Top 15 H2i benefits that will make you see Multi Level Marketing Differently

Top 15 H2i benefits that will make you see Multi Level Marketing Differently

Registered members have talked about H2i benefits since the Multi Level Marketing firm cum Non Government Organization started operation in Nigeria.

On this platform, we’ve written extensively about H2i stages, and shared some testimonies of Helping Hands International.

In this post, we’ll delve more into advantages inherent in joining this network marketing.

Thousands of Nigerians have even shown interest to join, but most of them are unsure whether they’d be able to achieve anything since H2i success depends largely on networking.

But do you really know that if you tactically explore Facebook, twitter and other social media sites, you can achieve unlimited results getting downlines in H2i?

We’ve talked about that in one of our posts, which was earlier written and shared by Mr. Booth titled, How to use social media to promote your business.”

Having said that, let’s now get right in…

Top 15 H2i benefits of joining Helping Hands International

With just $60 (N9,900) you can tap into this networking opportunities and begin to enjoy some of the benefits below.

H2i benefits: Referral Bonus :

One of the H2i benefits is the fact that you’ll always be getting a referral bonus each time you register new member or when anyone registers under you.

Each time this happens, a referral bonus of $10 is credited into your H2i E-wallet account.

If you registered 2 people at a time your account will be credited with $20 within seconds; if it’s 6 people that’s $60 plus matrix bonus depending on the level you’re though.

The good part of this now is that you can directly exchange your H2i dollars to Nigerian Naira and your local bank account will be credited. Alternatively, you can sell your H2i dollars to your upline who needs it or any other H2i members who wants to register a new member.We’ll cover that in another update.

H2i benefits: Unbeatable matrixbonus:

Part of H2i benefits is the matrix bonus you get each time you complete from one stage to the other.

H2i compensation plan is a forced 2 x 2 and 2 x 5 matrix marketing system, which means as a member you will need to refer 2 member, while your downlines do the same.

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Every additional referrals you make will only cause a spill over making the matrix to fill faster.

Stage 1 matrix bonus is $10. If that’s added to your $20 referral bonus (for two people that registered under you) that makes $30.

Stage 2 matrix bonus: Total matrix bonus here is $1,050. Check the breakdown below:

Earnings paid from level 1-5 of matrix Stage

Level 1 = $50

Level 2=$100

Level 3 = $200

Level 4 = $300

Level 5 =$400

Stage 3 matrix bonus: As you stage 2 stage 3 automatically formed with you on top with 2X5 matrix bonus of $3000. Here is the breakdown:

Level 1=$200

Level 2=$300

Level 3=$500

Level 4=$500

Level 5=$1500

Stage 4 matrix bonus:  Total matrix bonus for completing this stage is $6,000, check the breakdown:

Level 1 = $300

Level 2 = $300

Level 3 = $500

Level 4 = $900

Level 5 = $4000

The matrix bonus is another great opportunity to even earn more money. Remember H2i activities do not hinder your conventional job. This means as a banker, trader, student, teacher you can continue to do the online business using social media as your marketing platform.

H2i benefits: Access to any of the following gadgets : laptop, deep freezer, watching or ipads

We talked about matrix bonus above. However, beginning from stage 2 upwards, there is a specific award attached to them.

For instance, when the matrix is filled you have the privilege to pick from any of the following: tablet, gas cooker, LCD television, fridge, freezer, washing machine, or andriod phone worth $312.

If you already have any of the above gadget, then you can collect the cash equivalent of $312.

H2i benefits: Opportunity to own your own H2i brandednew Car:

One of the high points of H2i benefits is when you complete stage 3 and your position changed to occupy stage 4, you’ll get a brand new Hyundai car worth $22,000. The car isn’t a must, you can opt for cash equivalent, which is $17,000.

H2i benefits: Collaboration among fellow members:

Helping Hands International is filled with business-minded people like you. They are successful marketers and prospective networking gurus opening tens of thousands of other business opportunities for you to collaborate to work on other projects to open another financial route.

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One thing about business is this: once you’re determined success will definitely come your way. Once you get it right other money-making opportunities and challenges will be very easy for you to take.

Why do successful business men and women keep exploring other opportunities?

Here is a life-changing opportunity!

Access to interest-free loan:

 Top on my list of H2i benefits is the fact that the networking business is indirect cooperative society model that uplift its members from the trench of poverty and give them financial freedom.

As a member of Helping Hands International (H2i) you get to stage whereby you can apply for interest-free loan to boost your business or even start a new  business or support your personal project.

This kind of support is called “Interest free business support fund of up to $12,000” on request H2i minister

Opportunity to own your own H2i brandednew Car:

In the number four H2i benefits we talked about opportunity of owning a brand new Hyundai car worth worth $22,000.

That’s not all, upon completion of stage 4, another opportunity comes with it, this time a some steps ahead because you’ll get an executive Hyundai Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) worth $35,000 or a cash equivalent of $22,000.

Opportunity to touch someone’s life:

Helping hands International isn’t about me and you alone. It’s a platform where you get the opportunity to touch lives of those in need. Empowerment for two people on recommendation ($1000) for completing the super master stage.

The subsequent one is an empowerment for one motherless home in Minister stage. You can decide to pay the medical bill of patient who do not have the financial capacity of such.

If you’ve ever wanted to touch lives, Helping Hands International provides that opportunity. This role makes H2i qualify as a charity organisation. H2i top executives have severally visited motherless home to assist financially and in kind.

Access to housing support:

Call it the topmost H2i benefits, you won’t be wrong. Helping Hands International also has housing fund of up to $40,000 available for its members.

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However, you can only access this fund when you get to stage 5. H2i can make your dream to own a house of your own a reality.

Access to infinity bonus:

Upon completion of stage 5 matrix, a sum of $5,000 is paid to you yearly.

Other H2i benefits include:

  • Training: This is where you are entitled to learning one or more skills.
  • InternationalTrip
  • Educational Fund ($2,000.)
  • 5% Matching Bonus to uplink ($600).
  • Elite Club members Fund (Up to 44,000)

Others include:

Freedom to work at your own pace. No specific date or time to resume at office, all your works are done online unless you want to talk to friends and family members about it.

How to join H2i?

Contact us for more:

Call/WhatsApp: 08065277758

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