How Nigerians use US Visitor’s Visa to seek asylum in Canada

Why Nigerians Get Visa Deny at Embassies

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Last updated on October 3rd, 2018 at 09:15 pm

Canadian authorities have discovered new tactics used by some Nigerians who have valid visitor’s visa for the United States to seek asylum in Canada.

The Government of Canada is worried about the situation after the interception of more than 7,000 people by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police so far in 2018 after crossing into Canada at unofficial entry points.

This also include another 2,500 who crossed into Quebec in April, majority of whom have been Nigerians with a valid visitor’s visa for the United States.

Canada has been, for more than a decade, on the top five countries Nigerians aspire to relocate to for greener pastures.

Aspiring and over anxious Nigerians have been duped in the process. At a time it’s rumoured that Canada opened its portal for visa lottery, which wasn’t true, and Canadian immigration office issued a statement denouncing such claim by some dubious individuals.

What is Canadian Government doing to stop illegal immigration?

Since the discovery of new tactics used by some immigrants, majorly Nigerians, Canada’s ministers of immigration, public security and transportation are putting measures in place so as to ensure that U.S. travel visas aren’t being abused.

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On top of that strategies are:

1) Assigning of three Canadian officials to help U.S. visa officers in the Nigerian commercial capital city of Lagos.

2) Official visit by the Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Ahmed Hussen, to discuss the issue with Nigeria’s government representatives.

The federal ministers reiterated their commitment to continue to adhere to international conventions and offer asylum to those fleeing persecution and war, but pointed out that there won’t be “a free ticket to Canada.”

“As a matter of due process, asylum seekers are required to prove their claim for protection. Those who cannot do so become inadmissible and will be removed,” said Canada’s Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale.

What about asylum seekers already in Canada?

IRCC said it had accelerated the processing of work permits to 30 days to minimize the amount of time new claimants spend on social assistance.

IRCC also said progress was being made on a new triage system that will expedite the transfer of asylum claimants who do not wish to remain in Quebec to their final destinations.

According to CIC News, Hussen said he expects the backlog of asylum cases will be eliminated by 2019.

Canada’s Border Security

The federal government has committed $173.2 million over the next two years to strengthen border security and speed up the processing of asylum claims made in 2018-2019. The current processing time for claims is around 20 months.

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The current unlawful twisting of asylum seeking by immigrants mean the government may have to spend more to further consolidate on its border security.

This means that efforts must be intensified so as to deter other immigrants from using the border for illegal entry.

This also means that US and Canadian governments put measures in place in order to limit number of who can claim asylum at official border crossings between the two countries.

Is there internal conspiracy?

No official statement whether some immigration officials or immigration agents could be the fake asylum seekers’ guide.

We however know that the government will try its best so that the real asylum seekers aren’t given the privilege.

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