N-power 2017 Final List: Why is FG silent about it?

N-power 2017 Final List: Why is FG silent about it?

Last updated on May 31st, 2018 at 09:12 pm

Hope is high over N-power 2017 final list, but it seems the second batch is taking more time than the first batch of the initiative in 2016

It’s almost 100 days since the second batch of N-power job initiative programme went through physical verification at various location centres across Nigeria, yet they are yet to know their faith.

The second batch of applicants are 300,000 to complement the already 200,000 on ground as volunteers at government institutions across the country.

The exact date of final list is unknown as N-power team is silent about it on Facebook, twitter, Nairaland, and on Instagram.

N-power’s silence has made some applicants to conclude that the final list “might be doctored” or politically delayed towards electioneering campaign period.

The 2016 first batch of the programme was done based on qualification rather than than political, and religious affiliations.

Several PDP members are beneficiaries of the programme, making it the first free and fair recruitment exercise ever carried out by a Nigerian government.

Government jobs were meant for those who were well “connected” to those at the corridor of powers.

For instance, Nigerian Custom Service has not placed vacancy ads for years, yet officers retire every year, while we confirmed that new recruits were done “underground” every year.

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This kind of practice cuts across all government agencies.

Even though N-power is a two-year programme, some beneficiaries have judiciously used their 30,000 Nigerian Naira salary to start small business.
While a large number of others are finding it hard to make savings, “due to huge family responsibilities” coupled with the value of the monthly salary in Nigerian markets.

N-power 2017 vs N-power 2016

In 2016 when government announced its intention to engage 500,000 young Nigerian graduates, Nigerians paid little attention to the programme.

“Dem dem” is a common slogan when it comes to government jobs. “Dem dem” means you have to be connected.

As result of how things were done in the past, a few people applied compared to what was obtained in 2017.

During the 2017 application, millions of youths applied. It was overwhelming. And the recruitment team had huge task pruning the list to 300,000

The youths had been neglected for a very long time. They roam the streets with their academic certificates finding non existent jobs.

In a bid to inculcate entrepreneurial skills among them, entrepreneurship course was introduced in university curriculum.

Sadly, they were not financially empowered to put into practice what they were thought in the entrepreneurship classes.

When will the N-power 2017 final list be released?

“Very soon”, ” stay tuned to our social media handles” have been some of the responses from N-power team whenever applicants asked questions.

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Our final thought:

We understand how tedious it could be handling such a huge number, ranging from checking if applicants are already engaged, but we hope the Federal Government plays the fair game as we witnessed in the 2016 selection process.

The social investment programme (SIP) is one of the cardinal success of the the Buhari/Osinbajo government. And they are always eager to talk about it at any public discussions.

Are you one of the 2017 applicants? Share your experiences with us.

Infobase have been following closely the N-power programme since inception and we are ready to give you more details as they happen in the programme.


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