Can you earn $7 for reading news online? List of FAKE Get Paid to Read News Websites

There are several ways you could be scammed just as there are millions of ways you could be tempted to waste your precious time online, particularly for those who are searching for get paid to read news

One of the ways you could waste your time is to sign up for websites/portal that promise you that you’d make between $2 to $7 per news.

If that’s possible it means you are sure of making at least $40 per day if you read 20 news, which $2 per news.


“There are over 3.7billion people worldwide who are connected to the cyberspace, 93 million of them are Nigerians,” statistics says.

One of the major online news platforms today (July 30, 2017) says you can earn money online while working from home.

“You are expected to read a number of news articles daily. Each article you read earns you between $2, $4 and $7 (depending on the website). You could also make more money by earning a certain percentage when you refer other people to the site,”

Don’t be deceived, no website can pay you $7 for reading news on its website.

To make $7 from Google Adsense per day means you must have been in blogging business for at least three months or more, and with steady traffic.



In case you’ve not heard of this before, here is the list of websites that claim to pay you thousands of dollars for reading news from third party websites

  • allnewsround
  • baseofnews
  • bitpicking
  • circumnews
  • comeinnews
  • concernnews
  • dateofnews
  • did-news
  • direxnews
  • done-news
  • fifty-news
  • grade-news
  • lines-news
  • mainofnews
  • monthofnews
  • multitrendo
  • news-concept
  • news-copy
  • news-doc
  • news-general
  • news-high
  • news-level
  • newsmainly
  • news-mission
  • newsorig
  • news-own
  • news-person
  • news-prof
  • news-season
  • newssolid
  • newssymbol
  • news-who
  • partofnews
  • pro-news
  • quest of news
  • rank-news
  • stable-news
  • startofnews
  • stat of news
  • till news
  • trastnews
  • weekofnews

Let’s take a quick look into the promises of these FAKE websites that WILL WASTE YOUR TIME ONLINE Scam or Legit read news to get paid? is one of the get paid to read news articles online, which is, unfortunately, a scam (phishing). You’ll be required to register and lure you to share your promotional links on your social media accounts.

“You can read about 30 fresh news on our site every day. So you can get minimum $120 a day and $840 a week!”

How real is

It’s a SCAM, don’t waste your time. As I earlier said it sounds too good: make over $800 per week? No, no, no! Scam or Legit Read Article to get paid with dollars?

In our research, we found out that,, and have the same about us page.

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These websites are products of, which domain has now expired.

They have the same trick just to obtain your personal details.

Steer clear!

capitalofnews.comhas been created to unite mass media and readers.
Thanks to mass media gets interested audience and site users get opportunity of extra profit.
Every user can read about 30 current news and earn from$100 a day.
If you work at our portal everyday you are insured to have permanent earning more than $3 000 a month.”

It’s FAKE! Read News and earn money app SCAM!

This is another website that says you could get paid to read articles and rate them.

“Read the news and earn from $5 up to $9for every read piece of news. you can read about 35 fresh news on our site every day. so you can get minimum $175 a day and $1225 a week!”

It’s just like the rest. FAKE! : SCAM or Legit Read news and get money

This has packed!

How To Identify Scam Read News And Get Paid Online Websites

They usually promise you a ridiculous amount per week for such easy work, that could be tasking for a guru in online marketing to achieve in a month.

Most of the time, about us page and other pages are written in badly constructed English.

Another red flag in websites that promote get paid to read news online is the minimum for cash out, unbelievable amount like $1200, $1500 and another tempting amount in dollars. It’s part of the gimmick.

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None of the websites has real contact information. You can only send complaint email, which will never be responded to. Legitimate websites and business will provide genuine contact information.


If you request for cash out, your request will be hanging or still processing till eternity.

After a while, some of these SCAM websites go offline, and come back with different name, but with the same methodology. An example of such is, when the domain expired, it came back with another three of such phishing websites.

Real at home jobs will not promise you $90 per day or more.

The bottom line is get paid to read news websites isn’t limited to the ones listed in this post. They usually come with different names. Steer clear.

If you’ve found another fake read news and get paid websites in Nigeria or in any part of the World, drop the domain name.

How can I make money online in Nigeria?

There are other legitimate ways to make extra money online. One of them is the newly launched Opera News Hub, where you can write and publish for FREE on the Opera News App and get paid at least N10, 000 or more.

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