What to expect from Buhari second term in office as he submits nomination form

Buhari second term in office

Battle for who wins Nigeria’s presidential election in 2019 General Elections witnessed a political dimension Wednesday, September 12, 2018, as the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari submitted his nomination form in Abuja.

That to us at InfomediaNG is beyond what some people might see as a mere political preparation, it’s a submission of form for the continuation of fight against corruption and other things the president couldn’t achieve in the last three and half years.

President Buhari, a retired army major general, has been fighting corruption and recovering looted funds, and redefining taxation policy.

But the real implementation of some of the above strange policies to Nigeria’s political landscape will gain full momentum if he won the 2019 general elections.

In this post, InfomediaNG shares with you major things Nigerians and the rest of the world should expect from the Muhammadu Buhari’s second term in office.

Corrupt PDP members and opposition will land in jail during Buhari second term in office

Yes, you read it clearly. Corrupt opposition party members will spend most of their days in jail while Buhari and his party, All Progressive Congress, paddle the affairs of the country from 2019 and beyond.

His first term 2015-2019 has been interesting as for the first time trillions of Naira were recovered from past political office holders.

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Something InfomediaNG also found interesting during the submission of his nomination form are the last words of his speech:

“Let me today appeal to party members not to be complacent; but to prepare, strategise and win 2019 election. We must not allow those who brought the country to its knees from 1999 to 2015 to come and take us back.”

Buhari didn’t specifically mention PDP, but that was the party that ruled Nigeria from 1999 till 2015: From Olusegun Obasanjo to Late Musa Yar’Adua to Goodluck Jonathan, who lost to the opposition.

Former President Obasanjo has specifically written Buhari to go back to his home town, Daura, to rest.

Buhari is 75 years old, some say it’s his official age.

Since assumption of office, we’ve not seen any APC member face any critical corruption prosecution, while PDP members had.

Some PDP members had in the past joined APC in a bid to escape the Buhari’s anti-corruption flog.

That to us isn’t bad because PDP is likely to do worst anytime they have the opportunity to occupy Aso Rock again.

Expect Strong taxation law during Buhari second term in office

There are some countries around the world who are doing great from revenues made from taxation, but tax looks strange to the majority of Nigerians, majorly because past administrations have not really done much with revenue from oil.

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An ordinary Nigerian doesn’t have faith in his leader at the helms of affairs because, “this is Nigeria”

If you feared you may be taxed then think twice before casting your vote for Buhari and APC.

But the little his administration made from the taxes and other revenues in the past three and half years have been significant: from youth empowerment to infrastructural development.

The rich men and women in Nigeria will feel this more. They have been accused of cheating the government in recent times.

In Nigeria, the most sincere tax payers are the civil servants whose salaries are properly monitored. Taxes are deducted before they receive the monthly salaries.

We’ve heard something like, “Pay as you earn,” that is only applicable to the civil servants, not to political office holders and those who are close to the government.

Slight disregard to the rule of law should be expected in Buhari second term in office

Some of his critics have accused him of being autocratic, and Buhari doesn’t care about that in as much what he does is for the benefit of the generality of ordinary Nigerian people.

“Justice delayed is justice denied,” is that right?

But how realistic is this in Nigerian judicial context, where your influence is a determining factor of getting justice?

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Buhari’s second term in office may disregard some of the judicial proclamation if he is to make any significant progress in the fight against corruption.

Critics have accused him of fighting corruption on the pages of newspaper, and we believe he’s going to proof them wrong if he and his party won the 2019 General Elections.

InfomediaNG Final Thoughts:

The three points we mentioned in this post isn’t to scare you, but to prepare you for what to expect from President Buahari’s second term in office.

To us here the ordinary Nigerians WILL benefit most from them.

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