security priorities of FBI. Though the mission statement of the agency is

to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States,”

Its  efforts against online fraud is more than some agencies in some countries established to fight cybercrime.
In one of its investigations, FBI discovered that Nigerian cyber criminals defrauded 250 vendors of $5m.

Reporting incidence of cyber fraud is made simple through the platform provided on its website.

14. Scam Detector
Just like TalkPTC Scam List, scam detectorgives updates about Paid To Click websites: which are fraud and which are real. Scam detector is a good place for PTC users because feedbacks about payments and withholding are reported.

This website also has PTC scam list which clearly states fraudulent PTC websites, and at the same time providing useful tips about password, tactics of cybercriminals, and the best guidelines on how to use PTC websites.

15. Stop-scammers.com
Stop-scammers.com is concentrated more on what you need to know about female scammers. 

Those “beautiful ladies” you found on the website, “online queens” who pose as females are mostly male scammers who use female photos to commit cyber crime.

They pretend to have fallen in love with you, but before long they appeal to your emotion luring you to sending them money.

Stop-scammers.com provides useful tools to help you identify online female scammers. Apart from that this anti scam website has an active community where victims share experiences so that you don’t fall into the same pit.

It also gives you the search freedom to find scammers by age, name, city, country, website, fake docs; and other tactics female scammers use.

16. IC3
Formerly known as the Internet Fraud Complaint Centre, IC3(Internet Crime ComplaintCentre) collaborates with the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Centre(NW3C) to handle internet related fraud. 

IC3 also works with other international agencies to combating internet crime.
It fights cyber crime beyond borders…you can file your complaint if you have sufficient information to back up such allegation.

17. Scambusters
Scambuster.orgcovers gift card scams, Hurricane Katrina scams, unclaimed money scams, cell phone scams and other forms of scams, but it is more popular on, “get cash for survey” scams which is one of the work at home tricks used by online fraudsters; and its effort at stopping spam.

 “Earn $140 per week! All at the comfort of your home, sipping coffe, and filling out surveys.”

If you’ve ever gotten tempting-ads like that either through your email or via social media, scambuster has the man-power and resources to analyze online surveys, and advice that would open your eyes to the tricks of con artists.

18. Hoax-Slayer
Hoax-slayer is an educative website for online users on how to recognise fraud email, anti-spam tips and useful tips about internet security issues.

Not just that, hoax-slayer also reports possible vulnerabilities on computer and mobile phones.

19. Dating Reviews Guide
Youths play around a lot on dating websites either to defraud a gullible partner or to really bag a true babe. Either of the two reasons, datingreviewsguide.comwas a pet project of a group of five guys who had been scammed using online dating sites.

With their experiences, the founders provide useful tips for those planning to use online dating sites so that they don’t waste their time and money.

With its dating tactics, it does reviews of existing online dating websites. Dating Reviews Guide isn’t a place you can find love, but a place where you get to know which sites are good, and which could lead you been scammed. 

20. Antiscam.org
Once upon a time, Russian dating industry was flooded with fraudulent dating agencies…they still exist. But antiscam.org and other anti-fraud campaigners came online for the purpose of preventing people becoming victims of such scams.

Antiscam.org beams its fraud-search light on fraud emanating from Russian dating sites.

It’s your turn!
Have you used any anti fraud website you believe is resourceful and it’s not on the list? You can drop it, and it will be added to “Your Choice List” after reviewing it.

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