NiceStartbux: Pay-to-Click, Ad Pack Website: Scam or not?

NiceStartbux: Pay-to-Click, Ad Pack Website: Scam or not?

Last updated: Nove,ber 08, 2016 (Time:08:14)

NiceStartBux seems to be another scam if the mode of operation of the owners is anything to go by. For close to a month now, nicestartbux has been down.

“Site is temporarily unavailable:Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. Please check back soon.We apologize for any inconvenience.”

The above excuse is what you find on nicestartbux for a month now. A serious website that has people’s hard earned money doesn’t operate like that. You don’t hold people’s money for a month and close down. It means something is fishy. Though when it started it showed how users make payments, and they’re paid, until the last minutes it went off accessibility.

I’ve monitored this website for a month nothing has been done, no Facebook Page to contact them neither other social media accounts. NicestartBux was just another scam website logically designed by smart guys who were patient enough not to raise suspicion.

It’s sad!


What  is NiceStartBux?

NiceStartBux is an ad pack website that pays you when you interact its displayed ads and advertisers. Advertisements purchased in nicestartbux system are delivered to other advertisers and “converted into cash ads that they can click to earn and deliver you the visits purchased.”

It’s a new click to earn/ad pack website that has promised to deliver quality advertisements at the same time create invaluable way for people to make an online income.

will-nicestartbux-payoutsHow to get involved in nicestartbux

There are two major ways to get involved in nicestartbux methods of generating traffic to your website, and earning from referrals:

Buy affordable Ad Pack starting from $1

You get involved by buying ad pack from as low as $1. The good thing is when you buy ad pack for $1 you’ll get $1.56 Bonus Ads Points known as BAP for short, 156% profit system. The higher your group, the more high value of paid ads you receive daily.

“Our company’s traffic generation resources are capable of sending thousands of visitors quickly to your website. All our members have equal opportunity to benefit from revenue sharing plan on a long-term basis.”

To me, that’s fair, open, and sincere enough.

what-is-nicestartbuxWhen you buy Ad Pack as a webmaster, you already know how much bonus you’re getting and other benefit attached to it.

Buy ad pack is for webmasters, bloggers who want to get unlimited traffic to their website. It’s also for advertisers who want to feature their products on websites that generates high traffic.

Click on Ads

Another means of earning as a member of NiceStartBux is by clicking on advertisements.

Here is how it works…

Paying Ads won’t automatically appear in your back office, it requires some tasks.

In your BAP, that is Bonus Ad Point you have to view the ads displayed for at least 5seconds, which will make you receive paying ads.

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Remember, every 200 Bonus ad points will entitle you to a $1.00 worth of ads.


nicestartbux-opportunitiesOnly 10 Bonus Ad Points will be given to you daily, with each Bonus ad point worth $0.005, that translates to $0.05 per day (if you’re a free member).

Another interesting side of it is this…

Ad purchasers will get additional bonus points. For every $1 worth of ad campaigns you purchase, your account will instantly be credited with 312 Bonus ad points.

That translates to $1.56

So if you bought $5 worth of Ad Campaigns, you’d get 1560 BAP which translates to $7.8

That’s not a bad investment; you earn a percentage on the ad pack you bought!

Refer members

nicestartbux-mode-of-paymentsAnother great way you can get involved in nicestartbux is to refer colleagues by sharing your referral link in legitimate way. Nicestartbux hates spam, and it made it clear in its terms of use that it doesn’t want its URL to constitute SPAM.

Nicestartbux isn’t just for webmaster or bloggers, who buy Ad pack, it also welcomes other free members.

Free member can also earn by viewing daily advertisements.

Merit of nicestartbux referral programme

Whenever anyone joins through your referral link, he/she becomes your direct referral. And if your referral makes a purchase, you get 10% commissions.

For instance, if they purchase $100 worth of ads, you will receive $10.

Apart from that, you can also earn some money from your referral’s clicks. You will receive 5% of the total click value.

You might want to ask…

Can Can I earn as a free member?

No deposits are required in order for you to start earning from NiceStartBux. As we deliver Bonus ad Points Credits to everyone so in order to be qualified to receive ads you need to click the Bonus ad Points that are delivered to your account, these ads don’t pay you cash but they give you credits. After that you will receive ads in the Paid Ads section of our website.

Every 200 Bonus ad Points will deliver you $1.00 worth of ads in your account. Minimum cashout you can request in any of the following processors ( Paypal,Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, BitCoin, Solid Trust Pay, Webmoney ) is $4.00 which increase 1$ on each cashout up to 10$ and after that your minimum cashout set to 10$. and maximum is $500.00 and it will be sent in maximum 5 Business Days.

You can also earn by referring other members using your referral link found in your account, for every referrals you bring you 10% of their ad Pack purchases and 5% of their click.

Can I view multiple ads at a time?

No you can’t, you can only see one ad at a time. Also you are not allowed to use any kind of Bots, or automated softwares to see the ads, any attempt to do so will result in a permanent account suspension.

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This is how its referral commissions work

is-nicestartbux-a-scamMember can get 10% referral purchase commission and 5% per click commission from paid ads.

What is BAP?

BAP mean Bonus Ads Point (BAP)

Bonus Ads that you receive in your account can reach up to $5000 depending on the level you are in. The more ads you buy the higher your bonus ad will go. For every ad you purchase you will receive their worth of 156% as bonus ad points. So for every ad you get 312 BAP where 1 BAP = $0.005.

That translates to $1.56 (312*$0.005)

Based on that you will receive higher or lower earnings depending of the BAP level you are in as shown below:

Group Level

Group Level Start (BAP) Ends (BAP)
Group 0 500
Group 1 500 5,000
Group 2 5,000 15,000
Group 3 15,000 30,000
Group 4 30,000 60,000
Group 5 60,000 150,000
Group 6 150,000 300,000
Group 7 300,000 600,000
Group 8 600,000 1,200,000
Group 9 1,200,000 2,400,000
Group 10 2,400,000 4,800,000
Group 11 4,800,000 9,600,000
Group 12 9,600,000 above more


What makes NiceStartBux different from other Ad Packs firm/ Paid-to-Click and revenue sharing websites?


nicestartbux-mode-of-paymentsOnly a sincere ad pack or referral website will publicly tell you it has paid $0.0000+ to its registered members.

Only a sincere ad pack or referral website will say its minimum cashout is $2, which varies (September 8, 2016). That makes nicestartbux is different from others who claimed to pay out elusive $5,000 or more within a week of joining.

Only a sincere ad pack or referral website Adpack will tell you that it has delivered 0+ to its registered members. No hidden tricks to make you join. Sincerity is just the word. It means nicestartbux isn’t an overnight get-rich quick kind of website.

It is also sincere about the adpack advertisers can start to buy, begins from $1.00. That’s affordable. You don’t have to be a millionaire before you purchase nicestartbux ad pack. Your pocket, as an advertiser, determines how much you want to spend. Your ad purchase is also an investment for you at the long run, meaning, you have value for the ads you bought, and the money you spent.

That’s GREAT!


We have just started pre-launch version of our project. We are providing best earning methods with risk free investment. Every member has equal opportunity for earning. Free members also earn by view daily advertisements.

In pre-launch, you can build your downline. We are providing 10% purchase and 5% click commission to our members.


Other Paid-to-Click and revenue sharing websites like startofnews, dollarnise hide so many things which you won’t know until you reach point of cashout.

nicestartbux-ads-packBut nicestartbux is making its dealings open. That means it has focus, it’s on mission, which I believe is GRETANESS

Multiple Payment methods

With seven methods of payout: 1. PayPal (2) Payza (3) Solid Trust Pay (4) Perfect Money

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(5) Payeer (6)Bitcoin (7) Webmoney , nicestartbux has just made its products and services available to the entire world. If your country doesn’t support a certain online payment method, it’ll support the other.

Simply, you have 7 options of payment methods to choose from. Freedom to choose the one that suits you and your country.

No restrictions!

Considerable or sensible Cash Out Limit

NiceStartbux cash out limit is quite low when compared to many other (dubious) sites. Limit is as low as $2 (varies though). How possible this is will be revealed after it’s fully launched. Officially launch date is September 11, 2016.

Downside of nicestartbux

Free members will earn low, it requires hard work, and by strictly following the referral link before a free member could earn a considerable referral commission.

This means that you would have to get a good amount of impressive referrals every day to get good commission in earnings.

With all of the above…

nicestartbux-ads-packIs NiceStartBux a Scam?

To me, nicestartbux is a legitimate Pay-to-Click website. It’s scam-free Ad Pack seller website. It’s a fraud-free ad sharing website.

The fact that it says it’s yet to make any payout shows is has a great plan ahead when it’s fully launched.

It’s a Pay-to-click website to watch out for.


2 thoughts on “NiceStartbux: Pay-to-Click, Ad Pack Website: Scam or not?

  1. several days is offline, so no better that was released as was and closed
    admin does not communicate with anyone, no answer of tickets, not open group on Facebook,
    scam scam scam became so

    • Thanks Theo. We’ve also noticed that. The nicestartbux has been offline for more than a week now.

      What you get at the moment is, “Site is temporarily unavailable.Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. Please check back soon.We apologize for any inconvenience.”
      And to some of the issues you raised…
      Facebook is widely used by every organisation to reach more people, but we don’t think it’s a must to be on facebook.

      Also, if you’ve been following this website for the past three months you’d noticed that we’re temporarily unavailable at a stage because we exceeded our bandwidth before it’s fixed. Nicestartbux could be facing the same issue. Let’s give it some time.

      Please, note that we’re monitoring the mode of operation of the website closely. If we eventually discovered it’s fraud, we shall bring this story down and alert the general public.

      Thanks once again.

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