Daily Motivation: Never Allow Anyone to Steal Your Joy

Daily Motivation: Never Allow Anyone to Steal Your Joy

To enjoy your God’s given joy you’d have to ignore negative things people say about you. Do your best to do things the right way. But remember, what you think is right might not be in eyes of other people. Do things your own right way and leave the rest for posterity to judge.

Sometimes, when people can’t be like you they try to bring you down and condemn what you’ve achieved. Ignore them.

Never feel bad when your friend, who you think is one of your best, suddenly turns an enemy. It simply means he’s tired of pretending to be a friend. He’d harm you if he continues to be in your life than adding values into your life. Let him pack and go.

Never allow the opinions of people who weren’t there when the going was tough to determine your joy, you don’t owe them explanation to be happy.

See yourself in the eyes of God your creator, He’s the one that can give you everlasting joy. If anyone gives you joy today, he might change any time and even make you more miserable than he has made you happy.


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