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Where to Fund Bitcoin Wallet in U.S, Australia, U.K, Nigeria, and others

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Bitcoin trading through buying and selling has been simplified by the creation of BTC wallet powered by the different trustworthy platforms around the world.

Anyone who wants to tap into the investment opportunities in BTC will need to sign up for something called a Bitcoin wallet. BTC wallet is just like a conventional bank account, but this wallet is unique.

Bitcoin wallet is a digital account that makes it easy and convenient for you to buy, store, and sell your BTC. Setting up a Bitcoin wallet usually takes less than a minute online, and is quite easy. This wallet allows you to receive payment and make it easy for you to make payment for goods and services around the world to companies that accept the digital money.

Some of the online vendors that accept BTC are:

  • web4africa
  • Amazon
  • WordPress
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Subway
  • Zappos

Whole Foods and hundreds of others around the world.

Sites like,, are just a few examples of reputable, reliable and user-friendly sites for beginners to create their first wallet.

For bitcoin enthusiasts around the world, here are a handful of bitcoin exchangers where you can fund your bitcoin wallet.


Where to buy bitcoin in the United States

U.S is one of the countries that embraced the adoption of bitcoin, so funding your account with the digital currency is easy there. Some of the ones you can use include:

  • Gemini exchange (buy and sell, but no referral programme),
  • coinbase (this is one of the most popular bitcoin traders in the US. Apart from the fact that you can buy and sell there is also $10 bonus if your referral starts with at least $100)

Where to fund your bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

There are more than 10 exchangers’ platforms where your bitcoin wallet can be funded as quick as possible, however I’ll I recommend the following three:


Bitcoin exchanger in Japan:

  • Bitflyer (buy and sell)
  • Coincheck (referral programme exists here)

Bitcoin wallet for U.K

  • Localbitcoins
  • Coinbase
  • Bitpanda
  • Xapo
  • Blockchain

Where to sell and fund your bitcoin wallet in Australia

  • Coinjar (some people use this for withdrawal)
  • Btc markets
  • Coinbase

Bitcoin exchanger in Kenya

  • (buy and sell)
  • (buy and sell plus referral programme)

Where to buy bitcoin in Netherland

  • Bitmymoney (buy and sell)

Where to buy bitcoin in New Zealand

To fund your bitcoin wallet in Australia you can use this firm allows you to fund your account with a New Zealand bank account, but you will have to pass through verification and get some commissions from its referral programme.

  • Xapo
  • Copay
  • jaxx
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Where to fund your bitcoin wallet in Canada

You can use quadriga cx or any other exchangers which must have been tested by some of your friends.


Bitcoin wallet for Philippines


Bitcoin wallet for Ireland

  • Xapo(with xapo you’ll get a debit card which you can use anywhere in the world, accepts credit card as well; your account goes up and down when there’s change in value of bitcoin )
  • Coinbase

Where to fund bitcoin wallet in South Africa

  • Luno



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