You are no more a “Honourable Minister” House of Reps tells Dr. Kayode Fayomi

You are no more a “Honourable Minister” House of Reps tells Dr. Kayode Fayomi

Trending right now is the threat of Nigeria’s House of Representatives to remove the political title of “honourable minister” from Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Minister of Mines and Steel Development.

The House of Representatives said Thursday that having passed a vote of no confidence on him, it would no longer accord him the recognition of addressing him as ‘honorable minister.”

The lawmakers are not happy with the former governor for disobeying the powerful lower chamber.

The removal of the title doesn’t stop Fayemi from carrying out his duties as a minister of the Federal Republic.

Nigerian politicians place much priority to political titles like distinguished senators, honourable, his excellency etc.

Anyone who wants to be in good book of the politicians will have to add the applicable title when addressing them.

The lawmakers noted that in other climes, passing a vote of no confidence in a minister was enough grounds for the President to sack him, adding that the House did not need to stress it.

In a resolution in Abuja, the House observed that Fayemi’s decision to engage PricewaterhouseCoopers, a “globally discredited” firm, to conduct a technical audit on Ajaokuta Steel Company, meant that he was bent on concessioning the firm.

To stop Fayemi, the House proposed to amend the Privatisation Act immediately by expunging ASC from the list of public assets in the schedule that can be privatised or concessioned by the Federal Government.

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It also sought to further amend the Act by removing the powers of the National Council on Privatisation as the authority to decide on which firms should be on the schedule.

There is no official reaction from Dr. Fayemi at the time of publication.

Relationship between the executives and the federal legislators has been smoothly zig-zagged in recent time.

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