Daily Motivation: The Blind Painter

Daily Motivation: The Blind Painter

Many, many years ago, a boy dreamed of becoming a great painter. He would spend every day in the dark cellar of his father’s cellar, painting on canvas in hopes of being accepted to the art academy in the big city.

The boy’s family was not wealthy, and during the day, the boy went down to the coal mines with his father, breathing in the toxic gasses and squinting in the low light. And during the nights, he would paint – his canvas illuminated by only a single candle and the moon.

One day, something disturbing happened – the painting he was creating before him seemed darker than before. In fact, the whole world darkened, bit by bit, as the choking coal dust and overexertion of his eyes every evening was taking its toll. The boy did not want to believe it – becoming a painter was his dream!

But slowly, bit by bit, his eyes were taken from him. One day, his hands trembled as he realized he could not even see the brush he wished to pick up. The boy was now completely blind.

For days, the boy was disconsolate. How could he achieve his dream if he could not see? And then he felt something in his hand – a carving tool. His father placed something else in his other hand – a lump of clay.

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And so the boy grew up to become one of the finest sculptors of the land – giving shape to the visions that lay behind his blind eyes, seeing further than anyone else.

If you have a dream, do not let the vagaries of life dissuade you from it. If you want it badly enough, truly nothing will be out of your reach.



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