#SaveMayowa Fundraising Scam: I have never been involved in fraud-Toyin Aimakhu

#SaveMayowa Fundraising Scam: I have never been involved in fraud-Toyin Aimakhu

Toyin pulls out of fundraisingtoyin-aimakhu-joins-save-mayowaPopular Yoruba actress Toyin Aimakhu has stated that the trending fundraising scam surrounding cancer patient, Mayowa Ahmed, was a big slap on her personality, saying she had never been involved in fraud and “I will never partake in one, not even at this stage of my career.”


The Yoruba actress said her efforts were strictly on humanitarian grounds without recourse to any pecuniary consideration or the resort to cheap fame. She stated this on her instagram page @aimakhutoyin.


Mayowa Ahmed’s saga started when the Founder of Lifestake Foundation, Aramide Kasumu, alleged that the family of the ailing Mayowa Ahmed lied that only N30m had been raised while the correct amount was N85m.

Lifestake Foundation initiated the fundraising to assist the ailing Mayowa in her medical bills.


The campaign was initiated to raise funds for surgery in a foreign hospital for Mayowa, who is suffering from ovarian cancer, but there have been allegations that the patient’s family was using her condition to defraud members of the public.

Toyin joined in the campaign to raise funds for Mayowa. Her fame was instrumental to the generosity the fundraising got, but the campaign was marred by fraud along the way.


Ahmaed Mayowa Saga: This is my story-Toyin Aimakhu

In view of the recent happenings around Mayowa Ahmed’s ill health and the many allegations of fraud surrounding the funds raised, it has become imperative that I come clean by stating my side of the story and by implications, set the record straight.


When I got wind of Mayowa’s sickness, I was moved to tears and immediately sought to know how I could help, hence my on-the-spot video which went viral as my genuine intervention.


Indeed, I was overwhelmed by the quick response of well-meaning Nigerians to whom I will forever owe a debt of gratitude.

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But all this changed yesterday, Thursday 28th, July, when I went to the hospital in the morning to check as well as follow up on Mayowa. Her brother had told everyone to leave them alone because they wanted privacy. Although I was shocked at the sudden change in attitude, especially the tone of communication, I still did not suspect anything was amiss.


However, on my way out, I received a call from one Aramide Kasumu of Life Stake Foundation, who would later claim the whole Mayowa Ahmed fund raiser was a scam. Importantly, she wanted to know the extent of my involvement and in her words, “so that when they are giving their reports, I would not be roped into it”. She went further to state that the family deceived everyone in the first place by raising funds for Mayowa despite the fact that her case was helpless and the hopes of her survival was near impossible. She seemed to know so much, I reckoned.


Upon hearing this, I was appalled and in a bid to clear my name, I went back to the hospital in palpable anger and demanded explanations from all concerned. Perhaps, I overreacted when I went into a rage of anger over the matter with the CSO. I then alerted the Police PRO, who invited the parties involved to the police command.


I want to state for the record that I have never been a fraud and will never partake in one, not even at this stage of my career (which I hold to heart). All my efforts were strictly on humanitarian grounds without recourse to any pecuniary consideration or the resort to cheap fame.


Toyin Aimakhu apologizes

Whatever discomfort my reactions may have cost anyone from any quarters is highly regretted and I take responsibility.

Whilst I wish Mayowa a quick recovery and divine intervention, I want to urge us as a people to continue to exhibit that enviable Nigerian spirit of compassion and generosity and not because of this isolated case cease to be our sister/ brother’s keeper. I love you all and thank you.

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Lifestake Foundation accuses Mayowa’s family of insincerity

In a video footage online on Friday, founder of Lifestake Foindation, Aramide Kasumu, alleged that Mayowa’s family members were insincere about the amount that had been raised for the patient.


She also accused the family members of attempting to shut out people involved in the fundraising and giving conflicting information about Mayowa’s situation and the hospital they intend to take her for treatment.


“The brother came to the public to say they raised N30m when in actual fact, they raised N85m,” she said in the footage.


“They came and said they had a visa when they didn’t have a visa; they solicited for funds to go to America but now they are saying they are going to Dubai. A lot of things were not adding up and they were not being straightforward. We were saying ‘why are you guys not being straightforward?’


Police wades in, freezes Mayowa fundraising account

In the meantime, the Lagos State Police Command has frozen the controversial bank account opened to raise money for Mayowa pending when investigation into allegations of fraud is concluded.

Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, in a statement on Friday said the state police commissioner, Fatai Owoseni, “directed  full investigation into the report that the ‘Save Mayowa Campaign’ is a fraud” and that the report of the investigation will be made public.


The statement said that Kasumu, and two members of Ahmed family – Mr. Iwaloye Seun and Mrs. Zaneen Ahmed – had earlier been invited to the command’s headquarters for questioning.


The command said it had placed a red alert on the bank account opened in the name of Mayowa as it has been frozen while effort is ongoing to contact the managers of Gofundme online account so as to ensure funds raised through that platform is not fraudulently diverted.

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“Investigation will be extended to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi- Araba, where the patient is currently undergoing treatment.”

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