#NpowerNG: Volunteers will earn N30,000 monthly from December, 2016

#NpowerNG: Volunteers will earn N30,000 monthly from December, 2016

#NpowerNG | #NpowerNigeria

Over 90% of the 200,000 unemployed Nigerian graduates selected in the first batch of the N-Power Volunteer Corps have been verified using the Bank Verification Number (BVN), Senior Special Assistant on Media & Publicity in the Office of the Vice President, Laolu Akande, says.

Akande said and any untrue information submitted in the process of application would lead to disqualification.

He spoke on Sunday while giving an update on the N-Power Volunteer Corps which is now advancing with assignment of beneficiaries to their places of deployments in their states of residence.

Npower employment void of political influence

“It is most gladdening that those who were selected are now telling the stories of how they have not been employed for years, but now grateful to the President for this initiative.”

Some of them, Mr. Akande added, expressed satisfaction that even though they knew no one in government, they were selected for the paid volunteer job program, attesting to the transparency of the selection process.

Mr. Akande said that all the states and the FCT, through the focal persons they appointed, have since received the list of the 200,000, and now working on deploying the beneficiaries to their places of assignment.

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“We are confident that the selection process, all the way through with BVN, and physical verification at the points of deployment in the states and the local government areas, are both transparent and impossible to abhor ghost beneficiaries, or any kind of fraud,” he said.

Mr. Akande said already 93% of those selected have been screened through the BVN, with the commendable assistance of the Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc, NIBSS, and only authentic and verifiable beneficiaries will be paid the N30,000 monthly stipends starting December.

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Biometric identification better than social media search

Responding to reports about random searches conducted on social media platforms, the SSA dismissed them, saying such cannot be better than “biometric identification we have secured through the BVN.”

“Besides the BVN, there is going to be physical verification, through an in-built component in our selection system that requires that information submitted online during the application would have to be authenticated at the point of deployment across the country, including verification of academic credentials and residence status.”

According to him, just as is normal when someone gets a job or even admission to school, he or she would proceed to present papers that have been submitted during application for verification. “This is also going to be like that, so claims about some applicants claiming to be residents of states would be dealt with if it turns out such claims are false. If an applicant cannot supply proof of residence, the selection is terminated.”

Physical verification will be done

Besides, he explained that in a local government such as Abadam in Borno State, where there have been claims that nonresidents applied and were selected, Akande assured that there is no cause for alarm because such people would have to show up for verification on the spot.

He added that there was also a likelihood that a number of applicants may have input Abadam inadvertently considering that Abadam LGA is number one on the list of LGAs under the list as posted on the N- Power portal. “There is a good chance,” he continued, “that some applicants may have failed to complete the forms online accurately.”

Such errors are being reviewed and anyone found not to be resident in the LGA would be removed and replaced using the waiting list of applicants.

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Said he: “an important aspect of the application was that applicants were told in clear terms that any false information would be grounds for disqualification.”

Npower selection process, criteria, and breakdown

On how the 200,000 people were selected, the SSA Media explained that the selection was not only fair and done transparently, but also with adequate care.

Firstly, 40% of those who applied for the N- Power Teach and Agric were selected, and 50% of those who applied for the Health category, all based on an assessment test.

Then to mitigate the adverse socio-economic circumstances in the North- East an additional 4800 applicants from the region were selected with Borno State getting 1200 and Adamawa, Yobe, Taraba 800 each and Bauchi and Gombe 600 each.

Also to bolster states with low application numbers, an additional 4208 was selected and shared between Bayelsa, Jigawa, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States. The Federal Ministry of Agric also additionally allocated 6799 applicants in the Agric category to all states across specific crop, fish and livestock targets in order to support government’s self-sufficiency target in Agric produce.

Gender and disability factor were also key in the selection. 46% of those selected, Mr. Akande disclosed, are females, while a total of 1126 were successful applicants with disabilities.

Mr. Akande then assured that those not selected in the first batch are now in the waiting list until the subsequent batches when they would be considered again, since there are still 300,000 to be selected under this budget cycle.

Emphasis on state of residence

On why the selection process was based on states of residence rather than states of origin, Mr. Akande simply noted that for example, over 42,000 Nigerians applied for the N-Power from Lagos but only 3568 of them originate from Lagos. “Would it then be tenable to say almost 40,000 Bona fide Nigerians who are applicants resident in Lagos should just forget it since they are resident but not origins of the Lagos State?

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75 thoughts on “#NpowerNG: Volunteers will earn N30,000 monthly from December, 2016

  1. Pls sir I have not been paid for December, January, February,reside in karu in Nassarawa state. Pls help me ooo

    • If you account had already been updated, there is no cause for alarm. As regards your payment, please login to the npvn portal to lodge your complaint. You can do that by chatting with any of their available online agent. Do that during working hours/day.

  2. Not Paid
    Verified:12th December,2016
    Karu Local Government Area,
    Nasarawa State.
    please help me.

  3. sir. my name is Eric Edmond from shongom L.G.A in Gomber State. N power is a wanderful grammer, that has help the youth. i applied,my namevcame out,i did the documentation but. i was not able to update my bank details. i have try but allvto no avail . was posted also but up till now i have not seen alert

  4. Gud day,I hv not been verified,bcos I did not receive any info on verification n others from my LGA hv been verified,what LL happen 2 me n ppl lyk me that r not verified

  5. have been shortlisted for N-Health and have not been to my LGA for verification simply because i dont know where to go may be secretariat or ministry of health in my lga.please help me but have updated my account

    • Some states have completed verification. If it’s Lagos please contact any of the following NOA officials to find out the venue of your verification:
      Mrs. Oni: 08055231064
      Mr. Kaka: 08096610455
      Please, don’t offer bribe to anyone. Verification is FREE!

  6. reside in Lagos, Alimosho local government but am yet to know where to do my verification or where verification center is located

  7. nspacoline@gmail.com: will they pay Npower volunteers who have successfully done their physical verification and updated their present state/LGA residents before DEC 25th? Its important considering the festive period and expenses incured during verification process, thanks


  9. pls sir,we are having problem of screening at kumbotso LGA kano state,they placed a list that our names must be there before we will be screened,even though we presented them with our congratulation and acknowledgement letter.they claimed that the list was sent to them from npower.pls what should we do

    • A lady from Ogun State just reported the same issue. We believe it’s one of the issues npower is battling with.

      Please, make sure you have evidence that you’ve been shortlisted, we’ll keep updated

  10. Will we are told that will we get notification by SMS, concerning our verification date, but yet I have not got my, and I was short listed. N-health.

  11. Good day I am OLAYINKA, pls how do I Know my PPA, I’ve updated my account detailsut since then I have not been able to Login. Has anyone been deployed?

  12. I sincerely thank the FG for dis opportunity given to d youth of dis country, I knw no one but I have been selected.

  13. I thank God for sending an Angel called Muhammadu Buhari(G. C. F. R.) to rescue us from poverty/unemployment. May God give you more years, strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding & support & to rule & lead us well in Jesus’ name. Amen

    • Please, you’re expected to update your npower account information by yourself. Go through our guide on how to add bank account number to your npvn portal.

      All the best

        • please my page stopped to login today. any another person having such issue pls. but i have already updated my account detail

          • Hi Uchendu,
            From our end here we also discovered that some people who already logged on to update their bank account number joined the list of those who are unable to access the portal any more.

            We want to believe it’s a technical issue from npower unit, which we’re optimistic will be fixed as quick as possible.

            If you remember different issues arose during the application period which was later resolved.

            The same thing happened during the online assessment test which was also fixed.

            This time it’ll be fixed by those at the npower technical unit.

            Please, be reminded that infobase isn’t npower team neither a consultant, but we do follow up on the activities of the programme and how issues could be resolved.

            All the best.

  14. My name is Niyi. i cant log in. i tried my surname or my first name as password and my registered phone no or my yahoomail address to login. it displayed error signing in. my name is on thge list. what can I do?
    what is ur advice to me? thank you so much

    • First check with your phone number to be sure you made the list. Only those who made the first batch have access to npvn.

      If you didn’t make the first list, wait for the second batch .
      Be hopeful!

      300,000 more applicants are still on the awaiting list

  15. Pls someone should help o. I’ve still not been able to log in. I was selected in Kwara state. I was sent a message. Pls what should I do?

  16. Is dia any possibilities of redeployment? Cos at the time of registration I was a resident of kaduna. But nw am based in Bauchi due to my husband nature of work. What should I do?

    • Also in your shoes,only dt mine is from one lga to another within Oyo State.Pls keep me informed,dont know what to do.I need this job pls.

      • Hello Lara,
        If you’ve been posted to the “wrong” place, don’t worry. It’s now possible for you to redeploy to your LG of residence.

        Though REDEPLOY is a new feature in NPVN portal, it’ll be made active when participants have been deployed.

        We’ll come up with a guide on how to deploy when the feature becomes functional on the portal.

        All the best.

      • pls av been selected & av not been paid any allowance since pls wat do I do cos av lodged d complaints in my local govt dey said dey are paying it batch by batch pls is there any hope. thanks

        • Of course there is hope if your portal is error-free. You can as well login to NPVN portal to chat with the available Npower online agent infomediang.com/2017/03/09/chat-with-n-power-volunteer-online-agent-on-npvn-npower-gov-ng/

    • good afternoon sir, I have not received any salary but have been verified both the first and second ,updated my account since January and as well not been posted .thanks

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