NPower State Focal Persons in Nigeria & Their Phone Numbers

NPower State Focal Persons in Nigeria & Their Phone Numbers

Last updated on October 14th, 2018 at 07:37 pm

Earlier, we removed the phone numbers of NPower State Focal Persons because of outright misuse by some volunteers, we’re activating it again for the benefit of the 2017 batch.


We MAY remove the numbers again if we receive report of break of privacy and calling at late hours.

Federal Government appointed N-power Focal Persons in all the states including FCT in December 2016, but some N-power volunteers up till don’t know their state focal officer.

Who are the NPower State Focal Persons?

Focal persons are FG’s N-power representatives in their state serving as liaison between the N-power headquarters (in Abuja) and the beneficiaries in their state of primary assignment.

“In some states, the Govs picked Commissioners as focal persons, and in some cases the Govs picked Special Advisers or Assistants. We know some states have started deploying indeed”, FG said.

Note: The names here are subject to change.

Full list of NPower State Focal Persons in 36 states and Their Phone Numbers

CAUTION :Volunteers should only call on working days and hours. Please don’t invade their privacy by calling at late hours or when your state focal person is still in bed.

And make sure that you already have N-power verified logo in your NPVN dashboard before you put a call across to your state focal person.

Better still, make sure you play your own part by correcting your N-power details before putting calls across to state focal person.

You must be aware of the fact that they’re not in position to edit your profile for you, in case you have errors in your NPVN PORTAL.

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In are their in accordance with Six geopolitical zones in Nigeria

Don’t disturb!

State Focal Persons In The South  West And Their Phone Numbers

  • Ekiti State: Olajide Gbenga

Contact: 07039701178

2) Lagos State: Mrs. Olusola Falana

Phone number: 08121167144

3) Ogun State: Adeleke Adewolu

Phone number: 08133051991

  • OndoState: Bolanle Olafunmiloye

Phone number: 08033298380

5) Osun State: Idiat Oluyemisi Babalola

Phone number: 08030853537

  • OyoState: Atiuke Osunkoya

Contact phone number: 08051935095

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  • Akwa Ibom State: Aniefiok Thomas

Phone number: 08053441188

  • Cross River State: Ambassador Nkoyo Toyo


  • Bayelsa State: Martha Jenakumo

Phone number: 08038690206

  • EdoState: Ken ihensekhien/Prof. Julius Ihonvbere

Phone number: 07016455554; 08055711112

  • Rivers State: Mr Alwell Ihunda

GSM: 08033124099

12) Delta Mrs. Shimite Bello

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  • Abia State: Mr Chinenye Nwaogu

Conact phone number: 08033307750

14) Anambra State: Mark Okoye

Phone number: 08187726255

15) Ebonyi: Mr. Okorafor Nnanna Nwaji

Phone no: 09092865511

  • Enugu: Dan Onyishi

Contact: 08124730366

  • Imo State: Mrs Nzeribe

Contact phone no: 08093070990

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  • Adamawa State: Commodore Usman Sali Bodes (rtd).

Phone number: 08033102847

19) Bauchi State: Mansur Manu Soro

Phone no: 08032870453

20) Borno State:Babazanna Abdulkarim

Phone numebr: 08034244138, 08024309004

  • Gombe State: Maryam Isa Mele

Contact: 08032851493

22) Taraba State: Beatrice Kitchener

Phone number: 07037688127

23) Yobe Sate: Muhammad A. Yusufari

Phone number: 08066417337

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  • Benue State: Engr. Conrad Utaan

Contact: 08169997870

25) Federal Capital Territory, Abuja: Mrs Elegbede Irene Adebola

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Contact: 08033059629

26) Kwara: Elder Ayobola Samuel

Phone number: 08033584401; 08059733525

  • Kogi State: Ibrahim Adoga

Contact: 080177577771

28) Nasarawa: Mohammed Danazimi

Phone number: 08065478482, 08095786460

  • Niger State: Hon Afiniki E. Dauda

Phone no: 08033400531

30) Plateau: Dr Sumaye Fadimatu Hamza


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31) Jigawa  State: Bala Usman Chamo

Contact phone no: 08065952919

32) Kaduna: Muhammad Sani Abdullah

Phone no: 08033345688

  • Kano State: Aisha Jaafar Yusuf

Phone number: 08033928712; 08173646600

  • Katsina State: Abdulkadir Nasir. Binta Abba Umar

Contact: 08144086300

35) Kebbi State: Usman Buhari Ali

Phone number: 08067831800

  • Sokoto State: Lawali Zagi

Contact phone no: 08022712023

  • Zamfara State: Hajiya Fatima Umaru Shinkafi

Contact phone number: 08036009838

If you want to exit the programme because of other engagements, you simply exit N-power, use this guide to resign from the job programme.

What are the rules to follow before calling N-power state focal persons?

NpowerNG Solutions, a blog initially focusing on N-power related issues shared some of the rules of calling N-power State focal persons, see them below:N-POWER STATE FOCAL PERSONS

Note that if you call at wrong hours, or you keep disturbing them,  your calls might be avoided, or they might even change their phone numbers. Because most of them are commissioner in their state or Special Adviser to a serving state governor.

Don’t disturb!

  1. Call at working hours. Working hours in public service is Nigeria is between 8AM-4PMCall on working days. Don’t call during holidays. Allow him/her to enjoy the little period he/she will be having with his/her family.

    3. Respect their privacy.
    4. Don’t call to greet. He doesn’t know you personally, “how’s your family? How is your work? ” are irrelevant questions.

Go straight to your problem by introdcuing yourself as N-power volunteer in bla…bla..bla….

  1. Don’t call when you’re having minor issues like incoherent name. In such case, go to your bank and make necessary correction.
  2. Call your state focal person ONLY for N-Power related issues. Don’t call for other jobs. They’re only appointed to oversee the scheme in their respective states.
  3. Gather your thoughts before you put your call across. Go straight to your point. Don’t  gibber when you call.
  4. Some of the technical and Frequently Asked Questions have been treated on So, ensure you try that platform before you call.
  5. It could be annoying when you call repeatedly to complain of the same problem. Allow him to attend to the ones on his table because some of them are assistant to governor, special adviser, etc.
  6. Understand the mood of your focal person. When you call someone twice, and he doesn’t pick, he could be busy. Call back some hours later.
  7. Know his title. Africans love titles. If he’s a chief in his village, address him as Chief. A chief in Africa feels embarrassed when he’s addressed as Mr. Or you address a retired Army Col. as Major, he’s likely to hand up on you.
  8. Know his preffered language. If you speak English and he replies in the indigenous language, please switch to that language. Don’t continue to blow vocabulary when your receiver prefers his language.

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    Kindly correct my name from my profile from OMOLAYO HELLEN AGBENI to OMOLAYO HELLEN APOLOLA.
    The correct name are:- OMOLAYO HELLEN APOLOLA.
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