How to upload N-power deployment letter without problem

How to upload N-power deployment letter without problem

Last updated on August 11th, 2018 at 11:58 am

Hey 2017 beneficiaries, you can successfully upload N-power deployment letter to your NPVN portal without any problem by following these guidelines.

Uploading of your N-power deployment letter is a must for you to get paid for the month of August.

After printing your N-power deployment letter , the next thing is to take it to your place of primary assignment for signing.Upload N-power Deployment Letter 2017 Batch Infobase Nigeria

After signing, next is to scan and upload it on your NPVN portal, this you can do by using your phone number and password to access it.

You can scan your letter at a cafe and upload, alternatively you can use tablet phones, iPad, or any other phone with higher operating system and with great photo resolution.

Recommended browser to upload N-power deployment letter

Our recommended browser is Google Chrome. Chrome because it’s powerful and intuitive for any online uploading of forms.

Other useful browsers include: Mozilla Firefox, Explorer, and others.

Reason why you may experience problem uploading your N-power deployment letter is if your the scanned copy of your letter is large.

In this case, you’ll have to reduce its size, good enough there is a resource you can use to reduce size of any document.

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You can upload it on and cut the size of your deployment letter by 25%, this way it will be less than 1MB, making it easy to easily upload it on your NPVN profile.

Save it with name that will be easy for you to remember so that you don’t make the mistake of uploading a wrong document.

It is time to upload:

Step 1:
Clear the cache of the browser , and login to your N-power portal

Step 2:

Click on upload N-power deployment letter

Step 3:

Allow it to fully show the letter within your dashboard

That’s all.

Note: Failure to upload your deployment letter before the mid this month may cause a delay in the payment of your August N-power stipend.

Your letter tells N-power that you have genuinely reported at your place of primary assignment.

If you have any other problem uploading your N-power deployment letter let’s know, and we will be ready to help.

7 thoughts on “How to upload N-power deployment letter without problem”

  1. Please I don’t print the deployment letter before and am looking for it now I did not see it again in my profile please help me out because they say will should upload it now.


    Hello Bimpe,Please rephrase your question for us to provide you with appropriate solution. If you printed your deployment letter is what you meant and can’t find it. Then approach the office of your state focal person.

    If you’re in Osun State you can still print. Find the solution in one of our guides

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