BOVAS Group Top 10 Secrets Over Other Petroleum Filling Stations in Nigeria

BOVAS Group Top 10 Secrets Over Other Petroleum Filling Stations in Nigeria

BOVAS Group (owners) of BOVAS filling stations has some advantage over other fillings stations in Nigeria. We’ll tell you some of the top secrets of the company, and how you too can grow yours business implementing some of them

Quick facts about BOVAS Group

  • BOVAS was established in 1980 by Arc. Bamidele O.Samson, and Mrs. V. A. Samson
  • It has tank farm where PMS is stored
  • Its tank farm can store 22million litres of petroleum products

A friend asked me recently: Where does BOVAS Group gets its petroleum products from? His question is borne out of the current fuel scarcity in the country. While other filling stations in Nigeria sell between N200 to N300, which is above the official pump price of N145, BOVAS sells a litre of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) for N143.

Even before fuel scarcity, drivers prefer to locate next BOVAS station than buy at other filling station. Drivers prefer to queue at BOVAS station than where they can fill their tank without waiting, so what’s the secret of BOVAS Group?

  • Why do drivers and vehicle owners prefer BOVAS Petroleum than other filling stations?
  • How has it been possible for BOVAS Petroleum to compete favourably with NNPC Mega Station?

How BOVAS is becoming a household name in petroleum products in Nigeria

InfomediaNG Review Team takes a look at the top 10 secrets of BOVAS Group, which has made its services top choice above others in the same industry, and made it a household name in the petroleum downstream sector.

BOVAS Group Top 10 secrets over other independent marketers of petroleum products in Nigeria

  1. Experience in Petroleum Downstream Sector
  2. Trust and Integrity
  3. Truthfulness and Sincerity
  4. Disciplined and cultured Staff Members
  5. Customer Relation
  6. Location and accessibility
  7. All-In-One services
  8. Storage Facility
  9. Technology Driven
  10. Steadfastness

No. 1: Experience in Petroleum Downstream Sector

One of the founders and Managing Director of BOVAS Group Mrs. V. A. Samson has been in petroleum downstream for decades, she knows in-and-out of petroleum products in Nigeria. She fluently speaks petroleum language and understands the sector perfectly well.

In 1980, she started as a dealer under Texaco Nigeria Ltd. (now MRS Plc.) and went ahead to win the most priced Texaco Plc Best Dealer Award in sales, marketing innovativeness for the Latin American/West African Region.

Does she need an agent at the depot? No! That’s another advantage BOVAS Petroleum is positively using to make life easier for its consumers.

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Though we’ve seen other marketers and dealer with such a huge experience too, yet they combine it with sharp practices.

No. 2: Trust and Integrity

Since BOVAS started operation close to four decades ago, it has been able to build trust among its customers and consumers. One litre of BOVAS PMS is one litre, two is two, etc unlike other privately owned gas stations in Nigeria where 2 litres=1; 3=2; 4=3;10=8. The trust earned the company integrity, which it’s enjoying uninterrupted.

Are you asking how BOVAS achieved this? The company has a philosophy which is based on Solid Foundation, Confidence, Truth and Vigor, that’s why heads of its more than 70 filling stations across the country help to maintain the philosophy.

No. 3: Truthfulness and Sincerity

Another top secret of BOVAS Petroleum is truthfulness and sincerity among its staff members, particularly among its attendants. From the research conducted by us, there is no case of sharp practices among staff members like it’s found in other privately owned filling stations in Nigeria.

Any member found culpable in any unwholesome acts are adequately sanctioned, and fired if his misdemeanor was capable of hampering the company’s hard earned integrity.

Nigerians could obviously see this during the December 2017 petroleum scarcity, the company was selling at N143/litre while other filling stations apart NNPC Mega Station, were selling between N200 and N300.

Also, no hoarding of petroleum products as far as we know.

No. 4: Disciplined and cultured Staff Members    

Another top secret of BOVAS group over its competitors in the petroleum downstream sector is discipline among its staff members. We found out that every new employee of the company is tested and trained in the unit he chooses to work.

Unlike other filling station where staff members are hurriedly brought into the system, so employees of BOVAS already know the company’s culture before they are exposed to customers. And they maintain the company’s philosophy at duty post.

No. 5: Customer Relation

We’re unable to get the minimum monthly salary of its attendants, but we do know that they relate better with their customers than most filling stations around, meaning a happy employees are likely to relate well with customers.

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No. 6: Location and accessibility

BOVAS filling stations are strategically located at where they are easily accessible to their consumers across the country.

BOVAS opened her first service station in Osogbo, Osun State capital in Nigeria in 1991 as part of the efforts to assist the government in making petroleum products more accessible to everyone.

Presently, the Company operates seventy (70) service stations around the country and has several more under various stages of construction, which are to be delivered at intervals.

A spacious filling/gas station , which is under construction at the time of publishing this post, located along OSBC/Ibokun road, Osogbo, is rumoured to be one of BOVAS stations, but we couldn’t independently confirm it.

No. 7: All-In-One services

Wouldn’t you rather prefer a station where you could find everything you want in a place? This is another top secret of BOVAS Filling stations across the country.

Bovas Gas, Bovas Mart, Bovas Haulage, Supermarkets, telecommunications, short drive in banking services, Automated Teller Machines Services, Café’s and Fast Food catteries all in one place?

No. 8: Storage Facility

While a few others filling station owners pass through agent at the NNPC depot before they could lift products, BOVAS has its own storage facility just like NNPC does.

This is another top secret of this company. The good thing is that products stored when PMS aren’t scarce are sold at official price during scarcity.

Isn’t that unbelievable? How many independent marketers do this?

In order to make petroleum products readily available to Nigerians, various BOVAS storage tanks have been constructed as in between for holding products between the supply and onward delivery to end users of the products. As a result of this, the company had constructed a top class, quality and standard storage tank farm facility conforming to the latest International specifications.

The total capacity of the tank farm is Twenty two (22) million litres. The storage tank farm is located at the Mosheshe Industrial Estate, Kirikiri, Lagos.

No. 9: Technology Driven

All its facilities are powered by high-tech. You’re not holding cash but have your debit card with you? PoS is available.

The company has also introduced innovative LPG Auto Skid Units at selected service stations and locations across the nation.

It’s also confirmed that BOVAS tank farm is powered with technology, making it possible to load out truck tankers of Thirty-three thousands litres capacity each in fifteen (15) minutes for every product.

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Also, BOVAS Group is one of the petroleum companies in Nigeria that’s available on virtually all the social media platforms engaging with its customers at the time of compiling this review.

No. 10: Steadfastness

Since it commenced operation, BOVAS has maintained its philosophy. It hasn’t allowed itself to be dragged into the “Nigerian factor” syndrome.

Do you know of any other company in Nigeria that’s positively touching lives? You can make recommendations to feature on our Product Review.

Our final thought:

One of the lessons we’ve learned from BOVAS Group is its ability to keep intact its integrity in the downstream sector. It has also imbibe the same values in its entire management.

If you want to last long in a business, build trust first, money will follow.


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