How to Avoid N-Power Registration Fraud

Npower youth empowerment in Nigeria

Last updated on November 22nd, 2018 at 05:20 pm

Handing over your username, password, bvn, and other personal details to someone you don’t trust could be risky just as registration requirements contain vital info about your financial details.

A lot of links are out there directing you to register for npower, please disregard any shortened URL or any hidden link. Because fraudsters are going to also use this opportunity to get BVN, and other personal details which might be used against you later.

If you are unable to register now, try later in the day.

Don’t drop your email address on public forum to avoid unsolicited messages targeting your personal details.

If all what you got on is NGINX close the page and try again later.

If you’re facing any issue as regards registration, please be patient, or call the dedicated telephone number of Npower Help desk for assistance.

How to detect a scam email

Even if N-Power authenticated firetoms as its consultant, it’s still important that you watch out for any other scam email that may be sent to you by unknown third party.

If the email message is generic, “Dear applicant” it’s better to watch out. Your prospective employer should address you by your name not dear applicant.

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If an email message is generic it means the “bad guys” behind such message are sending the same message to a large number of people. Such emails should be caught by Google Spam bolt but hackers always know how to jump the security walls.

If the email message if generic, take a step further by checking the email address of the sender. If the email address isn’t what you’re familiar with it’s better to delete it or disregard it.


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