How to buy and sell bitcoin/ethereum on Remitano (Complete Guide)

How to buy and sell bitcoin/ethereum on Remitano (Complete Guide)

Do you want a cryptocurrency trading platform where you can quickly buy and sell bitcoin or ethereum in Nigeria? Here is a simplified guide on how to safely trade on remitano.

Remitano provides escrowed peer-to-peer marketplace where digital coins buyers and sellers can trade at a lower price and with the presence of a 24/7 friendly customer care support.

Remitano is supported in the following African countries:

  1. Kenya
  2. South Africa
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Nigeria
  5. Cote d’ivoire
  6. Ghana
  7. Mexico
  8. Namibia
  9. Tanzania
  10. Uganda
  11. Democratic Republic of  Congo (DRC)

Others include: Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Israel, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Vietnam).

How to buy bitcoin or ethereum on remitano

Step 1: Account set up

The first thing is you need to create an account on using a valid e-mail address

Step 2:

Check your email to confirm it

Step 3:

Login back to your account, this time to verify your phone number and upload the necessary documents in order to have full access to features on remitano.

Step 4:

When login, on top of the page, click on “SETTING”

Click on verify phone number. Input your phone number, a code would be sent to you, enter it to complete phone number verification

Upload the necessary documents and click on UPDATE PROFILE

If you like you can connect any of your social media accounts to your profile, but this is optional.

Step 5:

For security reasons, above your profile is Authy Authentication click on it to choose which authentication you want . I prefer Google Authenticator, which you can download on your android phone (Google authenticator (See installation guide here).

Step 6:

Click on btc wallet

Step 7:

From the options: withdrawal, deposit, and history, click on deposit to copy your BTC wallet address. A bitcoin address looks like Gtt2jvgajha7Fg7afajjad6y2Qgjhaiav. Copy it.

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Step 8:

Return to the buy/sell btc. On top of the page click on BUY/SELL BTC, on that page scroll down to see the list of sellers in your country.

Payment Method: Payment methods accepted on Remitano include: Bank/Wire Transfer/online banking transfer/Credit/debit card

Step 9:

Click on buy now

Step 10:

Enter the amount you want to buy and enter the your btc address you copied in step 7 above.

Remitano will automatically search for the vendor ready to sell your selected portion.

Step 11:

Run through the available sellers to choose. Check the trading range of the seller and click on the one that suits your purpose. And click on BUY NOW

“You will have 15 minutes to pay the seller and click the ‘I have paid seller’ button. If you pay seller but don’t click ‘I have paid seller’ within 15 minutes, we will refund the seller’s Bitcoin and you will lose money.”

Read and click on the “AGREE” button as you proceed to make payment. And allow next page loads the account details of the seller to pay into.

Make your payment and return to the page to click on I have paid seller, or you cancel the trade if there is correction to make.

Your account will be funded. The transaction is protected by escrow service on remitano, so both the seller and buyers are secured.

Allow for some minutes, check your remitano btc wallet (or any other wallet you wanted to be funded)

That’s all; you just bought bitcoin on remitano.

How to sell bitcoin and ethereum on remitano

Step 1:

Follow the steps in buy btc above from step 1 to 6 and click on SELL BITCOIN option

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Step 2:

Enter the value of BTC you want to sell

Step 3:

A list of buyers will displayed, select your preferred seller

Step 4:

Enter your bank account details in which you want the person you’re selling to pay

Follow the instructions to receive your payment and click on receive payment for the btc to be release to the buyer.

Whether you’re buying bitcoin or ethereum on remitano, or you’re selling any of the cryptocurrency on the platform, it can be done less than five minutes, fast and quick.

Transaction fees on remitano

Transaction fees is transparent, make sure you check how much you’d be charged when carrying out a transaction on the remitano cryptocurrency platform.

Trading Security:

There are two major trading security measures on remitano to ensure a secure trading, viz:

Reputation System – The reputation rank of each trader is made public; this includes their trade history, how fast they complete their transaction, and how a seller has been rated by a buyer.

Escrow – When any user-buyer or seller-opens up a transaction, Remitano Escrow Service hold the funds until either buyer or seller performs his own part.

My trading experience on remitano

I had smooth trading on remitano. However, ensure that your btc wallet address is correct before sending it to the vendor you’re buying from. Once transaction is executed on the blockchain, it’s irreversible.

Remitano vendors are responsive to trade with.

Customer service:

Sometimes it takes longer time to respond to inquiry. When chatting with remitano support team, stick to one ticket, that is when you opened a chat with one of the online support team, be patient till he/she responds to your inquiry. Opening two or multiple chats at a time is likely to get the support team confused.

Trade responsibly, cryptocurrency investment is volatile. Don’t invest what you can’t lose (CHECK OUR CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT ADVICE HERE)

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