Will Cryptocurrency Adverts appear in Russia 2018 Stadiums?

Will Cryptocurrency Adverts appear in Russia 2018 Stadiums?

One question I’ve asked myself severally is: will the organising committee of the 2018 FIFA World Cup allow cryptocurrency adverts  show at all the Russian Stadiums that will be playing host to the largest soccer tournament?

Over the last couple of months crypto enthusiasts have had to battle with different cryptocurreny  advertisements.

While some of the adverts ended up derailing some newbie in the crypto world, some investors or business owners have lost millions of US dollars in the process.

Advertisements play a major role in product exposure and patronage, that’s one of the reasons inventors of new coin, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), paid HUGE attention to placing cryptocurrency adverts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google through its Adwords.

Facebook, particularly, have been used largely for cryptocurrency ads because of its user base. Over two billion users isn’t a joke. If you’re able to reach 5 percent of that number in Ads, and able to convert 2 percent of your reach, then you’ll have different stories to tell as a business.

Russia 2018 World Cup and Cryptocurency Adverts

Something that easily unite the World irrespective of race, religion, financial status and color is soccer. That’s why Russia 2018 is going to be another arena for the entire world to unite again.

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Russian 2018 World Cup  is less than a month from today (May 18). The tournament will kick off June 14 through July 15.

One thing I’ve noticed since bitcoin boom, which led to the emergence of over a thousand altcoin (ethereum, litecoin, bitcoincash, ripple, monero etc), is that ICO ads fight for space on Google Adwords, on Facebook, even on cryptocurrency market listing firms, and trading platforms.

Why will ICO owners target Russia 2018 World Cup?

Unarguably, Russia 2018 World Cup is going to be another target for sponsors of cryptocurrency adverts.

The reason behind their target is simple. Hosting on European soil, a continent that has super innovative in blockchain technology after Asia.

Russia 2018 World Cup’s 64 matches will be played at 12 stadiums in 11 cities, the least has 35, 000 seat capacity.

Luzhniki Stadium

Located in the city of Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium can house 81,000 people. It’ll be playing host to the tournament’s round of 16, semi-final and the final on July 15.

The mention of this stadium will instantly make fans of Manchester United and Chelsea recollect the 2008 Champions League final those two clubs contested in 2008.

Interestingly there are six European countries in the group games at Luzhniki Stadium: Russia (Europe), vs Saudi Arabia, Germany (Europe) vs Mexico, Portugal (Europe) vs Morocco, Denmark (Europe) vs France (Europe).

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Take a look at other venues and their capacity:

  • Spartak Stadium: 45,360
  • Kazan Arena: 45,379
  • Samara Arena: 45,568
  • Mordovia Arena: 44,442
  • Rostov Arena: 45,000
  • Fisht Stadium: 47,659
  • Ekaterinburg Arena: 35,696
  • Volgograd Arena: 45,568
  • Nizhny Novgorod Stadium: 44,899
  • Kaliningrad Stadium: 35,212
  • Saint Petersburg Stadium: 68,134

And what about millions of other football fans that will be watching from their home around the world?

Europe and Cryptocurrency

Since the 2018 World Cup will be holding on European soil, it’s going to be interesting to watch Cyptocurrency Adverts since most audience will be coming from Europe.

“World cup incoming in few weeks, it’s going to be very interesting to watch this kind of ads ! Most audience comes from Europe, so I expect more European impact,” a redditor, Boubou87 stated.

I’m not big football fan, but I’ve seen crypto ads in some of the European football matches.

Does Cryptocurrency like bitcoin and other popular coin need ads?

When Facebook resolved to stop crypto ads on its platform January this year, some digital coin analysts believed that the ban wouldn’t affect bitcoin in anyway. They pointed out that bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and other popular coins do not need adverts, “only new coins do.”

Some redditors call for caution:

“Just like the dot com bubble. When you see this in a football stadium you know shit is about to burst. Why not advertise MOMA in football stadiums? Would fit just as well,” Galacticrock says.

To NigelClutterbuck, some ICOs could end up being a scam, “It’s yet another scam. We will never see ads for the real currency.”


“It’s the same story happened with Binary Option 10years ago.Brokers started to put Adv everywhere and million people fall in their trap.Because let’s talk clear, cryptocurency and blockchain are a good way to invest money for those people who know how to invest, unfortunately there are people that just don’t care about investment they think to make their lifechange win, but the only winners in that case are brokers and exchanges.”

What’s the future of Cryptocurrency during and after Russia 2018?

Whether Russia 2018 allow cryptocurrency adverts on stadium or not, I’m optimistic that Blockchain technology will dominate the World one day, investors must however be wary of coin that’s being advertised.

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