How I make Dollars Online, Web Designer Usman Okoya (aka moko) reveals

How I make Dollars Online, Web Designer Usman Okoya (aka moko) reveals

Last updated on November 15th, 2018 at 08:16 am

Blogging in Nigeria has become a profession and means of livelihood, no doubt some upcoming bloggers have seen it as an escape route. But one of the passionate bloggers tells Opeyemi QUADRI of infobase how long it takes to earn from blogging

Give an introduction of yourself

I am Okoya Usman, A Graduate of Computer Science at Lagos State University

What brought you into blogging?

My first move into blogging was unintentional as I knew nothing about what am doing. It all started when I decided to check how to hack my long old Symbian 6120c.

Then I stumbled upon a post which I can’t remember the URL. That gave me the first hint to start a blog.

Then I realize I already created a blog unknowingly while wandering online sometime ago, that was how it all began, Now by the garce of God, I now rank for that same keyword that triggered me into blogging.

How do you cope with the issue of spam on your blog?

Spam..? I would like to assume I haven’t faced any issue on spam… But in case of it occurrence, there are lots of ethical way to deal with them.

Would you say blogging in Nigeria has evolved in terms of quality and number of blogs in the country?

Yea, I accept to the fact that the quality of blogs has decreased due to the fact that most new bloggers do not get the rudiments as they hop in any trending zone. Most new bloggers sees it as an escape route or get rich quick, which blogging is far from it, so to cope they do all sort of unethical stuff to pave way which by so doing reduces the quality of blogs in Nigeria. Although we still have a pack of standard bloggers around.

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Will you say the success of bloggers Linda Ikeji, Jide Ogunsanya, Yomi Prof, and some others are motivating factors that have made Nigerians take blogging as a profession?

Yea, it plays a huge part in it.

Do you do other things that fetch you money apart from blogging?

There are hundreds of ways to earn money online, though you go for the one that suites you, I earn via my blog(Adsense and Sponsored Post/Ads), Fiverr, Selling Digital Goods, Developing websites/blogs among few others…

You recently launched an online market place moko. What motivated you? 

Yea, I did launch MoKo.Ng recently, It occurred to me that as time goes on, people depends more and more on the internet to do all sort of stuff. This motivated me to create a medium which users can buy and sell their items for absolutely free!

In Nigeria today, there are more than 10 online market places, but jiji, olx are dominating. How do you plan to favourably compete with these big spenders in terms of ads on Google?

Yea, I am aware of that during the planning process, It’s pretty cool to have super competitors so I can aim higher, both have been in existence for more than 3yrs. I am just some months old. In terms of capital, they have a superior advantage, but we try as much as possible to build ours on simplicity.

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Away from blogging, what’s your view about blogger and WordPress in terms of performance on Google and other search engines?

I moved to wordpress recently although I already used it sometime ago, I will give it to wordpress. It overhaul Blogger in all dimension but for a beginner I will suggest to start with blogger.

In the next 5 years, where do you hope to see moko online market?

Hopefully am alive! In all normal circumstances, I hope my plan gaze well, it should be one of the best, if not the best in 60 months time!.

Apart from, online market place, what other websites do you own and manage? 






How do you efficiently manage them all?

  • is just my portfolio site..
  • is a forum growing at a steady rate
  • filetent is a file hosting portal to upload and download petty files
  • that’s my blog

What’s your advice for some Nigerians who do blogging for money rather than the passion? 

The main reason for all we do is to get money and maybe fame. So that got to be the main motive for them, yea no doubt you are going to make the money but not as early as you would think of… It might take 2 years+ before you start earning tangibly, for some it might take 6 months, “different stroke for different folks”.

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How can you be contacted?

Am always available via:


Whatsapp(08060505755) and





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