Has FG handed over N-power to Gov. Rauf Aregbesola of Osun?

Has FG handed over N-power to Gov. Rauf Aregbesola of Osun?

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Definitely NO, and that will never happen, but Npower Nigeria now has an attribute similar to the administration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State: late payment of workers’ salary.

Mr. Aregbesolas government is synonymous with half salary (which is known as hafusa among residents of the state).

In Osun State, workers receive salary of a previous month at least 15 days into another month, a trend that has turned the state workers to debtors in their neighborhood.

N-power Nigeria on the other hand started on a good note, salaries were paid regularly, sometimes three or four days before the end of the month. It was getting kudos from Nigerians, even opposition praised the programme.

NpowerNG has now gained an inspiration from Osun State government led by Rauf. We’re not particularly surprised if that happens.

Research conducted by infobase team revealed that N-power volunteers got their December 2017 salary by 22.

But it seems that has changed in 2018. Federal Government released their January salary on February 15, while February salary is yet to be paid, report we got from some of the beneficiaries say.

NpowerNG-FG attributed the late payment of January stipend to some challenges and pleaded to the beneficiaries to be patient in a terse communiqué on its social media channel in February.

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“Your stipend is your right for work done, and we wish to reassure you that we don’t not take you for granted.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We are working assiduously to fix this, N-power said.

But at the time of publishing this article (March 7, 2018) beneficiaries of the programme are yet to receive their February stipend.

The delay has instigated volunteers to take to the social media channels again calling on the government to release their N30, 000 monthly stipend.

This time, the management of the job initiative programme is yet to react to why February salary is still being delayed, several chats directed to them on twitter and Facebook have been neglected.

N-power has rather diverted its attention to the distribution of working tools and kits to N-Build beneficiaries.

“I only get angry when things are done the wrong way. Dearest Npower team, must the volunteers consult the Chief priest (Ifa priest etc) and beg you people (N-power) before you pay them at the end of each month?

Does it mean the month of February has not ended in your calendar? one of the volunteers asked.”

With the continuous delay of monthly stipend of NpowerNG volunteers, one might likened N-power Nigeria mode to salary payment to Osun State Government, which is notorious for its half and salary payment at will.

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N-power programme is one of the biggest achievements of the current administration led by All progressive party, APC.

The 2017 preselected final list is still pending, which made one of the applicants to ask if N-power has crashed.


Will APC consolidate on the success of  its social investment programme or it’s on its way to failure as other FG job initiative programmes failed?

How are you coping with non payment of salary in your PPA? Let’s have views

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