Coaching Business: Hot Spots to Find New Clients

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One of the ways to get value from your profession is to know the right place to get prospective clients, and your ability to turn them to buying-customers.

If you’re a career coach, leadership coach, relationship coach, parenting coach, dating coach, sales coach, weight loss, or business coach this ebook will show you the hot places to find new high paying clients, what to say to magnetically attract them to you, and how to show up so that clients instantly want to work with you.
Since this ebook is put together by a coach, the 100% of tips are coaching-based, but whatever your area of profession you can still use some of the tips here to better your area of interest.
Better still, some of the tips can be adapted to get new clients in your own area of business.
Here are some of the best places to find new clients:

  • Networking Events 
  • In-Person Events 
  • Your Own Events 
  • Social Networking Sites

Title: Hot Spots to Find New Clients Today

Format: PDF

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But how can you leverage on these hot places to get new clients?
Christian Mickelsen reveals these and other tips on how to get new clients. 
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The good part: It’s total FREE!

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