Best Logo Making App, LogoPit Plus, allows you to use thousands of free graphic elements and editing options

If designing a logo for your business, event, or any other purpose has been a huge headache for you, then read on as we just discovered our BEST LOGO MAKING APP, LogoPit Plus.

Imagine a situation whereby you just started a small business and you needed a simple, yet professional logo.

Unfortunately designers around don’t have mercy when you approach them for logo design for your business. 

LogoPit plus has put an end to that, whether you’re a professional graphic designer or just a starter, or novice, logopit plus simplicity would amaze you using an app loaded with tens of thousands of logo, yet less than 20mb.


This app gives you the freedom to pick shape of your choice,and how you want it to be. Apart from the fact that you could pick your logo, you also have the freedom to import your preferred logo for little amendment.

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Logo for social media and others

If you want a professional logo for your Facebook cover, twitter cover, YouTube cover, Google+ cover etc LogoPit plus is simply the answer.

Logo Icon

Logo icon ranges from animals, beauty, communication, construction and other specializations for you to select from.

Font styles

You can get various font sizes thatd suit your design. This enables you to add your own text.

You can as well create text photo within minutes to celebrate your loved ones. 

Optional download

Download is available in JPG format, and PNG with transparent background, if you’re using it on a website.

Downside of logopit plus

You’re constantly interrupted with ads at the end of every task., or when you’re making a download.

But that’s understandable, it needs some cash to keep the firm in business!

Check what we designed less than 5minutes


With LogoPit Plus, you can create original logos and designs using thousands of free graphic elements and editing options.

There’s no limit on creativity on “Logo Maker Plus”/”Logopit Plus”, “we provide icons on every category that you’ll need.”

You can make an original logo in no time. You can change color of the icons, or use a texture image for coloring your logo.

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A simple icon is going to look very different with the right texture for your design.

Additionally, you can make more than just a logo design with Logo Maker Plus.

Kudos to LogoPit for making such a great app FREE for the entire world to use.

Logopit Plus is our choice at infobase! If you’re looking for the best logo making app, LogoPit, should be your next download from app store.

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