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Last updated on October 28th, 2018 at 07:15 pm

How to expose your facebook post to the right audience

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Learn how to boost a post directly from your Page, with the Ads Create Tool, and in Power Editor.

By “boost” we mean facebook advertising effort taken to ensure that your post/article/photo is exposed to more views.

“When you boost a post, you select the audience you want to see it. Choose people who like your Page, extend it to their friends, or even select a new audience that you tailor by age, location, interests and more.”

Now that you know what can be boosted, let’s look at how you can boost posts.

Ready to get started?

Below are step-by-step directions for how to boost from a recent Page post and with the Ads Create Tool. The steps for boosting a post in Power Editor are similar to the steps for the Ads Create Tool.

Note: If you boost a post directly from your Page, you won’t have the option to select Instagram as a placement.

If you’d like to learn how to boost a post for Instagram in addition to Facebook, please continue to the directions below for the Ads Create Tool and Power Editor.

Boost From Your Facebook Page

  1. Go to your Page and find the post you’d like to boost and click on Boost Post.
  2. Now you’ll choose the:
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  Audience: You can target people who like your Page, people who like your Page and their friends, a default audience, or create a new audience. If you create a new audience, you can select the location, age, gender, and interests of people you want to reach with your ad. You’ll notice there is an option to further edit your selected audience, but you can only change the location.

If you’d like to adjust more than just the location, you should click on Create a New Audience.

  Budget: The maximum amount you’d like to spend on boosting the post for the entire duration of the promotion. When you select your budget, you’ll see the estimated number of people you can reach for that amount. The estimation factors in both your budget and the parameters you’ve set for your target audience.

  Duration: How long you’d like to boost the post. You can choose from the default 1, 7, or 14 days, or choose your own promotion end date.

  Payment method: This will default to the payment method of the person boosting the post. You can choose to edit the payment method before boosting the post.

3. Preview your ad and how it appears in News Feed across desktop and mobile. When you’re ready, click Boost.

Boost With the Ads Create Tool

If you’d like more targeting options than what’s available when boosting directly from your Page, you can choose to boost a post using the Ads Create Tool.

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1. While logged in to Facebook, go to the Ads Create Tool.

2. Select Boost your posts as your ad objective. Name your campaign or keep the default name.

3. Click Continue to move on to selecting your audience, placements, budget, and schedule.

4. Audience: Choose your target audience by either creating a Custom Audience or lookalike audience, or using Facebook’s native targeting options like age, gender, languages, and more.

  1. Placements: These are where your ads will appear across Facebook and Instagram. Boosted posts can appear on Facebook in desktop and mobile News Feeds and in the right column. They can also appear on Instagram.
  2. Budget: Now you’ll choose your campaign budget and how long you want your campaign to last. You can choose either a daily or lifetime budget. A daily budget is the average you’ll spend each day and a lifetime budget is the maximum amount you’ll spend for the entire duration of the campaign.
  3. Next, choose how you want to optimize your campaign. Depending on your business goal, you can choose to optimize ad delivery for post engagement, impressions, or daily unique reach. We recommend optimizing for post engagement if you’re interested in people taking action, like visiting your website. You should optimize for impressions or daily unique reach if you want to increase awareness of your brand.
  4. Click Continue and you’ll move on to the last step: creating your ad. You can choose to create a new post or use an existing Page post in your campaign.If you choose to boost an existing post, keep in mind that you can’t edit any of the creative before placing your order. Facebook will automatically use the creative included in the organic post.If you want to use specific creative or change text, you should click on Create New Adat the top. This option also lets you create an unpublished Page post — a post that will appear only in the placements you’ve selected and not on your Page’s Timeline. You can choose from using an image, slideshow, or video. Creating a new ad is helpful if you’d like to use variations of the same post but target them to different audiences.

    9. Once you’ve made your decision, you should preview the ad and how it will appear across Facebook and Instagram. When you’re ready, click on Place Orderand your ad will be submitted for review by the Facebook Ads team.

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