At the close of work, I sat at the lobby waiting for Pamela to finish with some mails she had to send while I tried to keep busy with my smart phone.

I’m older than Pamela but she was the sweet newest recruit in the company at the moment.

Pam was the real definition of beauty and brains and she warmed up to everyone quickly – too quickly, I might add. I somehow felt it gave her joy to see these corporate men flutter around her because she was very intentioned about her looks at all times.

The way she flipped her hair every time she wanted to answer a call or the way she patiently attended to dumb topics tossed her way by these cooperate butt lickers.  Those stares that later break into soft genuine smiles before a quick reassuring nod or touch on the arm were just so hypocritical; the way she made conscious haste so that her well packed boobs could burp through her half buttoned silk shirt or even her innocent face when she acted clumsy like spilling or dropping something. Hmph (I’m so not jealous).

Anyway, she was posted to my department and I was asked to show her the ropes. Turned out she lived not far from my place and she had offered to drop me off at my place just after I have shown her some happening spots in town. Did I mention she was also new in town? Well, turns out she relocated because of the job. (Okay, enough of Pamela).

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While I waited for my ride home, I logged into my Facebook account and saw a message from Kingsley – Deji’s buddy. He requested that I dropped my number that it was important we saw immediately.

Kingsley and Deji used to be like 5 and 6 before Kingsley travelled for a course sponsored by the company where he worked. My heart leapt for joy when he called later that night and confirmed he was back in town and insisted I made out time to see him for an important discussion.

I was elated. Kingsley was a good friend to both Deji and I. Although I had met him through Deji, he had being there all way – lending his support for our relationship. Deji and I tried to hook him up a couple of times with some of my friends but, it never seemed to worked out for them. Kingsley was a decent and well mannered man; he complimented my cooking and always licked his plate clean; lol. He never found fault in anything I did and Deji said he initiated most of the surprises that I got. I still missed my Deji and I wanted us back so, I accepted the date hoping it’d be a set up to bring us back and save my relationship.

That night, I slept the shortest. I used most of the time to pick out something perfect for meeting ‘Deji’ again. You know how perfect a day could be and you just know that nothing can go wrong? Yes, this was that day.

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I saw Kingsley sitting at the corner. I rushed into his open arms. He looked and smelt good – as usual. He was as excited to see me but, I kept looking around and waiting for Deji to pop out of nowhere. He never did!

We were done eating lunch when Kingsley produced a small case and knelt in front of me with one knee.

“Huh?” I choked on my wine,

“Please marry me”. He said and opened the case in front of me. Oh Lord, the jewel glittered like the sun and I was tempted to say ‘yes’ and slip that beautiful silver jewelry on my perfectly manicured finger but, it struck me that this was not Deji. IT WAS HIS FRIEND! Why will Deji’s best friend propose to me? What kind of game was he playing? As though reading my mind,

“I know your relationship with Deji is over because he has moved on.”

“Really?” l blurted while this dude was still on one knee.

“I’m not here to play sweetie. I told myself that if my friend is dumb enough to let you go, I would do everything in my power to not make same mistake. You’re a jewel and a rare one at that.”

People were beginning to look our way now and from the looks on their faces they found the tears rolling down my face to be so sweet and exciting; maybe even Kingsley because his confused look lit up a bit with a shy smile. Everyone hoped that I would just accept the ring from the box case and pull him from his knee with a kiss – If they only knew.

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“You knew how much I loved your friend right?” I sobbed

“Yes. And I’m prepared to wait for eternity to have you love me like that.” He said and wiped my tears with his other hand “please let my own love be enough for us for now. I just need you to accept me as yours and I will be content”

“Oh Kingsley, I wish you were someone else”. I managed to say and dashed off before he could stop me.

I apologize to all who witnessed the scene; it should have ended perfectly but this story is not just perfect.

How will I be seen? As the girl who had always had an eye for my ex boyfriend’s best friend?

Hmmm, anyway, I called Deji but he did not pick; obviously didn’t want me messing up his new relationship so I left messages narrating what had happened. His reply was,

“Whatever you have with Kingsley is your business”.

That left me with more doubt. Could he be in on it? Could this be some game? What if it is not and I accept Kingsley’s proposal? What if he was right about providence? What if he could make me happy really? Do I have anything to lose? It’s just for the rest of our lives after all.

What would you do if you were me?


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