Visa Lottery Application to Canada is not REAL

Last updated on November 24th, 2018 at 06:53 am

We’ve got messages asking us two questiond: 1) s Canadian Visa Lottery Application real or a scam?

2) Does Canada’s government immigration office have visa lottery programme like USA?

We’ve got you covered in this post to expose some of the tricks employed by online scammers to get your details with the aim of using same to defraud you of your hard earned money.

Pattern of Canadian visa lottery application fraud

We have stumbled upon several Canadian visa lottery gimmicks on the internet, but the most recent and widely spread one in Nigeria at the moment is on WhatsApp, the most used messaging app in the country.

“Since the beginning of 2018, more than 30 of my friends have sent a WhatsApp message to me about 2018 Immigration Lottery to Canada. I knew that the message must have emanated from an unscrupulous dubious person,” one of the recipients of the message told us.

The message read thus:

“Registration in the Immigration Lottery to Canada 2018. The easiest way to migrate to Canada If you wish to apply and register for Canadian immigration, access this website and register with the Canadian Immigration 2018 program from here:

Clicking on the website what you see is “Welcome Registration in Canada Lottery” and a three separate pages registration form.

You’re asked to indicate your age range, if you’ve got children or not, if you have visited Canada before and subsequently directed to fill your full name, country, city, and phone number.

When that’s done, you’re congratulated that you’ve been successfully registered, but that’s not all. This is where I suspect foul play and hidden motives behind the originator fraudulent message.

It’s either he’s using “Canada visa lottery” to get traffic or targeted at making people click on a particular advertisement on the website, or targeted at getting your personal details (RED FLAG!)

Why Canadian Visa Lottery 2018/2019 (on winprize) is a Scam?

First, we looked at the url: and suspected something is wrong. What we did: we removed the category /Canada/ and entered into a search engine


It took us to another website which is completely in Arabic language. Also, if you stayed too much on the homepage it automatically takes you to another website.

Don’t waste your time on the platform applying for a non-existent Canadian  visa lottery. Canadian Immigration Office doesn’t have or run visa lottery programme like the United States.

Gaining entry into Canada is purely on FREE application on the website whether through the Express Entry or other immigration options available.

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We even took a step further to translate the Arabic into English, see photo of what we got below:

Second, you’re told that “You have only one step left to get Your tracking code”, but that won’t be possible until you rebroadcast the message to at least 30 people on WhatsApp.

“Click the green button below and send the message to 30 people or groups on WhatsApp to send you a tracking code in a message on your whatsapp”

Genuine Canadian Immigration opportunities would NEVER mandate you to send a particular message to others before you have access to apply, “Once the message has been successfully posted, click on the Submit Tracking Code button”

If you tried to get a tracking code before rebroadcasting the message, “Your tracking code will not be sent if the message is not posted”

That makes it suspicious!

Now let’s answer some of the questions you’ve been asking:

Is Canadian visa lottery programme real or it’s another scam?

To clear your doubt, Canadian government has never operated any kind of lottery since it started giving immigration privileges to nationals across the world. The only legal means of entering Canada is through its immigration programme.

Canada doesn’t have lottery similar to the United States government. Through USA lottery programme, thousands of Nigerians and other nationals across the world have immigrated into USA.

Sometimes in 2017 Canadian deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Lajos Arendas, warned Nigerians against falling for Canadian Visa Lottery scam.

“This is false information. In fact, the U.S used to have, and perhaps still do, but Canada does not have a visa lottery programme.

“As far as I know, it has never existed in Canada. At least, certainly not in my 24-year career. It looks like some people are spreading rumours, and these could be linked to a possible scam,” naij quoted him as saying.

In contrast to USA visa lottery, Canada has several immigration options through which people all over the world can relocate and work permanently in the country (if you meet the requirements). We have thousands of Nigerians who are now Canadian citizens, most of them went as skilled workers, students, and business-related.

So, Canadian visa lottery 2018/2019 is a scam, steer clear

What can I do if I’ve submitted my details on websites promoting Canadian visa lottery?

If you have submitted your personal information on such website, there are chances that the person behind the questionable lottery campaign uses it to send you unsolicited messages in the future.

You are likely to be directed to make payment into an account for your visa to be processed, please don’t pay into any account, it’s a SCAM!

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Canadian government doesn’t have lottery programme like USA, as such it will NEVER advertise what it doesn’t have; most importantly the existing Canadian Immigration programme isn’t even advertised on dubious means, and the embassy will never force you to send message to a certain number of people before you could get a non-existing visa tracking code.

If you are interested in immigrating and working in Canada, please check the official website of Canada to check the best immigration option for you.

Or check Our Complete Guide On The Simple Way To Relocate To Canada Through Immigration Express Entry from any part of the world (in as much you have the required).

Stay away from

You can apply for Canadian Immigration programme by yourself, but first you need to check if you’re qualified or not because the Canadian visa for everyone.

What is Canadian visa lottery website?

We urge you not to waste your time searching for Canadian visa lottery website because there is nothing like lottery programme in the history of Canada.

The only legitimate Canadian website where you can check your eligibility status is On this website you can simply check your eligibility status. The website provided here is where you can get real Canadian visa (fraud-free).

That website contains everything you need to know about immigrating to Canada (fraud-free), better still, if you think it might be tasking for you to digest the detailed information loaded on the Canadian government immigration website, you can check our guide as it outlines all the requirements in a concise way and which option suited for you.

We also urge you to steer clear of websites that are falsely and dubiously promoting 2018 Canadian visa lottery programme. At the last check, we found out that there’s even a free blogspot named canadavisalottery, please be careful on personal information you share on such blog or website.

What usually happens is:

When such originator knows that you’re desperate on entering Canada, he may begin to ask you to drop your email address or phone number for you to get update on how to migrate to Canada. Interestingly, Canadian government has made it simple without any intermediary for anyone to relocate to any part of Canada, if he meets the criteria and has not criminal record, and has no threatening medical conditions.

How can I get real Canadian visa (fraud-free)?

Yes. That’s why the government of Canada has a special dedicated website for that purpose.

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Go to the Canadian government immigration website and check the best immigration option for you, check if you are eligible, and begin to fill the form, providing accurate information of yourself, and you’re on the path of fulfilling your Canadian relocation dream.

I want to immigrate, live and work in Canada, but…

Similar to this is the latest $1, 000 UNESCO financial assistance being circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook. It’s taking the same pattern with the Canada’s visa lottery.

How can I spot a Canadian Immigration fraud?

Immigration scam has always been on for years, 419ners only change the mode operation, and this is how to know if a visa is a scam:

  1. Phishing email: This way, websites where you dropped your contact details in desperation to migrate may begin to send you email claiming to be from a certain immigration office (in response to your application). At the long run, you’re directed to make certain payment for your documents to be processed and sent (within a stipulated period). Please don’t make such payment.
  2. Phone call: Another way fraudsters use is by calling you. In fact some of them are located within your country, but they route their number to show Canadian prefix phone number, making you to believe that such call is from Canadian immigration office in Ontario. Note: You’ll never be called by Canadian government to make payment, and you will never be called to confirm certain information you earlier provided. WATCH OUT!
  3. Fake immigration website: Canada doesn’t operate any other immigration website aside (, if any other website is directing you to another website using hidden link, you can simply copy the link and paste into Google to check where it takes you. Don’t fill any immigration form on a fraudulent website.
  4. Job offer: In certain cases, scammers will send employment letter to you in advance, stating some irresistible juicy bonuses and condition of service. Sometimes you’re promised in such dubious employment letter that you’ll be paid $25 per hour (working for maximum of 8 hours a day). If you calculate that you find out that you’re on your way to financial freedom in a shortest possible time you arrive Canada. But it’s one of the tricky ways of making you pay blindly. Please don’t make such payment.
  5. Immigration lawyer and consultant: Some of those who call themselves immigration consultants are not real, better still they’ve been infiltrated by rogues.

Want to permanently migrate, live and work in Canada?

Check this guide:

How to immigrate to Canada from Nigeria

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    1. Hi please go through the article you’ll see a guide on how to apply by yourself. The guide contains the dedicated portal for Canadian immigration. For your type, Express Entry will be a good option for you.

      You’ll first create your CEE profile to be added to the pool, from there your could be invited to apply (ITA) based on your score.

      Check it out please. Creating Canadian Express Entry (CEE) profile is 100% free please.

      Let’s know if you need more assistance?

      All the best.

  1. bonjour à tous et à toutes; svp j’aimerai savoir si la lotterie canadienne existe? si oui! comment faire pour jouer? Merci Hugues.

    1. Bonjour,

      Oui, mais vous n’avez rien à faire, vous n’avez qu’à consulter le site Web de l’Immigration canadienne et à postuler. Votre demande dépend de vos compétences, de votre expérience ou si vous êtes un étudiant désireux de poursuivre ses études au Canada. Il y a différents programmes pour tout le monde.

      Nous travaillons sur tout article qui nous éclairera sur la façon de migrer au Canada … bientôt.

      En attendant, vous pouvez utiliser ce lien pour postuler. Cliquez sur le bouton VÉRIFIER VOTRE ADMISSIBILITÉ pour vérifier si vous pouvez immigrer au Canada.

      How to Immigrate to Canada (Complete Guide with Sample)

      Yes it does, but you don’t have to play anything, you only go to the Canadian Immigration website and apply. Your application depends on your skill, experience, or whether you are a student willing to further his or her education in Canada. There are different programmes for everyone.
      We are working on any article that sheds more light on how to migrate to Canada…coming soon.

      In the meantime you can use this link to apply And click on CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY button to check if you can immigrate to Canada

      How to Immigrate to Canada (Complete Guide with Sample)

    1. Hello Fatima,

      How to Immigrate to Canada (Complete Guide with Sample)

      You don’t really need anyone to handle this for you, you can apply within minutes by yourself. But you may have to wait till the service is available, “This online service will be unavailable from 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Eastern time, on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, in order to perform system maintenance.”

    1. Do you want to come to Canada, or extend your stay?

      Find out if you are eligible to apply

      Do you want to work, study, visit, travel through or live permanently in Canada?

      Answer a few questions to find out what immigration programs you can apply for. Each immigration program has different application and eligibility requirements. You will need about 10-15 minutes to complete the form.

      You may be asked questions about your:

      language ability
      family members
      work experience
      income and/or net worth
      details on any job offer

      Based on your answers, we will tell you what programs you may be eligible for, so be as accurate as you can.

      If you are eligible, we will give you a detailed list of instructions on what to do next.

      How to Immigrate to Canada (Complete Guide with Sample)

  2. must of my friends and family members send it to me, it was great at first time, but i do some research about that and i finally fall hear and i absolutely agree with this a Fake New like a children Jokes. Thank for your article it will help some peoples.

    1. If you’ve submitted your details on the website, please be on RED ALERT for any fraudulent messages of email.

      The person behind it has motives

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