Osinbajo should keep quiet on corruption, PDP Spokesman says

Osinbajo should keep quiet on corruption, PDP Spokesman says

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Peoples’ Democratic Party has said that the present ruling party lacked the moral to accuse the past administration of corruption charges, saying “with due respect to the office of the vice president and his person, I think Professor Osinbajo should keep quiet.”

“We are challenging them that the corruption money they are shouting about was used to bring them into government.”

National Publicity Secretary of PDP Kola Ologbondiyan stated this Wednesday, March 29, 2018, on Politics Today, a Channels TV’s political update and analysis hosted by Seun Okinbaloye.

Ologbondiyan was reacting to corruption allegations made by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo against the former ruling party at the 10th Bola Tinubu Colloquium held in Lagos.

“Why are they always on a blame game? Why are they looking back consistently? Why can they come up at Asiwaju Bola Hammed Tinubu Colloquium and tell Nigerians almost three years that we’ve done this and that? All they do is to come back and say oohin the last 10 years of PDP, for the last 16 years of PDP. Is that what Nigerians want?”

Vice President , Prof . Yemi Osinbajo , and the national leader of the All Progressives Congress , Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, at the event had said they “will continue to talk about the corruption perpetrated under the President Goodluck Jonathan’ s administration.”

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Osinbajo, who described corruption as an existential problem for Nigeria, said, “ The corruption of the previous five years destroyed the economy. ”

“ They say don’ t talk about it . What should we talk about ? If we are not talking about it , then what is the lesson to Nigerians ?” Tinubu said .

He said that the former ruling Peoples Democratic Party wasted the nation ’ s resources when production was at maximum.

Thanking Nigerians for their patience with the present administration, Tinubu said ; “I am happy that President Buhari has saved the ship from wreckage . ’’

“ We are re- directing Nigeria. We have a nation to rescue and thank God we have a good leader to emulate. ’’

But PDP believes that APC is making too much noise about corruption instead of focusing on programmes that would better the standard of living of the generality of Nigerians, who voted them in the 2015 General Elections.

When asked about the veracity of the high level of corruption that ravaged Goodluck Jonathan’s regime, Ologbondiyan said:

“The professor of law who is the vice president should know what to do. If he believes that certain persons in the Peoples’ Democratic Party have corrupt allegation against them. That’s not enough to face camera to begin banging figures.”

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He said the ruling party should specifically name corrupt persons in the former ruling party, and charge them to court rather than labelling the PDP as being entirely corrupt.

” The vice president should name the corrupt people during the administration of PDP, and follow the legal way.

“As far as we are concerned in the PDP, until the vice president named those whose are corrupt you don’t expect us to begin to respond to rumour and figures that are not verifiable.”

When asked about cases against members of PDP in court , the opposition publicity secretary asked, “How many of them have been charged?

“This government is merely engaging in media trial ,nothing more. Don’t forget that the PDP established all the anti-corruption agencies in the country. The peopless’ Democratic Party remains the only party in our modern democracy that have tried its members for corruption charges.

“It is therefore not enough for the vice president to come up and claim PDP stole everything. If they are searching for those who stole money ,if they are searching for corrupt people, they should look inward.

“APC should name the people that stole them,” PDP spokesman said.

Since APC assumed office in 2015, it has dwelled more on the level of corruption in the last administration of PDP.

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As the 2019 General Elections draw near, political commentators believe that the ruling party should channel its efforts to what it has done and how it can consolidate on them rather than focusing on what happened in the past administration.

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