NPower Batch B Device Distribution for 2016 Volunteers

NPower Batch B Device Distribution for 2016 Volunteers

Last updated on November 5th, 2018 at 01:20 pm

Distribution of the tablet devices for the batch B beneficiaries of N-power has kicked off in Lagos, South West Nigeria.

N-power in a message on its social media channels said that the distribution of devices would get to other states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“The distribution of the 2nd batch of N-Power devices has commenced. It commenced in Lagos and will spread out to other states shortly.

Please be patient, everyone will get their device. This applies ONLY to 2016 beneficiaries in the 2nd batch.”

Before the recruitment of over 500,000 Nigerian youths through the N-power job initiative was made public in 2016, Presidential Team on the Social Investment Programme (SIP) already has a template on which they’d be working with.

So plans were on ground to give out “N-powerment” devices to successful volunteers. And that led to the commissioning of nine tech firms to produce high-powered tablets for the volunteers. Unfortunately HP later pulled out.

But the remaining eight firms are capable hands having passed through integrity test of the social intervention presidential team.

The N-power volunteers, just like those who collected theirs in 2017, will be given different tablets by different makers.

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The device tablets include:

Samsung Galaxy Tab E,

Photo credit: npvn portal

AfriOne 2-in-1 Transformer,

Photo credit: NpowerNG facebook

Techno Droid 10,

Photo credit: npvn portal

Zinox Zpad tablet,

Floss Signatures,

Speedstar windows,

RLG tablet, and

Brian N-pad.

Phtot credit: npvn portal

3 thoughts on “NPower Batch B Device Distribution for 2016 Volunteers

  1. Please one of the npower 2016 beneficiary,am yet to collect December 2017 stipend and also yet to collect device.if anybody can see this help me to do something about it.thanks

    • Hello Oseni,

      Your December Salary: Please check your bank if there’s any problem from there, that’s if you’ve not been reported by the head of your PPA that you’ve not been coming to work. If you’re reported then your stipend may be withheld until you’re able to convince Npower through a letter with cogent reasons why you’ve not been coming.

      Issue of device: Please login to your NPVN portal to check when you’re scheduled for device collection. There are two batches.

      The first batch have collected while the second batch has kicked off in Lagos, if you’re in the second batch and not in Lagos, it’ll get to your state.

      But first login to your NPVN portal to check what message you have there.

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