#NpowerNG No Plan to Give NpowerNG Volunteers Permanent Jobs, Will PDP Use that as Campaign Advantage?

#NpowerNG No Plan to Give NpowerNG Volunteers Permanent Jobs, Will PDP Use that as Campaign Advantage?

Federal Government’s N-power headquarters has clarified that it had no plan to give its current volunteers and beneficiaries permanent jobs in any of its ministry, saying the programme is designed to engage the thousands of Nigerian graduates temporarily for a period of two year.

The programme started December 2016, and has been the most strong point and achievement of the current administration of President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressive Congress.

In a social media communiqué, N-power writes:

N-Power is the employability and enhancement programme of the Federal Government.

Unemployment has been a cause of concern in Nigeria. Despite the rate of unemployment, many employers have raised concerns about the employability of the Nigerian graduate.

N-Power NG among other things was created to address the root cause of unemployment. It is an emergency intervention for beneficiaries to hone their skills during the stipulated 24 months, improve their employability status, become entrepreneurs if they so wish and gain experience in the process.

It is therefore disheartening to witness existing beneficiaries form groups insisting on making themselves permanent staff. Some beneficiaries in these groups have positioned themselves as having influence and asked many of the 2017 applicants pay a fee to them to guarantee final selection. This is a reprehensible act. The names of these beneficiaries will be published shortly and they will be dismissed from the programme.

Let us be very clear to the existing beneficiaries and the new applicants, N-Power expects everyone to conduct themselves properly. If anyone is unhappy with the programme, they are free to exit so another can take their place.

Does the Nigeria’s government have the financial capacity to absorb 200,000 unemployed at a go?

Yes it has the strength to absorb even more than that into its service at a go, but the terms of establishing the programme was not designed to absorb them after the end of the two-year engagement. It was very clear terms the volunteers are aware of. Pushing for permanent jobs after the programme this time means breaking the terms.

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Though the country is economically rich and blessed with the resources to take such a huge number at a go, but the country’s resources have been mismanaged by cronies within government circle since independence in 1960, leaving its citizens to wallow in abject poverty while the cronies in government siphon billions of dollars to foreign countries.

Plus the fact that the country can’t undertake what it doesn’t plan for. Giving 200,000 people permanent jobs at this time would mean heavy burden on the government’s expenditure, Federal Lawmakers have been accused of being economic parasites to the common wealth, though. And they are not ready to cut their highly secretive monthly salary.

Is opposition party going to use that as campaign advantage?

It is very obvious that the main opposition party, People’s Democratic Party, PDP, is going to use this as one of its strongest campaign strategies to hit back at the ruling party, APC. Already, PDP heavyweights during their National Convention in Abuja on December 9, 2017 were saying something similar to the inability of the present government to provide sustainable jobs for the youths.

But one of them the former governor of Akwa Ibom State and presently a senator, Godswill Akpabio, acknowledged the success of the N-power programme during one of his speeches on May 29, 2017 in Abuja. He was even quoted as saying the ruling party should carry his party along in the N-power recruitment process.

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PDP ruled Nigeria from 1999-2015, which was characterized by embezzlement, joblessness, abuse of power and other vices.

During PDP rule, employment was given based on party affiliations and “who you know” a popular nepotism employment slogan popular among Nigerians.

N-power programmer has been 100% free irrespective of party affiliations, where you are, what language you speak. Recruitment into the programme was based on qualifications and fairness.

Over 2million Nigerians applied in 2017, while over one million wrote the online assessment test, 300,000 people were shortlisted for pre-selection physical verification scheduled to kick start nationwide Monday, December 9, 2017.

N-power is the initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria which is engaging thousands of unemployed Nigerian youths for a period of two-year. Presently, close to 200,000 Nigerian youths are on the payroll of the FG, collecting N30,000 as monthly stipend…plus device each to its volunteers which prices ranges between N70,000-N90,000

The programme has empowered some families and has liberated some families from financial bondage. N-power 2017 has shortlisted another 300,000 Nigerians under the graduate programme for physical verification nationwide.

2 thoughts on “#NpowerNG No Plan to Give NpowerNG Volunteers Permanent Jobs, Will PDP Use that as Campaign Advantage?

  1. N-POWER TEACHERS ARE REQUESTING; that they know the initial plan was two years programme and PDP want to use this as campaign advantage but the truth is that if our NOBLE PRESIDENT refuse to permanent volunteers no president will ever do it because the PRESENT PRESIDENT is the only one that understand the degree of poverty in this country and since the commencement of this job ( N-TEACH) state teachers don’t want to do their job anymore; WE N-POWER TEACHERS ARE DOING OUR BEST ! THANKS FROM N-TEACHERS.

    • That’s right, but the FG was very clear on this during the launch of the programme: it’d be two year programme. Volunteers should understand and not allow themselves to be used as thugs during election.

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