2018 NYSC: Married PCM Document Upload Link

2018 NYSC: Married PCM Document Upload Link

This guide, “married PCM document upload link” is for prospective corps members who married and will love to be posted close to their family.


PCM can now login to their portal to print their Call Up letter: SEE THIS LINK HERE

It would be recalled that National Youth Service Corps on July 9 announced that it would open its portal for online registration portal for the 2018 Batch ‘B’ mobilisation exercise.

If your documents were rejected then your status as married would show rejected meaning your application to be posted close to your family had been disapproved by NYSC management.

Female married PCM: How to reupload your marriage documents and solve problem of married status rejected.

Here are some of the questions female married PCM are asking on nairaland:

My deployment status was disapproved on the grounds that my newspaper change of name was blurred and there’s no opportunity to re-upload my documents again. Please who knows what I should do next?

Check our guide below or use this link: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/DocumentUpload

“I am also having similar issue … I was part of the left over for batch a and I uploaded all the necessary document that was asked for married woman but not until I was told to reupload it again for the current batch registration … I am confused”

Don’t be confused, follow this guide Married PCM Document Upload Link and get things done before the portal closes.

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In a situation whereby NYSC rejected your marriage documents as a result of any of the following:

1) Blurred documents
2) Below the specified requirements
3) Irrelevant documents upload as a result of mistake etc

If your status reads: rejected it means your application as a married female PCM has not been approved, check the sample of an approved status below.

“Simply check the Concessional Deployment Approval Status(Marital)
Approval Status: Approved” (photo 1)married female PCM profile

Do the following to upload your marriage documents on your NYSC portal using Married PCM Document Upload Link

Step 1:
Login to your NYSC portal using your login details. And leave the window

Step 2:
Open a new window within the same browser, and copy and paste Married PCM Document Upload Link: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/DocumentUpload

The link above will take you directly to all the marriage documents you uploaded during registration.

(Photo 2)Married pcm document upload link

Step 3:
Head straight to the documents that were rejected, click on edit then upload a correct documents.

For this Married PCM Document Upload Link to work for you, your scanned documents should not be more than 200KG, if it’s large than that, it will be rejected, but do not worry, we have another solution.

If your using a pad or tablet phone, take a clear snap of the document, edit it, then go to www.picresize.com and upload your document, select the required size you want to reduce the its size .

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Please beware of fraud!

Ask your question if you are still finding it difficult to do. We are online 24/7

Note: our problem solving services are free, we do not and we will never ask you to pay. Disregard anyone parading himself as Infobase Team member asking you to pay something in exchange.

NYSC details on the 2018 Batch on July 9 read: 

All prospective corps members,”i.e Nigerians who have graduated from universities and mono/polytechnics both at home and abroad are to register for the mobilisation exercise between Tuesday, 10th July and 16th July, 2018.”

The statement gave a list of guidelines to help corp members with their registration.

Some of the guidelines include having a functional email address and Nigerian telephone numbers with which to register. “Such e-mail address and phone numbers must be maintained throughout the service year.

“For locally-trained graduates, only those whose names appear on the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists submitted by their institutions will have access to register on the NYSC portal

Foreign-trained prospective Corps Members should NOTE that ONLY those that graduated from accredited institutions are qualified for mobilization. Any foreign-trained prospective Corps Member who is in doubt of the accreditation status of his/her institution should approach the Federal Ministry of Education for verification.”

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Other guidelines can be found in the statement issued on the Facebook page on Monday.

10 thoughts on “2018 NYSC: Married PCM Document Upload Link

  1. Good day, please can my marital status be edited during revalidation? I was advised wrongly to put single instead of married and as a result was posted to a far place and I’m currently pregnant. What do you advice? Cos I want to do revalidation but dont want to waste my effort and time if there will be no way of correcting the marital status. Thank you

  2. All my uploaded married documents are clear except the utility bill which wasn’t that clear… the approval space is still pending. Can I have a problem with the not so clear utility bill?

  3. Concessional Deployment Approval Status(Marital)
    Approval Status: pending.please help, Mrs Victoria

    • Hello Mrs Enedubi,

      If it’s pending their no cause for alarm. It means Nysc is yet to check what you re-uploaded. In that case if they are satisfied with the documents they will approve it.

      Please be patient as you can’t do anything about it for now

  4. Good morning,my NYSC is still pending approval and I have submitted my married certificate and every documents requested by NYSC regarding my marital status.

  5. Please for married PCMs initially scheduled for BATCH A stream 2 but moved to BATCH B, all necessary uploads done as requested initially during the BATCH A registration, how can the marital status approval be tracked?

    • Hi Mrs Ibe,

      To know if your status has been approved, login to your NYSC portal using this link: https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc3/ResumePayment.aspx a pop message will come up please click on close it if you already read it.

      In your profile look for “Concessional Deployment Approval Status Marital” If your application has been approved you’ll see, “Approval Status: Approved”

      If you are not then you’d see “rejected” due to some reasons that include blurred documents which you can rectify. Please check our photo 1 above. We’ve have just enlarged the photo for clearity.

      Any other question, please lets us know. Or you contact NYSC using any of the below phone numbers:

      1 MTN 08147869429
      2 MTN 09038034460
      3 MTN 08102790538 MESSAGES ONLY
      4 ETISALAT 08092142661
      5 ETISALAT 08092142614
      6 ETISALAT 08092142616
      7 AIRTEL 07019190810 MESSAGES ONLY
      8 AIRTEL 07019190812
      9 GLO 07056726960
      10 GLO 07056726961
      11 AIRTEL 08089244741  
      12 MTN 08064324023  
      13 ETISALAT 09092989929
      Or Email: nyscsupport@nysc.org.ng

  6. Your Comment Here …Good day, I did as you suggested because I wasn’t approved due to blurred newspaper, its more than 48hours and my approval status hasn’t changed it. Registration ends today, what do I do?

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