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Latest CV Format In Nigeria PDF

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Latest CV format in Nigeria must contain your Name, professional title and contact details, Personal Statement among others, in this guide we WILL show you how to write a captivating CV and also share a template with you.

When it comes to job search, your CV is as important as your academic qualifications, through your CV, you create an impression.

What is a CV?

Curriculum Vitae, CV short, is a personal marketing document that tells potential employers about your professional history, your skills, your abilities and achievements.

Above all, your CV should highlight why you’re the best person for the job.”

Your first contact with your prospective employers is your CV, sometimes you’re required accomplish your CV with a cover letter and a completed application form, we’ll come back to that later.

Please NEVER send or submit the screenshot of your CV to your potential employer, it’s unprofessional.


Current CV format in Nigeria: What should you include in your own?

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Professional title
  • Personal Statement
  • Experience
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Qualifications
  • Hobbies & Interests

Latest CV Format In Nigeria PDFIn Nigeria, there are different types of CVs, each for a specific purpose. Most of the Nigerian institutions specify the kind of CV they want, giving you sample. In that case you just have to follow the instructions.

However, private companies are the most dynamic sectors that respond to change quickly, as such you have to use standard CV that gets interview invitation.

Here are some of the things to include in your CV:

Name, professional title and contact details

According to CV Library, the first part of your CV should contain your name, professional title and contact details.

What not to include in the title of your CV:

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Under no circumstances should you title your CV with ‘curriculum vitae’ or ‘CV’ as it’s a waste of valuable space. Treat your name as the title instead,” human resource expert said.

For your contact details, your email address and phone number(s) are essential. You include your full address or simply state your town and country.Latest CV Format In Nigeria Free Download

Personal Statement

Personal statement, also known as personal profile, career objective or professional profile, is a short paragraph that sits just underneath your name and contact details giving prospective employers an overview of who you are and what you’re all about.

In the latest CV format in Nigeria, it’s advised that you tailor your personal statement to every job you apply for, highlighting specific qualities that match you to the role.

Make it short and catchy with few sentences by addressing the following:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What can you offer the company?
  3. What are your career goals?

Experience and employment history

Latest CV format in Nigeria has the section that gives you a chance to outline your previous jobs and work experience, beginning with most recent ones.

Education and qualifications

Under this section, include the name of the institutions and the dates you attended, followed by the qualifications and grades you obtained.

Hobbies and interests, “Avoid listing hobbies that don’t add value to your CV.”


Once upon a time it’s required to list in details the names and contact address of your referees to the end of your CV, but that’s no longer in vogue, including a  line that reads ‘references available on request” is latest CV format in Nigeria.

Formatting and spacing guidelines

Length: The standard length of a CV in Nigeria is maximum of three-page

Headings:Each section must be introduced by a big, bold heading to ensure an easy read.

Don’t forget to include your key skills

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Don’t have time to read the entire CV guide right now? You can download the Doc. Format HERE


Latest CV format in Nigeria and downloadable Template

See sample of a CV template below as shared by HR Nigeria on Facebook, “A leading online discussion forum for human resources professionals and people managers in Nigeria. a forum dedicated to the management and development of people and organisations.”


Adamu Smart

Obalende, Lagos

0802 284 5178 • 0707 284 5668 •

Personal Statement

A conscientious and professional personal assistant with extensive experience in administration, PA and secretarial roles, currently seeking a new position as an Executive PA. A highly organised and efficient individual, whose thorough and precise approach to projects has yielded excellent results. Recent achievements with my current employer include the implementation of an innovative new filing and indexing system.

Key Skills

  • 80 words per minute typing
  • Proficiency in all areas of Microsoft Office, including Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Accredited member of APA (Association of Personal Assistants)
  • Fully qualified first-aider

Employment History

PA to Personnel Manager, Company Name, Location

(April 2011 – Present)

Achievements and responsibilities:

  • Implemented a change of stationery supplier, reducing costs by 20%
  • Reorganised the meeting booking process, implementing an online system which all staff can access, leading to reduced diary conflicts within the team
  • Devised and implemented a new filing and indexing system for files, resulting in greater ease of access and a more time-efficient process
  • Helped provide a safer workplace by cataloguing and dispatching health and safety information and posters for the whole company
  • Diary management, typing correspondence and documents, creating presentations and creating meeting minutes
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Front of House Receptionist, Company Name, Location

(June 2010 – April 2011)

Achievements and responsibilities:

  • Presenting a professional and friendly first impression of the firm to all visitors and clients
  • Managing incoming phone calls and mail
  • Organising stationery orders and liaising with suppliers to meet business requests
  • Replenishing and restocking the bar, always ensuring high level of stock management efficiency

Secretary, Company Name, Location

(October 2007 – May 2010)

Achievements and responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and organising the company filing system
  • Answering incoming calls
  • Typing all necessary documents and correspondence as required
  • Printing any supplementary notes as required
  • Running professional errands


School Name

(January 2007 – February 2011)

BSc, Secretariat Studies, Second Class Upper

School Name

(September 1998 – June 2004)

10 SSCEs, grade A-C, including Maths and English

Hobbies & Interests

I am involved in a local amateur dramatics society, where I volunteer as a lighting and sound technician. I have been involved with this society for three years and very much enjoy being part of the team. More recently, I assumed the role of Stage Manager for a two week production and relished the chance to take control of performances and react to a high-pressure environment.



References are available upon request.

You may also want to download the copy of the above template or go here to download a copy here.

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If you don’t have time to read the entire CV guide right now?

You can download the Word Format HERE

Download your copy of CV template PDF Format

Final thought:

The above current CV format in Nigeria is meant to guide you. You can tailor it to align with the kind of job you’re applying for.

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