Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review: Improved camera and CPU better than previous series

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review: Improved camera and CPU better than previous series

Samsung Galaxy S8+ was a great smartphone with a beautiful design, but its Galaxy S9 Plus is some steps ahead of its previous products in the same series.

The new Samsung S9+ comes with a better camera, brighter AMOLED display, snappier CPU and better beautiful design outlook that makes it look great with the sleek metal design.

Let’s take a quick look at some of it’s major specifications:S

  • Superb-in-class screen
  • Lag free performance
  • Smsung phones have always being great when it comes to camera/photo quality, S9+ gives yet more impressive camera performance
  • Pemium and durable design
  • Smarter Bixby

This smartphone is a bit expensive:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ in Nigeria: N320,000

Kenya: 110,000KSh

Ghana: 3,999 GHS

A new Galaxy S9 starts at $720, while the Galaxy S9 plus starts at $840, depending on the carrier you buy from.

Bixby button still haunts

With a brighter screen, better camera hardware, new chipset, improved audio, and repositioned fingerprint scanner for better handling, Samsung S9+ isn’t just a smartphone but all in one phone with incredible features.

So what has really changed since Samsung released Galaxy S8+ and the Note 8?
First, let’s look at the Design. The new Samsung is refined and much more practical than last year’s Galaxy phones.

With that minor changes in Galaxy S9+ makes it much more comfortable to use.
Bottom line: The design still looks great.


Samsung Galaxy S9+ is heavier than S8+ , but that doesn’t make it a load. Still handy and easy to carry.

Fingerprint scanner:

The fingerprint scanner of the Samsung S9+ now rests beneath the camera module, to us at infobase, it is in a more convenient place to unlock the handset in everyday usage.

Even though your index finger covers the camera lens sometimes, yet unlocking the handset isn’t going to pose any problem.

Location of Bixby Button

Bixby button still rests at the left edge just adjacent to the volume rockers, you are likely to have slight challenges while you stream a video and try to lower down the volume levels.

Resistance to water damage

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review
Photo source: cnet

This isn’t Samsung first in this regard, its previous Galaxy S handsets are IP68 rated and can resist the damage from water and dust to a good extent.

You are definitely going to enjoy this feature in the new Samsung S9+ which is available in Lilac Purple and Coral Blue colors.

Screen size:

The new Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a phone to have as its 6.2-inch Super AMOLED ‘Infinity Display’ gives you the best you want in screen of a phone.

This smartphone is brighter than the last year’s Galaxy handsets and gives more brightness in direct sunlight than the iPhone X, which uses Samsung made OLED panel.

Reading texts and streaming videos outdoors right here in Nigeria didn’t pose any difficulty, even under the harsh sun in southwest part.

We don’t really know if those at the northern part will have difficulty using it in the sun, as the weather is harsher in that part of Nigeria than other parts.


ith a resolution of 2,960×1440 pixels scattered in 18.5:9 aspect ratio, this smartphone is a phone other makers will have to work hard to beat.

When you get a staggering 529ppi then watching videos, texts, and images look crisp and sharp on this Samsung S9+.

The display is HDR10 compliant with such a colorful screen that aid productivity, multimedia playback and reading.


What you are going to get in the Samsung S9+ camera include:

-dual-aperture technology which is a big boost to the low-light camera performance.

-dual-lens camera which makes it to capture better low-light images than any other Galaxy smartphone.

-‘Dual Aperture’ which works in the range of ‘F1.5 / F2.4′ and automatically lets in more light when it’s dark and less light when it’s too bright. The F/1.5 aperture- which is world’s first on a smartphone camera gives S9+’s camera the ability to let in 28% more light and reduce noise levels by using 4-frame image stacking technology to deliver better looking dim and low-light shots.

Crisp images with impressive Dynamic Range

When in daylight, the images show vibrant colors and amazing dynamic range as the Auto HDR kicks in at the right time. As the camera works on the brighter F/1.5 aperture, I was expecting some overexposure here but the camera’s settings and snappy shutter speed prevented any overexposed shots. In a nutshell, the images shot on bright sunny days are super impressive and full of fine details.


The hardware come in the form of latest Exynos 9810 chipset, which is Samsung’s in-house octa-core processor, paired with an 18-core Mali-G72 GPU to handle graphical intensive tasks. Galaxy S9 will have 4GB of RAM, whereas Galaxy S9+ will use 6GB of RAM to handle multitasking with an expandable memory of up to 400GB with a microSD card.

Battery backup

This new Samsung smartphone is built with 3,500 mAh, we expected it to be more than that anyway. A multi functioning smartphone like S9+ needs a more powerful battery.

But don’t you worry, Galaxy S9+ has been improved in terms of quick charge.


With better audio and AR Emojis, Samsung Galaxy S9+ will remain one of the best smartphones in Samsung series through 2018.

In a nutshell, Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the best value for money and performance driven big screen Android smartphone your money can buy today in the Nigerian, Kenyan and Ghanaian markets.

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