Bureau De Change in Osogbo, Osun State: Exchange Dollar to Naira

Bureau De Change in Osogbo, Osun State: Exchange Dollar to Naira

Bureau De change in Osogbo, Osun State, where you can exchange dollar to naira is located at Sabo Area, FIND THE DIRECTION and CONTACT DETAILS.

Converting your dollar to naira in Osogbo, Osun State, can be tasking if you’re a visitor, or someone who is having to exchange foreign currency to Nigerian Naira for the first time.

Unlike Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Ibadan and other big cities where Bureau De Change can be found around banking environment and even around any business area, Osogbo isn’t like that.

The internet is a global village, as it is easily possible to exchange to naira some of the popular foreign currencies like US dollar, British Pounds, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar online.

But for the first time I had to exchange some dollars to naira in Osun State here in Osogbo, I went to GtBank, UBA and other banks I was turned back.

“We can only sell for you, we can not buy from you. Or collect foreign currency from you in exchange for local currency,”one of the staff members at Gtbank told me.

Meanwhile, from the expression of the man on foreign currency desk, he was ready to buy from me, but it seemed he was afraid of who I was.

He didn’t know me. He could not say whether I was from CBN Monitoring Unit. I approached liked five of them on different desks I was told the same thing.

Only one of them told me truth,”We are not permitted to buy dollars or any foreign currency from our customers. It is against CBN rules, but you can find your way round within here to sell. Talk to one those guys on foreign currency desk,” he advised.

He wasn’t ready to do that for me either. Who wanted to lose his job, anyway?

I knew I was wasting my time right there. All my google search took me no where except blank pages on some blogs.


Where can I exchange dollar to naira in Osogbo?

One thing is peculiar to big cities and towns in the southwest : Sabo Market. Yes, Sabo, where large number of Hausa from the northern part of Nigeria are concentrated.

Sabo Area or market is a place where you find virtually everything you want. And considering the fact that foreign currency exchange is particularly peculiar to the elites among the Hausas, I headed to Sabo Market, Osogbo, Osun State.

Since it is a place I am familiar with back in the days, I approached one of the young boys around, less than a minute I was taken to Bureau De Change with an office with a good touch.

And I exchanged my dollars to naira at Sabo Market.

Alhaji Salisu is the exchanger

Phone number: 08139263400

Exchange rate: N340 to $1.

In other black market rate, you could sell for N350 to $1, but considering the fact that Osogbo can not be compared with Lagos and Abuja, you may have no choice than to sell.

There are different bureau De change in big cities for you to compare prices and go for the highest bidder.

Direction to Burea De Change in Osogbo, Osun State

From the information I found on CBN accredited Burea De Change list, non was in Osogbo, Osun State at the time of filing this report.

Most of them were concentrated in Lagos. Lagos is understandable considering its business activities and the number of foreigners that enter the city every minute.

Since Bureau De Change in Osogbo is not listed you may find it hard locating one, but this is how to locate the dollar exchange agent in Osogbo.

1) If you are coming from Ogo-Oluwa, Post Office, Fakunle axis, take a bus going to Kola Balogun, tell the driver you would be alighting at Sabo Junction.

The junction is by your right hand side , trek towards AUD central mosque in Sabo Market, two shops before the mosque is the Bureau De Change office.

Its by the right while the mosque is by the left.

2) If you are coming through Oga-Oba, Oke-Baale/Ibokun junction axis, enter Sabo and alight in front of AUD central mosque, cross to your left to locate two shops ahead to find Alhaji Salisu Bureau De Change.

His exchange rate was N340/$1 at the time of filing this report. He also deals in Pounds Sterling.Bureau De Change In Osogbo-Osun state

Don’t be surprised that he bought at N340 compared to N350 you can find in other cities, some of the reasons include:

1) Monopoly:

He was the only one I found around that area. There could be other foreign currency buyers. I will continue to search and update this post to lesser the stress of other web users who might be searching for bureau De change in Osogbo, Osun State.

2) Quest to make profit:

We all do business with the aim of making profit. While he buys ,he goes to sell too, that is where he makes the little .

3) Risk involved:

One can make cool money from foreign exchange business within a shortest period of time if there are big time customers. But the risk is also huge.

If he bought at N340 to a dollar and dollar crashed to N250 against $1? Huge loss right?

If you’re exchanging your dollar to naira, pounds to naira or Euro to naira for the first time in Osogbo, Osun State, I hope Bureau De Change Alhaji Salisu would serve you that purpose.

You can also let us know any other bureau De change where you can exchange your foreign currency to Nigerian Naira in Osogbo, Osun State.

We would verify and update this post.

So what is the official exchange of dollar to naira in some of Nigerian banks?

Check the exchange rate below as at July 16, 2018, mind you some of the banks charge more, don’t be carried away by the official rate you see in their banking Hall.

You won’t know their exact exchange rate until you make purchase online using their MasterCard.

GtBank is mostly notorious for this act.

Access Bank Exchange Rate Today.

Dollar: 367.
Euro: 435.
Pounds: 505.
Canadian Dollar {CAD}: 285.

Zenith Bank Exchange Rate Today.

Dollar: 371.
Euro: 453.
Pounds: 493.
Canadian Dollar {CAD}: 283.

FCMB Exchange Rate Today.

Dollar: 369.
Euro: 410.
Pounds: 500.
Canadian Dollar (CAD): 286.

Fidelity Bank Exchange Rate Today.

Dollar: 375.
Euro: 429.
Pounds: 485.

Ecobank Exchange Rate Today.

Dollar: 363.
Euro: 427.
Pounds: 487.
Canadian Dollar (CAD): 280.

Sterling Bank Exchange Rate Today.

US Dollar: 363.
Euro: 430.
Pounds: 485.
Canadian Dollar (CAD): 280.

Skye Bank Exchange Rate Today.
US Dollar: 368.
Great Britain Pound: 492.
Euro: 429.

UBA Exchange Rate Today.
US Dollar: 372.
Pounds: 487.

Wema Bank Exchange Rate.
US Dollar (USD): 367.

Gtbank Dollar to Naira Exchange rate: 1 USD to N367 Naira.

Gtbank Exchange rate today Pounds to Naira: 1 Pounds to N491 Naira.

Gtbank Euro to Naira Exchange rate: 1 Euro to N434 Naira.

Gtb Canadian Dollar Exchange rate to Naira: 1 CAD to N286 Naira.

Did you exchange your foreign currency to naira lately? What’s the exchange rate? Share your thoughts with us.

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