US woman, Kayla Giles, shoots husband dead at Walmart

US woman, Kayla Giles, shoots husband dead at Walmart

A 31-year-old US woman Kayla Giles has been arrested in Louisiana for allegedly shooting dead her husband Thomas Coutee Jr.

The couple signed a matrimonial vow in 2014, according to Mr Couttee’s Facebook page.

Report says she committed the murder in a Walmart car park on Saturday morning in front of three children.

The killer according to the police was meeting her estranged husband Thomas Coutee Jr to undertake a child custody exchange when she allegedly brought out a gun and shot the man once in the chest.

Efforts by medics to revive the 30-year old man at the scene weren’t successful as he died a few minutes after.

The three children, according to the BCC, were initially taken to a local police headquarters, then transferred into the custody of family members by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services.

The murderer, who is still being referred to as Kayla Couttee, has been charged with second-degree murder by the Alexandria Police Department, who set her bail at $500,000.

Why did Kayla Giles kill her husband?

No further details have been given why she killed her husband, but local news website Town Talk says that Mr Couttee had filed a police complaint about his wife being violent in the past, and had filed a motion against joint-custody.

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