N-Power Code of Conduct by Afolabi Imoukhuede (September 17, 2018 Facebook Live Chat)

N-power Head Office

Federal Government’s youth empowerment programme has some rules you might not be aware of, which its coordinator called N-power code of conduct.

On September 17, 2018, Coordinator of the N-power programme, an arm of SIP, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede (a Presidential aid), in Facebook LIVE chat shed some light on N-power code of conduct, which beneficiaries (2017 batch will have to follow).

His September 17, 2018 Facebook Live chat is over two hours, containing a lot of important topics, InfomediaNG will be taking the topics one after the other uncensored.

We’ve already highlighted the important things he said as regards the structure of Social Investment Programme (SIP).

In this transcribed version of hs Facebook Live chat held on September 17, 2018, Mr. Imoukhuede talks about N-power code of conduct in relation to several aspects of the programme.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to your PPA

That is the most important person to know, because I can assure you that they have the final say, so those that have been deployed to primary school, that head master or head mistress that you take for granted, that you may say “wetin concern me”, “I be Buhari child”, “I’m a federal child”, “I’m a government child”, well let me tell you that you got it wrong. So please tonight change your mind, because that head master or head mistress is the most important person because he or she is your supervisor.

Those of you in N-Agro that have been posted to the community farms in the LG, whether it’s the head of that farm or whether it’s the head of that cell, whether it’s the head of that cluster, that is your President Buhari in that PPA.

Those of you in N-Health, the head of that PPA, my dear brother and sister that is your president Buhari.

If you do not get anything else, forget that long story I said in the past few minutes, the head of your PPA is the most important person.

Why did I say that?

It is because they are the ones that will mark register, attendance is compulsory and mandatory in N-Power.

Let me tell you a useful line that I‘ve always told the 2016 batch and your seniors in N-Power and they probably have said it even before I’ve said it.

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N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to gaining experience

N-power is serious business, N-Power is a serious investment, now what do I mean?

Attendance is compulsory, it’s mandatory it’s a full time volunteer program that it has been designed to help you and not Mr President.

It has been designed to help you because it’s a full time volunteer program for 2 years.

Now if you do that within the laws, you know what happens? You would get a veritable work experience, that’s what is going to happen, you’ll be able to proudly put your role in your CV for 2 years as a volunteer of N-Power

In this place and the only person that stands between being able to say that work was valid or not is the head of your PPA, as so attendance becomes the first thing.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation Discipline

The next thing is discipline, you’re not in any way allowed to be rude to your supervisors even if you’re taller than him or her, there is a code of conduct in the N-Power program.Social investment Program Structure by Afolabi Imoukhuede InfomediaNG

We are going ensure that you get it in the next few weeks if you have already not downloaded it, that you get it so you’ll be familiar with it.

So discipline becomes very important, if you ask your veterans or your seniors, they’ll tell you that we have had to suspend many, not many in terms of numbers but quite a few of you across Nigeria.

We have had to completely exit beneficiaries who went into some grave offences that I may not want to mention here.

So please attendance, discipline and obviously learning are important.

You’re going out there to volunteer, in the volunteering that’s where you’re getting your employability experience from.

So they are your chief teachers, they are ones that will teach you, guide you, and if some of you of course in the same PPA we have some of your seniors those who are in their batch 1 program, they’ll also be there to uphold you, to show you how it is done.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation attendance

Do not be the case of one of them that I met in one of the PPA, I think in Imo state precisely, that said to me he has been coming to work but never signing attendance in the principal’s office.

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I guess he was been marked absent, unfortunately he actually comes to school.

So imagine that he or she did not have the class teacher or the subject teacher to stand in for him or she, he or she could have left the program by now.

So I want to appeal to you that they are your most important people.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to exiting N-power

In N-Power what is also important for you to know, that I have said all this to say one thing, please we have gotten complains, we have gotten reports, verifiable reports that they are quite a significant number of you in this Batch that are employed somewhere else, and so you have no intensions to do work.

We have also gotten complaints across country that they are a significant number of you that are employed somewhere else, you have reported to your PPA in terms of coming to send your letter to be stamped, but you actually intend to get a proxy to do your work for you.

We have gotten those complaints and clearly we are also aware that some of you do not intend, you want to do the work yes.

But do not intend to do the work full time.

I’ve taken the first 15 minutes to run you through all of these. Please if you are in any of this category, you have a choice tonight to take a decision.

It is never late to exit from N-Power. Let me ask you to be good ambassadors for your other brothers and sisters who genuinely needs this lifeline.

We had 2.5 million applications, when it closed at the end of July 2017, after all validation and removing duplicate applications, we had a clean 1.8 million applications.

300,000 of you tells you that there is still about 1.5 million across country, some states had over 100,000 applications, about five to six states had above 100,000 applications, so why do you want to hold on to what you don’t need?

You may want it, because you think its extra money, or you think it’s money for the boys or you think it’s your share of the national cake? Well, let me burst your bubbles today, it’s none of those. It’s a lifeline that has been designed to help genuine Nigerian youths who really need this lifeline.Npower Facebook LIVE chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede (September 17, 2018)

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Why do we know that some of you need this life line? A lot of you the only reason between you and getting a job in the labour market is because they say to you that you don’t have work experience, now if you get into this program, you get 2 years’ experience and the life line enables you to gain credible work experience.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to gaining financial independence

A lot of you, the only thing between you and being able to have a small business that can keep you going you know, is just this savings, to be able to have steady savings for 10 months, 5 months, 6 months.

When I met a lady in ijebu-ode, I met her in the 5th month of N-Power and she has already started her cassava processing, even at that time she has not earned her stipends cause she had account problems, even at that she was hopeful that she knew that the money was coming and I can tell you that her story is out there for the world to read.

Now all she needed to have to be able to start the business of her dream was a life line like N-Power.

So please, may I appeal to you and the right conscience of you as a patriotic Nigerian, if you know you fall into any of the three categories, that have come to us, we know you, so let me let you know now, don’t think that we don’t, cause we do.

If you fall into any of these category, I’ll advice you please go and gracefully exit, honourably exit from the program so we can allow more people who really deserve this life line to come into the program. If you know that you need the life line but not aware that the program is a disciplined program or the program is govern by the rules and that we do ensure that you follow them, today I’ve told you the good news so please re-adjust yourself.


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