WhatsApp Ponzi scheme Quick Help launches on Telegram

WhatsApp Ponzi scheme Quick Help launches on Telegram

First ponzi scheme on WhatsApp Quick Help launched…also available on Telegram

WhatsApp ponzi scheme Quick Help that promises 100% return launched by a group of Nigerians on two chat applications: WhatsApp and Telegram.

This Quick Help isn’t the same tutoring platform but a name given to a WhatsApp ponzi Scheme designed by Adewole Tope and his team.

According to the guys behind the forum, Quick Help “is a peer-to-peer mutual aid platform.”

Participants who pledge N10,000 would get N20,000, while those who pledge and Provided Help (PH) of N20,000 would Get Help of N40,000 within five hours.

But the five hours isn’t visible due to delay in payment.

Quick Help was designed for those who could make transaction on their device on the go, but more than 10% of members make conventional payment at banking halls.

Facts you need to know about Quick Help Ponzi Scheme forum

Quick Help has five major rooms on both chat platform. Each group (room) is coordinated by an admin.

  1. Quick Help confirmation room
  2. Quick Help main room (for ph)
  3. Quick Help Complaint Room
  4. Quick Help Lists Room
  5. Quick Help Probation Room

“Make 20k in 5hr with 10k; 40k with 20k” the creator writes.

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The forum has Adewole Tope as the lead admin who pairs and communicate major discussions to group members and participants.

Other admins include Joy F, Missy Mayor and others.

Quick Help forum, just like other ponzi schemes, depends largely on new members’ pledge to PH.

In a situation where those who got help ran away while new members are not forthcoming, those who PH will be on losing side. But when new members come in those who earlier paid fellow member will be “rematched”

What’s the prospect of Quick Help?

Every ponzi scheme isn’t designed to last forever, it’s temporary.

Complaints are more than the number of people who want to PH, which means large number of people who already PH were not matched to Get Help.

The other member you paid to will have to come back to the room to confirm that he’s been paid.

In a situation whereby the recipient, payee, fails to come back to confirm that he’s been paid, then the payer (the person that provided help) finds it difficult to Get Help.whatsapp-ponzi-scheme-quick-help

If he’s going to get help, he needs statement of account or evidence of payment as evidences.

Can I get 100% of my PH within 5 hours?

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Quick Help promises members that they’ll get paid within five hours, that’s when they had few members.

Then, it was easy to recycle the members.

Now, the system is overwhelmed with new members which made Quick Help to migrate to telegram (still on WhatsApp though) which is believed to accommodate more group member capacity than WhatsApp.

Will my complaints be attended to?

Your complaints might get ignored if you failed to post it in the right room, or if it’s not clearly stated.

The ideology is more people are needed to PH, so there is no sanction on someone who PH (using different username) more than ten times, hoping that when he PH he’d GH.

But it doesn’t all time work that way. Sometimes, two or three of your username is left out in GH, which automatically leads to uncontrollable complaints in virtually all the rooms.

Quick Help is a ponzi scheme owned by a group of Nigerians led by Adewole Tope, so it’s possible for these guys to pair new members with themselves (to get paid) while the admin PH will be carried over to other members who are not member of the crew.

Through that the admins make their monies and personally compensate themselves. They’re all online from as early as 4AM till 1159PM everyday since the forum came about. Will Quick Help Crash one day? Definitely when complaints are higher than satisfaction, or when those on GH List are more than PH, then problem sets in.

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It’s a season of ponzi scheme, be careful!


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