How Mr. Oscar was deceived by a woman for 32 years

A Nigerian father, Mr Oscar was left heartbroken after discovering via DNA test, that the son, Valentine, he has raised for 32 years isn’t his biological father in a Live TV Show, Jeremy Kyle show.

In this video Oscar and Valentine reveals how they feel

Jeremy Kyle Show (Video): Oscar you’ve known for 32 years isn’t your biological father, Valentines’ mum says.

“I’m sorry Oscar is not your biological father,” Valentine was told by his mother that the man he had known as his father for 32years wasn’t his biological Dad.

For 32 years Oscar took care of Valentine as his son. The woman whom Oscar called his wife actually brought a third party pregnancy for him.

So, when the woman gave birth to Valentine, Oscar was happy that he’s a father. He trained him like a father would want his son to be. But Valentine got a call from his Mum, who’s based in Nigeria.

“I’m sorry Oscar is not your biological father.” A DNA test was conducted and alas! DNA test shows that Oscar isn’t the biological father of Valentine.



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