Page-Level Ads Setup Guide (for WordPress& Blogger)

Page-Level Ads Setup Guide (for WordPress& Blogger)

Last updated on November 15th, 2018 at 08:52 am

Page-Level Ads by Adsense is a new way to display ad formats in order to monetize your content in a user-friendly way, so here is the guide on how to set up page-level ads on either WordPress or on Blogger.

But first…

Advantages of Page-Level Ads

  1. Page-level ads are easy and simple to set up because you only need to place the ad code on your pages once, using same ad code on each page.
  2. When the code is added, leave the rest for Adsense as ads will automatically show them (ads) at optimal times when there are chances they will perform well.
  3. Page-level ads are meant to improve users’ experience.
  4. They’re optimized. To ensure that you and your users get the most from this ad format, AdSense will only show Page-level ads when they’re likely to perform well and provide a good user experience.
  5. You’re in total control of the ads on your site: “Once you’ve added the ad code to your pages, you can turn individual Page-level ad formats on or off from the My ads tab in your AdSense account. The ad code remains the same, even when you change your Page-level ad settings.”
  6. It is optimized to help increase publishers’ revenue.
  7. Page-level ads works perfectly well on mobile-optimized sites, meaning the ads will not show on all types of mobile phone (screen size is a determinant).
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The formats are in two:

  • Vignette ads: These are mobile full-screen ads which appear between page loads on your site, however, your site visitor has the power to skip it any time. They’re displayed when the user leaves a page, rather than when they arrive on one, so the user doesn’t have to wait for them to load. They’re limited in number per user to maintain a good user experience.”
  • Anchor/overlay ads: These ads stick to the edge of the user’s screen “and are easily dismissible.” We love this most because it works in such a way that your site user can minimize the ads or click on the ^ sign to view it again.

How to set-up and activate Page-level ads on WordPress Site

Follow these steps to set up page-level ads on a wordpress blog:

Step 1:

Sign in to your AdSense account.

Step 2:

In the left navigation panel, click My ads.

Step 3:

Click Page-level ads, if this isn’t displaying you can click Content

Step 4:

On the “Page-level ads” page, use the controls to select which ad formats you’d like to show on your site.

Step 5:

Click on Get code

Step 6:

Login to your wordpress site and paste the code in the <head> tag (or at the top of the body) of each page that you want to show Page-level ads.

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Step 7:

Note: You can only use one of the methods below to paste your code in the <head> tag

There are two methods you can use to paste the code in the <head> tag 1) Theme header, 2) Install “Insert headers and footers”

To use the first method: In the left navigation dashboard of your blog, click on Appearance>Editor>and look through options by your right handside and click on ‘Theme header’ you can press Ctrl+F (<head>) and paste your code and save.


If you can’t figure out the No.1 method, another simple method is by installing Insert Headers and Footers plugin.

In case you don’t have the plugin, click on Plugins>Add New, and search for the plugin, then activate it.

After activating the plugin, go to Settings, click “Insert Headers and Footers” and paste the code into the header section.

Click on save button to store your changes.

How to test if your page-level ads okay?

To test if your page-level ads are working perfectly well on your mobile device (click the ad format you want to test), use the preview tool (by adding #googleads to the end of your page’s URL) e.g

If you’re having problem displaying your Page-level ads Check Adsense Guide.

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How to set-up and activate Page-level ads on Blogger

Repeat stage 1 to 5 above

Stage 6:

Login to your blogger dashboard site, click on “Theme”>Edit HTML and paste the code in the <head> tag (or at the top of the body) of each page that you want to show Page-level ads.

Click save Theme.

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