Daily Motivation: Keep Your Thought And Mind Always On The Goal

Daily Motivation: Keep Your Thought And Mind Always On The Goal

There was a day I was having serious reception problem on my PayTv Decoder, though I was getting 10 channels out of 25 channels. I wasn’t satisfied because my favourite channels were lost. I called the customer support and I was advised to use the external antenna for a better reception, which I did, still the reception was poorer, and I lost one more channel.

I went for lather, fixed the antenna on a long iron rod, and mounted it on top of my roof, yet the reception was poor. The more I tried to adjust the antenna outside, the poorer the reception became, and the more I lost more channels.

I was tired. And I told myself that I’d be trying the last time: “If it failed this time, I’ll pack this annoying decoder and wait till I’m able to buy a brand new decoder from another PayTv provider.”

I went up the lather again, to change the direction of the antenna. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any channel again…lost all the channels.

It was hard for me to relent.

This time, I told myself I wasn’t going to pack it, rather I won’t stop until I get better reception.

Alas! I tried again, and the channels started coming up.


Don’t give up. Just one more try could launch you to the world. If you stopped now it means your previous efforts would be wasted.

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Try more!

“Never give up, keep your thoughts and mind always on the goal.”—Tom Bradley

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