Kenyan officials to undergo lie detector test amid corruption

Kenyan officials to undergo lie detector test amid corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya said top officials in the country would henceforth undergo a lie detector test as part of his administration zero tolerance to corruption.

He said the lie detector test would determine employee “integrity”, and one of the measures put in place to deal with corruption in Kenya.

Kenyatta spoke after the anti-corruption agency in the country confirmed that 8bn Kenyan shillings had gone missing.

Over 40 to civil servants have been arrested and are facing charges over the alleged theft.

Earlier in the week, infobase reported that there was high level of corruption in Kenya, where billions of Kenyan shilling was allegedly diverted via the National Youth Service (NYS).

Report from Kenya said the theft was perpetrated through fake invoices and multiple payments.

National Youth Service (NYS) is one of the key areas of Kenyatta’s plan reduce unemployment among youths in Kenya.

The president is taking corruption issue seriously, just like his Nigeria’s counterpart, because anti-corruption was part of his campaign promises in 2013.

The multi-million dollar scandal was brought to fore by suppliers who had not been paid.

“Let me now mention just one part of a raft of measures that we intend to implement to tackle corruption,” he said during the country’s 55-year Independence celebration.

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His stance and comment on corruption is similar to Muhammadu Buhari’s ,”if we don’t kill corruption now, corruption will kill us.”

Kenyatta: “corruption in our country before it fully destroys us and the future of our children”.

“As an initial step, all heads of procurement and accounts in government ministries, departments [and] agencies… will undergo fresh vetting, including polygraph testing to determine their integrity and suitability.

“Those who fail the vetting will stand suspended,” he said.

Like Nigeria, corruption in Kenya has been institutionalised and heads of both countries are not taking the fight against corruption with levity.

Billions of US Dollars have been recovered by the Buhari’s administration since he came to power in 2015.

The success of the lie detector in Kenya may encourage other African countries fighting corruption to adopt the same method.


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