StartTimes Pay Per Day Codes

StarTimes Daily Subscription Codes, Channel List And Decoder Price in Nigeria

This post contains all the monthly, weekly and daily subscription codes for StarTimes in Nigeria. We’ve also compiled a comprehensive list of channels.

Since the incursion of StarTimes in Africa in 2002, it has grown to be one of the household names. In this post, we’ll list all the available bouquets, decoder price, and full list of channels you can find on each of the bouquets.

Before that…

Quick facts about StarTimes:

  • Launch date: 1988
  • Founder: Pang Xinxing
  • Products: PayTv, DTT, DTH and others
  • Presence in Africa: Nigeria and other 29 African countries

StarTimes Pay Per Day Code & Weekly Subscription Codes in Nigeria

StartTimes Pay Per Day codes in Nigeria are available for users of the PayTv for them to enjoy their favourite channels at affordable rate.

The PayTv launched the package alongside Pay Per Week in 2017, here are codes to use to enjoy this affordable plans.

Startimes Subscription Codes are:

  • *737*37*60*00141016944#
  • *737*37*240*00141016944#
  • *737*37*300*00141016944#
  • *737*37*90*00141016944#
  • *737*37*450*00141016944#
  • *737*37*180*00141016944#
  • *737*37*900*00141016944#
  • *737*37*60*00141016944#
  • *737*37*300*00141016944#
  • *737*37*900*00141016944#
  • *737*37*1200*00141016944#
  • *737*37*3800*00141016944#

How do you apply the above USSD code on the PayTv?

Check our guide below on how to use the above subscribe codes for you to access channels of your choice.

Let’s get started on how to subscribe for StartTimes Pay Per Day

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Note: All the Startimes channels can are also accessible on the Pay Per Day and other limited plans.


Let’s assume your StarTimes Smart card no is: 00141016944

Phone number registered on your StarTimes which is also linked to your bank (GTB) is 07066666666

Now let’s subscribe for the different bouquet

StarTimes Pay Per Day Codes on Nova bouquet (DTT (Antenna) Platform)

A day: N60

A week: N300

To subscribe for a day channels dial *737*37*60*00141016944# and press send on your phone.

To subscribe for a week Nova channels dial *737*37*300*00141016944#

Pay Per Day Codes on Basic bouquet (DTT (Antenna) Platform)

  • A day: N90
  • A week: N450

To subscribe for a day channels dial *737*37*90*00141016944# and press send on your phone.

To subscribe for a week Nova channels dial *737*37*450*00141016944# and send on your phone.

Pay Per Day Codes on Classic bouquet (DTT (Antenna) Platform)

  • A day: N180
  • A week: N900

To subscribe for a day channels dial *737*37*180*00141016944# and press send in your phone.

To subscribe for a week Nova channels dial *737*37*900*00141016944# and send on your phone.

Pay Per Day Code for Nova bouquet on the DTH (Dish)

  • A day: N60
  • A week: N300
  • A month: N900

To subscribe for a day channels dial *737*37*60*00141016944# and press send on your phone.

To subscribe for a week Nova channels dial *737*37*300*00141016944# and send on your phone.

To subscribe for a month Nova channels dial *737*37*900*00141016944# and send on your phone.

Pay Per Day Codes on Basic bouquet DTH (Dish)

  • A day: N120
  • A week: N600
  • A month: N1,900

Follow the same code above, but change the amount you’re paying for.

StartTimes Pay Per Day on Super bouquet DTH (Dish)

  • A day: N240
  • A week: N1,200
  • A month: N3,800

To subscribe for a day super bouquet channels dial *737*37*240*00141016944# and send on your phone.

For a week, dial *737*37*1200*00141016944# and send on your phone.

For a month subscription, dial *737*37*3800*00141016944# and send on your phone.

You can also pay for your desired bouquet on, but watch out for the charges (usually N100).

StarTimes Decoder Price in Nigeria:

Below is the full list of StarTimes decoder price:

  1. SD Decoder: N5,900  plus Antenna
  2. HD Decoder: N8,900 plus Antenna
  3. Combo Decoder:  N9,900 plus Accessories
  4. DTH S2 Decoder: N11,900 with complete set
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StarTimes Bouquets (Subscription Plan)

There are four available bouquets:

  1. Nova
  2. Basic
  3. Classic
  4. Unique

Nova Bouquet

This is the most affordable bouquet, irrespective of the subscription (daily,weekly, or monthly). It goes for N900 (Check here for the Pay Per Day subscription price), of which you have access to more than two dozens of channels

Nova Bouquet channel list

  • AIT
  • CCTV News
  • Channels TV
  • Child Smile
  • Cool TV
  • Galaxy TV
  • LTV
  • MITV
  • Nta Sports 24
  • Silverbird TV
  • Star Zone
  • TVC
  • Star Dadin kowa
  • TVC News
  • Wazobia TV

StarTimes Basic Bouquet Subscription

In terms of affordability, basic bouquet is the next as you can get this plan for N1,300 per month.

Basic bouquet channel list

Basic plan is loaded with over 60 channels, check below for some of them:

  • NTA News 24
  • Fox
  • NTA Abuja
  • Star Plus
  • ST Novella Plus
  • Real Stars
  • CCTV News
  • Bollywood movies
  • AI Jazeera English
  • BET
  • Trace Tropical
  • Child Smile
  • STVE2
  • E-Stars(Nigerian Movie)
  • NTA Sports 24
  • BBC World News
  • France 24E
  • JCTV
  • Animaux
  • STVC
  • NTA Entertainment
  • NTA education
  • MGM
  • St Kung Fu
  • ST Movie Plus
  • C Music
  • Kidsco
  • TBN
  • WapTV
  • TV News and others

Classic Bouquet

Subscription on Classic was 2, 600 Nigerian Naira until the company announced that beginning from September 1, 2018 subscribers would be paying 1,900 Naira instead of 2, 600 Naira.

It further announced the addition of four premium great channels to the list (EbonyLife TV, Fox, ST Nollywood, ST Kids)

Classic Bouquet (plan) channel list

Below is the full list of all the channels you can get on your classic plan:

  • ST Movies Plus (010)
  • ST Nollywood Plus (013)
  • AMC Movies (018)
  • ST Novela E (053)
  • ST Zone (054)
  • ST Novela Plus (057)
  • Fox (070)
  • Fox Life (071)
  • NTA News 24 (101)
  • NTA osogbo
  • NTA E (105)
  • Silverbird TV
  • Channels TV (111)
  • WAP TV
  • Peoples TV
  • E Stars
  • AWA Tv
  • AIT
  • Laff tv
  • Nigbati
  • ST Kungfu
  • E TV
  • E! ENG
  • ST Yoruba
  • ST Dadin Kowa
  • NTA Yoruba
  • Orisun
  • Farin Wata
  • IATV (a new channel that is loaded with so much great movies). This can be found on Channel 181
  • EbonyLife (Owned by Mo Abudu) Channel 189
  • Wazobia TV
  • NGC E
  • NGW E
  • Discovery Science
  • ST Sports Focus
  • ST sports Arena
  • ST Sports Premium
  • ST Sports Life
  • ST World Football
  • FOX Sports
  • CGTN
  • BBCW
  • AlJazeera
  • Fpx News
  • NTA Parliament
  • TV News
  • ID (You want research oriented movies, and real life experience of what other have passed through? You will love Channel 334 )
  • Fine Living (if you love food and anything consumable and how to keep fit
  • POP
  • Nickelodeon
  • Baby TV
  • NTA Knowledge
  • Jim Jam
  • St Naija
  • MTV base
  • Nigezie
  • TBN
  • Iqraa
  • Emmanuel TV
  • EWTN
  • Dove TV
  • Love World Plus
  • St Bollywood
  • St Bollywood Africa
  • ST Plus
  • StarGold
  • Star Plus
  • Z Cinema
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The above basic plans can also be accessed on the Pay Per Day, Pay Per Week Plan as well.

Startimes Unique Bouquet

Also referred to as Super unique, this bouquet is loaded with over 100 channels. It goes for 3, 800 Naira per month

The below channel list is in addition to the channels we listed under Classic bouquet:

  • Bloomberg TV
  • ST Africa 2
  • ST Series E1
  • Gamji
  • Liberty
  • ST Swahili
  • Gospel Music TV
  • IROKO 1
  • AMC Series.
  • NBS
  • France24
  • Fashion One
  • ST Gospel
  • GO
  • Deen TV
  • Channel TEN
  • ST Soul
  • ST SA Music
  • KISS
  • Magic
  • Fuel TV
  • Classica
  • Fujian TV
  • Zhejiang TV
  • China Movies Channel
  • Beijing TV
  • Tianjin TV
  • Phoenix Info
  • CCTV 4
  • CTI Asia
  • Phoenix CNE
  • ST World Football SD
  • ST Sino Drama
  • Sony SAB
  • Africa News
  • Remdel TV
  • NDTV24x7
  • RAJ TV
  • CNBC
  • AMC Movies HD


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