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Immigration Increases to Atlantic Canada, but are they staying?

A new research project has revealed that efforts are in top gear to make the immigrants who came through Provincial Nominee Programmes to permanently stay in Atlantic Canada.

We’ll show you how to find out if you are eligible to move to Canada through provincial nominee.

Lately, immigration to Atlantic Canada has increased, but that’s not enough, a new research project wants to ensure newcomers stay.

Provincial Nominee Programs (known as Provincial Nomination) is one of immigration options for foreign nationals from across the world to relocate and work in Canada.

Other immigration options include: Express Entry, Family Sponsorship, Business and Investment, Quebec Smiled Worker Programme, In-Home Caregiver Programme, Humanitarian and Compassionate, and Citizenship.

Express Entry has always been the most popular means through which which skilled workers immigrate to Canada, but the latest research has shown that Provincial Nomination is now responsible for substantial growth in immigration to the region.

According to the report, Nova Scotia welcomed 4,515 new permanent residents in 2017, compared to New Brunswick’s 3,650, PEI’s 2,350 and Newfoundland and Labrador’s 1,170.

Coming through the Provincial Nomination Programme is no longer the issue, “The critical issue that now faces provinces in the Atlantic region is getting immigrants to stay,” CIC news report.

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Why immigrants are leaving Atlantic Region

Some of the reasons why immigrants leave the region include:
1) Better job prospects
2) Educational opportunities in bigger cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
3) Aspirations for more broader access to cultural amenities
4) Access to ethnic communities in cosmopolitan cities.
5) Immigrants want an environment in which they are likely to feel at home.

The Atlantic region isn’t a bad place anyway, but every human wants more good things and a better standard of living in his new environment. Immigrants get to know more about Canada when they get there,thereby making them to ask for more.

How to make them stay in the region?

For improving the likelihood that immigrants will stay in Canada’s Atlantic provinces, seven recommendations have been offered:

1. Actively promote Atlantic Canada’s unique advantages to prospective immigrantsPromote Atlantic Canada’s low cost of living, quality of life and availability of good settlement services.

2. Build on supports for employers
Engage employers in ways to help them recruit and develop the types of workers they need. Provide them with better support to use the available immigration system.

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3. Help families and community networks attract immigrants
Attract immigrants with connections to family or ethnic communities in the region in order to develop local critical masses of newcomers.

4. Proactively recruit established entrepreneurs to Atlantic Canada
Improve entrepreneurial pathways by more selectively recruiting and nurturing a small number of candidates with established records of success.

5. Create opportunities for international students to work during and after their studies
Streamline the pathway to permanent residence for international students by making it easier to work when they are in school, and immediately after graduation.

6. Ensure necessary settlement services and immigrant supports
Provide settlement agencies in each province with adequate resources to meet current needs and the flexibility to respond to sudden changes. Restaffing IRCC offices in Atlantic Canada and having a regional coordinator would help connect regional and provincial immigration efforts and the federal government.

7. Expand welcoming community initiatives
Reinforce public awareness of the benefits of immigration, empower communities to be welcoming and provide opportunities for newcomers to connect with locals by building on existing resources, infrastructure and success stories in provinces.

Implementing the above recommendations, according to the new report, will ensure that the Atlantic region doesn’t face workforce shortage in the years ahead.

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