NPVN PORTAL: 10 benefits it offers N-power volunteers

NPVN PORTAL: 10 benefits it offers N-power volunteers

NPVN means npower volunteer network, that is it’s a dedicated portal designed for successful 200,000 candidates. Anyone who doesn’t make the list can NEVER gain access to the portal.

There are more over 350,000 candidates yet to be shortlisted. The list is underway. We’ll keep you updated.

HP is no longer available for selection,  check how to make another selection 

NPVN is exclusively meant for successful npower applicants. The portal isn’t just a portal, it is such a power house for applicants. Some of the npower volunteers are yet to fully explore the great resources incorporated into the portal. Don’t just wait for npower monthly stipend and tablet, learn more about the usefulness of the npower volunteer portal.

Here are the 10 things you can do in your our NPVN Portal :

1) Your NPVN portal can be likened to student’s portal, where every info about you is stored. The portal has your name, address, phone number, bank details, your photo and other vital information about you. That’s why it’s advisable not to share your log-in details with a stranger, because it can be used against you.

2) Your access to the portal is an indication that you’ve been selected.

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3) NPVN Portal has e-learning platform designed for volunteers to learn skills.

4) N-Power e-learning is developed by a world-class firm computer firm, Cisco Networking Academy. It’s aimed to “ICT training to help improve career and educational opportunities for individuals in communities around the world. ”

5) Npower’s Cisco Networking Academy is divided into compuer security and entrepreneurship skills.

6) Apart from the fact that it contains teaching modules, you can also get the following video tutorial in your NPVN portal : introduction to cyber security; entrepreneurship; Get connected; Networking Academy Introduction; Welcome to Networking Academy; Cisco Cyber Security essentials; Introduction to IoT.

7) From the portal you’ll get up to date announcement by clicking on “announcement “

8) You can easily change your password within the portal. You don’t need to send e-mail to npower support center before you could effect the change.

9) You can get help within the portal in case you’re facing challenges.

10) Currently, particularly for the first batch, NPVN PORTAL is accessible to 150,000 Npower Teach, 30,000 Npower Agro, and 20,000 N-Power health, making it 200,000 in all.

Additionally,  you can select your npower tablet,  and check your selection before arrival of the device.

N-POWER Volunteer Portal is the power house designed for npower candidates. Tap into the the full potentials of the portal today.

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Infobase is working on the transcription of the Cisco Networking Academy videos to make it simple for those who are yet to get advanced device.

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