#Nigeria2019GeneralElections: Governors okay N360 Billion Withdrawal from Excess Crude Account to Fiight Terrorism War

#Nigeria2019GeneralElections: Governors okay N360 Billion Withdrawal from Excess Crude Account to Fiight Terrorism War


Boko Haram terrorists and other terrorism groups in Nigeria will have it tough as Nigeria approaches 2018 with an approval of N360,000,000,000.00 ($1bn) by the Nigerian governors today in Abuja during a National Economic Council (NEC).

The amount, which would be withdrawn from the N828,000,000,000 currently in the Excess Crude Account would be used to purchase security equipment, procurement of intelligence and logistics, among others.

The council meeting was presided over by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

2018 is a very important year for the ruling party, All Progressive Party (APC). Campaigns and preparations for the 2019 General Elections are expected to gain momentum. And the ruling party wouldn’t want to take chances ahead of the 2019 General Elections.

Boko Haram and terrorism was one of the cardinal campaign manifestos of APC before 2015 Presidential Elections, which later flushed now opposition party Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) out of office.

If after three years, Boko Haram still had voices in the North East part of Nigeria where it has wrecked havoc, it would mean in the eyes of PDP that APC failed in one of its campaign promises, which is expected to be used as another strong point by the opposition party, which has been struggling hard to get itself together since it lost 2015 Presidential Election.

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The opposition party in his convention in Abuja last week where it elected new party excos told their supporters that they were ready to retake their position at Aso Rock Villa, faulting some of the policies of the ruling party.

Meanwhile APC had boldly said he would defeat PDP over and over again.

The Buhari-led administration has made significant progress in defeating insurgency in the North East, but there are still skirmishes of attacks on soft targets in some parts of affected areas in the North.

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