Peace Corps of Nigeria Bill passes 3rd reading, awaits National Assembly adoption

Peace Corps of Nigeria has debunked the report that the bill to legalize the establishment of the paramilitary has been suspended. 

One of the prominent Nigerian newspapers reported today that the bill was suspended due to the allegation of fraud in the recruitment exercise by the organisation which is being prosecuted in a court.

Reacting, Peace Corps of Nigeria says the the bill was only “stepped down a week ago.”

“Today, the Nigerian Senate did not drop the Bill for an Act to establish the Nigerian Peace Corps. The Bill had already passed through 1st, 2nd, public hearing and eventual 3rd Reading while waiting adoption.

“Similar to what happened a week ago, the adoption was stepped down (not dropped) because the Chairman, Senate Committee on Interior, Sen. Bayero Nafada was unavoidably absent from the proceedings.

“This time, the deliberation of the hallowed chamber considered the allegations leveled by the Nigeria Police via the 90 count charge and felt a review before the adoption and eventual transmission to Mr. President, would go a long way to clear the name of the Corps or otherwise. They thus referred the matter to the Committee on Judiciary.

It frowned at misinformation of proceedings of the National Assembly by Nigerian media.

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“Truth has been a weapon less used in our world of media combat and communication. Dissemination of ill interpreted information has taken the place of true journalism. It has reached a neck braking point where facts of a matter are translated into falsehood and sugarcoated with acclaimed logic and reasoning.

Source: Facebook

“What transpired at the level of the Senate and the interpretation given, is a clear evidence of how detractors have painstakingly set their minds on destroying the over 18 years of Peace Advocacy, Youth Emancipation and Nation Building operations of the Peace Corps of Nigeria. It is now alarming the extent to which several arms are using the media and online platforms to sell untrue stories.

Is there anything wrong with following media handles of the National Assembly to get direct information or will it hurt to simply follow the tweeter handle of the Senate where near real time transmission of in-house chamber proceedings are being reeled out?

How does the above deliberation balance or correlate with Peace Corps of Nigeria Bill being dropped? Who shattered the dreams of Peace Corps of Nigeria? How has Peace Corps of Nigeria failed? How?

“We advocate for truth even in a world where no news as bad news sell. We will not match propaganda for propaganda; cards of detriment for news of blacklisting or words of sell out with blackmail – NO!

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“We will not do so for we are a people on a mission with a vision. Let the sun shine; let the heat burn but sooner than not, the cool air will blow and the will and prayers of the Nigerian youth will come to pass. We pray for the law to have its course for in it, we see clean bill of health passed on the Corps as her vindication. PEACE CORPS OF NIGERIA shall surely translate to the NIGERIAN PEACE CORPS!

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives had separately passed the bill before the harmonisation of its provisions .

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