N-power May Salary (for 2016 batch) PAID

N-power May Salary (for 2016 batch) PAID

We’ve just been informed that N-power May salary of volunteers for the first batch of 2016 has started coming , one of Npower beneficiaries who received a bank alert told us a while ago.

N-power May salary makes it 18 months of uninterrupted monthly stipends from the President Buhari-led administration.

By our calculation, a volunteer of the  first batch has gotten more than N500,000 from the N-power job initiative programme.Npower may salary

Amt: 29,459.00 CR
Avail Bal: 320, 087″

“I can’t stop thanking N-power and the the FG for liberating me from abject poverty. To some the money may be small, but to me it’s huge and I’ve started my own small business from the monthly stipends,” a volunteer who simply identified him as Solomon said.

N-power programme since its commencement has changed the fortune of so many Nigerians, particularly those who had small business.

According to one of the volunteers in Oriade Local Government who doesn’t want her name mentioned stated that N-power has changed her life.

“We do shifting at my Place of Primary Assignment at a community health centre, I stay in my chemist shop whenever I’m off.

” From my N-power salary I save at least N20, 000 monthly which I’ve used to buy more pharmaceutical products, today I make more sales because my shop is located at student environment, “ she said.

On how she was able to save N20,000 monthly, she said,”I’ve been managing before N-power came like carrying drugs in bag to sell from one street to another.

“N-power boosted my morale, I opened a shop from my savings, and I’m today an entrepreneur. Thank you to N-power.

N-power testimonies can be found in every six geopolitical zones of Nigeria even though the job programme lasts for two years.

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There may be lapses, and indeed officials of Social Investment Programme (SIP) accepted that there are lapses, but the success of the programme supersedes.

Meanwhile, N-power 2017 second batch will be deployed very soon, one of our sources at N-power headquarters told infobase.

We’ll keep you updated.

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Details coming soon as we receive testimonies from across the country.

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  1. I have not receive my stipend too from Npower

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    Hello Kemi,please send complaint to NPOWER from within your npvn dashboard

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