List of Bitcoin Exchangers (30 traders) in Nigeria:Updated for 2018

List of Bitcoin Exchangers (30 traders) in Nigeria:Updated for 2018

I’m going to show you the most trusted platform where you can safely exchange your bitcoin, ethereum, and other digital money to naira or dollar at the best price.

Here is the updated list of bitcoin exchangers in Nigeria where you can trade bitcoin, ethereum and other digital coins for physical cash like Nigerian Naira, dollar, Pounds or any other currency of your choice.

Nairaex Review

Nairaex is our number one choice because its bitcoin exchange rate is the cheapest at the moment in Nigeria. When you find another one cheaper than nairaex, please keep us updated.

It’s one of Nigeria’s Most Trusted, Secure and Reliable Bitcoin exchangers.

This bitcoin, ethereum exchange platform makes it simple to trade cryptocurrency. When your account is set, the next is to forward your government recognized ID Card to and less than 24 hours your account will get approved and you can start trading in bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin.


Nairaex minimum trade is N30,000 and you might not be funded if you pay anything below the stipulated minimum exchange into the company’s account.

“No exception, you’ll not get paid and you’ll be banned if you trade anything below the stipulated amount.” sign up


With six physical addresses across Nigeria, ZITC-Exchange is one of Nigeria’s largest and most trusted accredited e-wallet Exchangers.

Zitc-exchange is easy to use; however, you need a valid ID card, and utility bill to completely verify your account

BTC Wallet: NO. You can only trade your digital coin directly with the company.

Paxful .com review

Paxful Nigeria is our number number two BTC exchange. This company operates in other parts of the world.

This is all-in-one cryptocurrency platform.

Some of the features of include:

You can get Bitcoin Wallet where you store your btc.

Easy to purchase bitcoin via your debit or credit card.

Buy and sell feature: On this platform, you can buy and sell bitcoin without going outside the website.

You also create offer in case you have some bitcoins to sell.

Minimum trade: Minimum trade on paxful is 20 USD

Charges: average

Security level: High. Secure Escrow feature is available on paxful, making it safe trading platform for anyone in anywhere around the world.

There is also more flexible ways to make payment, and send money from Nigeria to any part of the world with different deposit methods with an stimated receiving time: 30 minutes

paxful sign up is one of e-currency exchange in Nigeria where you can only buy and sell bitcoin and other currencies like perfect money, Okpay etc.

Wallet: e-dollar has its own wallet called EDL wallet instead of btc wallet. You must have btc wallet elsewhere before you can buy on this platform, or you want to fund someone’s wallet.

Are you thinking of buying, or converting your bitcoin to naira in Nigeria? Naira4dollar is one of our recommended e-currency platforms you can use any time.

Year of existence: has been around for more than a decade, that makes it one of the leading voices in e-currency exchange in Nigeria.

Apart from operating online for buying and selling, it also has offices some Nigerian cities…whether you know how to use the internet or not naira4dollar is suitable for you.

Security: High. To login to your account, a verification code would be sent to the phone number linked to your account during registration.

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Downside: you could wait for some minutes to get login code during registration. This is completely manual, meaning you’d have to incur charges for the SMS as well.

>>>Naira4dollar official website<<<

This e-currency exchange is more conversant with Perfect Money in Nigeria, buying and selling of WebMoney, PayPal and Payza funding and other e-currencies in Nigeria than bitcoin. isn’t stable on bitcoin trading as it comes up with btc trading when price goes up. It suspended the buying and selling of bitcoin as at December 30, 2017 (19:30), that was when price was fluctuating, that’s understandable, anyway.

BTC Wallet: No. You can only buy and sell.

NGexchanger is one of the e-currency exchanges in Nigeria that has been in existence before bitcoin became so popular in Nigeria.

It is a registered company where you buy and sell your bitcoin.

Security Level: You’ll need to verify your identity to be able to enjoy the full benefits of this platform.

You’d need to upload any government issued ID showing your full name and date of birth (it can be International Passport, National ID card, Driving License or Permanent Voters card) and a Utility bill showing your address (e.g. Water bill, Electricity Bill, Bank statement etc).

Minimum buy and sell: $20

Trustworthiness: It’s a trustworthy company you can do business with. I’ve tested them several times.

BTC Wallet: No. You can only buy and sell your digital currency.

Downside: You’d still need to send message to the support team even after uploading your documents for verification.

You’d also need to send SMS after making order, or when selling. It has been in business for long, but needs to set things up automatically because when your complaints aren’t attended to, you’d need to call to remind the team again.

On standard gold platform, you can easily convert your bitcoin to Nigerian Naira.

This has been in business since 2006 and registered with Corporate Affair Commission. It has been into e-currency exchange when Satoshi was yet to conceive the idea of digital coins.


You need your bank account details to sign up on this platform.

Security and trustworthiness: It’s a company you can do business with considering its long standing in the e-currency sectors. It also abides by the anti-money laundering policy.

BTC wallet: You can’t get wallet. Review

Do you want an easy and safest way to purchase bitcoin and ethereum using your debit card? Then luno Nigeria might be just your perfect choice.

Other features of luno include:

BTC Wallet: You can generate your own bitcoin wallet address on and start funding it. You can generate different wallet address for different transactions, which is mostly secured way to trade in cryptocurrency.

ETH Wallet: You can also get ethereum wallet address on luno and fund it right away via your debit card.

Security level: High, you can set up Two factor authentication to make your account more secured.

luno nigeria contact number: We can’t independently confirm the contact phone number of luno Nigeria, but we do know that buying is made easier using the platform,

luno nigeria office: It’s physical office address isn’t known for now, but it has the Nigeria’s CAC certificate to operate in Nigeria.

Buying BTC/ETH on lune is simple as transfer funds back to your account number.

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Charges: High, but withdrawing and deposit is very fast.

Luno official website can be found here isn’t only available in Nigeria, but in some other countries like United States, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.

Benefits of include the following:

BTC Wallet: Yes. You can get your own BTC wallet address on remitano.

Trading: Ability to buy and sell bitcoin right on the platform

Security level: High. A login link is sent to email address any time you are trying to login to your account, and when your session expires, the login link expires in 15 minutes

You can also set up two-way authentication to secure your account from hacker.

Official BTC Trading website of remitano

This is another BTC exchange where you can buy and sell bitcoin with considerable charges and easy to use.

One of the features of is the fact that you can quickly buy bitcoin without the need to create an account, but you’ll need to register to enjoy the full benefits of this platform.

Other features of include:

BTC wallet: On this platform you’re given the privilege to create your own BTC wallet address which you can generate within seconds.

Easy and fast account set up, all you need do is to verify your account to start posting trade without any trade fees. However, you’re charged 0.5% when your Trade Postings successfully buy or sell Bitcoin.

Verification: Your Bank Verification Number (BVN) will be needed to start enjoying the full benefits of this platform. Make sure you enter exactly the details you have in your BVN.

Official BTC website trading website of Register

Localbitcoins Nigeria can is a cryptocurrency market for bitcoin with long list of buyers and sellers to choose from.

No matter how small the quantity of btc portion you want to buy you’ll always find a buyer that will serve your need.

Buyers are also given the privilege to rate sellers. So you can always look out for sellers who have excellent recommendations.

Localbitcoins’ escrow or transaction service protects the buyer and seller of bitcoins…both traders are protected by this service. supports wide range of world payment methods.

Other benefits of localbitcoins include:

People from different countries can exchange their local currency to bitcoins.

As a user you can post advertisements, and state your exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling bitcoins.

Through this platform you can agree to meet your prospective trading partner, alternatively trade directly with online banking.

BTC Wallet: Yes. You can get your own bitcoin wallet address on localbitcoins, and ability to generate different wallet address for different transactions.

Official website of

Nigeriagoldexchange is another legit bitcoin and e-currency exchange in Nigeria is has been in the e-currency sector since 2009. On this platform, you can buy and sell your bitcoin.

Winkpayment Nigeria

This is another platform where you can buy and sell btc at considerable price.

Winkpayment official portal

Indacoin review

This is a global cryptocurrency trading platform that lets people instantly purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Waves and 100 other different cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card.

It lets you buy and send bitcoins without registration.

To purchase bitcoin on indacoin, just enter the card your details and wallet address, where the crypto should be sent.

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Buy bitcoin with your debit card right away


This is another digital coins trading platform that focuses on Ghanaian and Nigerian users.

However, ebitcoinics it has a learning portal where beginners can benefit from by learning everything about digital coins and investment opportunities.

Charges: High

Very easy to trade bitcoin on this platform in three simple steps:

  • Register and verify your identification
  • Add money to your bitssa account using your debit card
  • And head straight to make a purchase.

This is another trading platform where you can buy or sell your bitcoin, but the most of the transactions are done manually.

This means that you’d have to call the support unit to place order. review

Gold2Naira is another authorized exchanger in Nigeria where you buy and sell bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, and litecoin.

Other e-currency are also traded on this platform for Nigerian users

BTC Wallet: No. You can’t get btc wallet because they only buy e-currency directly from you, and resell to make profit.

Names of buyers aren’t displayed. Nigeria

To use this platform, you will have to upload an Utility Bill and ID Card with same address you registered with.

You can fund your bitcoin wallet on this platform by simply placing order.

This platform is automated and looks very easy to use whether you are buying bitcoin or you’re the seller.


You can buy and sell your cryptocurrency on just like other exchange platform operating in Nigeria.

Goldrush Nigeria

This is another platform you can buy and sell your bitcoin and other e-currency


With a head office at 21, Isiakanda street, Ilasamaja, Lagos, State, and branch office in Kwara State, wealthsco has been in e-currency exchange before bitcoin and ethereum boom.

Support Lines




Instant Exchangers is an e-currency service provider specializing in the buying, selling and exchanging of bitcoin and other e-currency in Nigeria.

Every new account passes through verification before any transaction. Make sure you have the following details ready before registration.…plus get access to cryptocurrency wallets.

We believe that this also owned and managed by the owners of jostpay

  • Your Bank Account number and Bank Name
  • A valid ID e.g Drivers License, International Passport, National ID or Voters Card

Official website

TRADING4U is an e-commerce that trade in bitcoin and other e-currency, the company is the buyer and the seller

To make a sale on this platform, you’d have to first call or send email, which is still manual. Operation isn’t automated.

Bitkonga is another known bitcoin trading platform where you can fund your btc wallet with naira bank transfer or cash deposit.

You’d have to verify your email before you use the exchange feature of this platform.

Easy to receive and send bitcoin

Easy to fund your wallet

Site upgrade was ongoing at the time of writing this article

You can add your preferred wallet address, but you can’t create btc wallet address

Feature to add your bank account number, buy and sell bitcoin.

This trading platform has been operation for more than seven years. Easy to place btc buy and sell order, but that’s after your account is verified.

Others are:


We’re updating this list…