Full Analysis of N-power 2017 NPVN Portal (Second Batch)

Full Analysis of N-power 2017 NPVN Portal (Second Batch)

Last updated on May 27th, 2018 at 03:36 pm

If you’ve been wondering how the N-power Volunteer Network (NPVN) portal looks like, here is the full analysis of N-power 2017 NPVN Portal for the second batch.

What is NPVN?

It means N-power Volunteers’ Network. It’s a special portal created by N-power for the shortlisted (successful) applicants for the social intervention programme in 2016, which is going to be created for 2017 Batch who have successfully passed through the physical verification, and have been authenticated by the programme’s headquarters in Abuja.N-power 2017 NPVN Portal

NPVN portal will enable you have access to resourceful materials and update your personal details like full names, banking details, phone number, residential address, place of residence and upload your photo.

Your NPVN Portal will give you access to edit your bank account details for your monthly stipends

Inside your NPVN portal you’ll be able to view the N-power Device Tablet you selected during registration exercise, so you might need to select another device unlike the 2016 batch that selected their device right inside the NPVN Portal.

Complete Analysis of N-power 2017 NPVN Portal

We’re going to use the 2016 NPVN Portal to explain how the 2017 NPVN Portal would look like and things you need to know about NpowerNG’s NPVN Portal

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How to have access to NPVN Portal

N-power 2017 NPVN PortalThe official NPVN Portal URL is: http://npvn.npower.gov.ng/ . But you’ll have to wait NpowerNG Team in Abuja to authenticate your candidacy and confirmed that you’ve been absorbed as a volunteer. You’d be contacted on the social media platforms of the programme when it’s ripe to start logging in.

What will be my login details to the N-power 2017 NPVN Portal

Your login username might either be your registered phone number or your BVN depending on the kind of change N-power is bringing into the system this time, after which you’ll be mandated to create your own password.

Check below what you’d be seeing in your NPVN Portal

N-power 2017 NPVN PortalThe dashboard of N-power’s NPVN Portal has 8 options

  • Home
  • Prepare
  • Learn
  • Announcements
  • My profile
  • Chang password
  • About NPVN
  • Get Help


  • NPVN Home

The NPVN home contains the summary of your portal. It has shortcut to other links within the portal, from here you could take a tour to other section of your personal data.

From your NPVN Portal, you can now click on resign from the programme directly to opt out of the programme instead of writing letter via your state focal person.

  • NPVN Prepare

This section contains how you’d be groomed in the N-power programme you chose during registration.

For instance, if you chose N-power Teach, then you’ll be groomed as Volunteer Teacher. Successful completion of all 6 modules in Prepare, will teach you, among many other concepts and practices, ethics of the teaching profession, effective classroom management, effective curriculum creation, and learner-centered teaching methods.

  • NPVN Learn

This part contains materials, resources and videos that will help you develop skills & build competencies to excel in the Labour market. These contents will improve the employability or entrepreneurial skill set of each volunteer

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N-power 2017 NPVN PortalYou will be able to access content from a variety of sources to build life essential skills such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employability & Work Readiness
  • Financial Literacy
  • Management Skills
  • There are no recent announcements
  • NPVN Announcements

You’ll find update about N-power on this section. But we noticed that since the commencement of the 2016 N-power programme no announcement has been posted on this section.

It meant to broadcast news to the existing volunteers, but NpowerNG Team prefers to use its social media channels, things may change this time, watch out for this section as well. Anytime you login to your portal always click on announcement to check if there is any.

  • NPVN My Profile Page

In your NPVN portal page is “My Profile” page. When the portal is officially opened for you, this where you’ll be required to click on for you to upload your photo and update your address, and fill your bank account number.

This section has your full name, state of origin, state of residence, etc.

  • NPVN Change Password Page

For security reasons, N-power Team designed a page where you can change your password whenever you think your password has been compromised.

Please use this section with caution. If you click on change password, you’ll be required to enter your present password and your new password and click on update.

  • About NPVN

This section delves into the objectives of N-power programme and every other things you need to know about the job initiative programme.

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Some of the things you see under this section include:

N-Power Volunteer Corps

The N-Power Volunteer Corps will engage and train 500,000 young unemployed graduates. It is a paid volunteering programme of a 2-year duration.

The 500,000 graduates under the N-Power Corps programme will get computing devices that contain information necessary for their specific engagement, as well as information for their continuous training and development.

  • NPVN Get Help

This is the last option on the NPVN Portal, it has contains and provides answers to all your questions about N-power programme.

 What do you think about N-power programme since inception?

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  2. those it means that those of us who did not log on before or on july 20th are hereby disqualified.After spending much on the application,exams taking and physical verification.

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