The Catholic Priest and Laziness By Fr. Julian Ibe

The Catholic Priest and Laziness By Fr. Julian Ibe

One educated illiterate made a comment to my hearing of recent that the priesthood is for lazy people.

According to him, it is only those who desire an easy and stress-free life that venture into the priesthood.

I listened to him attentively for a while as he presented his ignorant thesis. When I remembered that I had more important things to do than to listen to the rantings of overgrown ignorant child, I decided to address him and perhaps others of similar idiosyncrasies.


My first approach was to ask him what he did for a living, to which he replied that he was a lecturer. I asked if that made him hardworking and he said lecturers are among the most hardworking people on earth, giving that they have to study always to stay up to date, prepare lesson notes, give lectures, conduct examinations and above all, mark and record scores of hundreds of students.

In my typical fashion, I listened until he was done with his uninformed oratory then asked him “If being a lecturer makes you a hardworking man, what would you say about those priests who have to study hard in order to prepare good homilies, wake up very early every morning to expose the Blessed Sacrament, celebrate the Mass, listen to the confessions of hundreds of penitents, sit in the office for hours listening to people narrate their problems which they always begin from the book of Genesis, visit the sick, provide charity to the needy (whose numbers are increasing everyday in the current dispensation) and yet they are still lecturers in higher institutions like yourself?”. I had never witnessed anyone struck with dumbness until that day.

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priestDo you know that there is hardly any priest without an alternative apostolate? Today many priests are lawyers, lecturers, doctors (and yes, I mean medical doctors) and above all farmers. Visit rural dioceses and see the massive agricultural projects undertaken by many of your priests.

Many are into farming grains, ginger, tumeric and even vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. Some are into livestock farming, focusing on fishery, poultry, piggery and snail or grasscutter raring.

Many of these projects are undertaken not to sustain a personal flamboyant lifestyle, but to meet the needs of the poor areas they have been assigned to pastor (after all, the Church is not run on Hail Mary’s alone). Do we talk about priests in the charismatic ministry who have to undergo days and sometimes weeks of self-denial preparing for and organizing programs that sometimes run for an entire month?

Apart from these, go to the seminaries and get an idea of the depressing, distressing and debilitating volume of courses seminarians has to surmount at examinations which give no room for exam malpractice by the way.

Visit seminarians on apostolic work in the villages and see if the lazy can survive the challenges they face. When studying for my masters, I had to undertake thirty (30) courses (at my age).

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Shebi una think say no only Bible we dey read? All these are to equip us for more profound reasoning.

Do you think the faith would have been sustained till date by carrying the Bible under the armpit alone? No, the world went beyond that long ago. Try speaking to an LGBT activist about the evil of gayism based solely on the cliché that “the Bible says…”.

When I was done talking, the young man apologized for his unguarded utterances and departed very solemnly.

Truth is, many people have the same erroneous idea of the priesthood as a life of idleness and comfort. Why else will someone call a priest at 10am and be like “Sorry Fr. I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep” (if I catch you ehhh)?

Please appreciate the efforts of your priests and if you still think we are jobless comfort seekers, feel free to join us in the priesthood.

A trial will convince you.

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