Nigeria’s Social investment Program Structure Analysis by Afolabi Imoukhuede

Social investment Program Structure by Afolabi Imoukhuede InfomediaNG

Social Investment Programme (SIP) of the current administration has a structure you might not be aware of.

On September 17, 2018, Coordinator of the N-power programme, an arm of SIP, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede (a Presidential aid), in Facebook LIVE chat shed some light on the structure of Social Investment Programme.

His September 17, 2018 Facebook Live chat is over two hours, containing a lot of important topics, InfomediaNG will be taking the topics one after the other uncensored.

Major Topics of Facebook LIVE chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede, held on September 17th, 2018

  1. Social investment Program Structure
  2. N-Power Code of Conduct
  3. N-power Payment
  4. Deployment Schedule
  5. N-Power Situation Room
  6. N-power Devices
  7. Non-Graduate Category
  8. N-power Exit Plans
  9. N-power Build
  10. Redeployment for 2017
  11. How to beneficiaries can change bank
  12. VAIDS stream-26 Payment
  13. What to do when you’re not enrolled

Social Investment Programme is one of the cardinal manifestos of President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

If you’re 2017 batch of N-power beneficiary, we urge you to go through Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede’s detailed analysis of Social Investment programme structure.

Social investment Program Structure

For those of us who are new, 2017 batch I will take a few minutes to explain the structure of what is N-power.

Why N-power?

I know we answered or attempted to answer a lot of these questions all throughout engaging with you, from the application process to the testing process, to the times of preselection, to various media channels by which we engage, press releases and what have you.

But let me take some time to give you a background of what is N-Power and how N-Power is structured.

The reason I do this is, I believe that if you understand this background it would help you a lot contextualize any challenge and that you may be having and understand the processes by which N-Power operates.

The first thing is that N-Power is the promise of Mr president to Nigerian youths, a direct promise that he made during campaigning that would create employment opportunities or what we call the skills and employability enhancement opportunities for unemployed Nigerian youths in specific points.

From the 500,000 and hundreds of the multiples of tens of thousands of the non-graduate in various schemes and the non-graduate program which I will speak to in some minutes later.

So this is a specific promise, so the reality is, it is a direct promise from the president to you.

Mr president is a man who is governed by the rule of law, disciplinarian as you know, so in as much as a direct promise of Mr president, Mr president does not deep his hand into his pocket and just say, oh this is this money for N-Power, share money any and everywhere, No!,we run through a process.

So by that the national social investment office which resides in the presidency is the coordinating office for the social investment.

As I must remind you the N-Power is one of them. I think there are five social investment program that we run.

I will speak to N-Power last since that is where we are but let me remind you or refresh your memory that we have the National Home Grown School Feeding programme, which seeks to feed our young kids in public primary schools between Primary 1–3 across country.

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We have the Government Enterprise Empowerment Programme which gives loans to various categories of market women, artisans and farmers, so we have them in three, either you have a tradermoni which is for those who are at the very bottom of the pyramid you know those who do small small trading, petty trade, that is a grant of about a loan of ₦10,000.

We have the marketmoni which is a higher grade with starting loans of ₦50,000 for those who have more established businesses.

Then of course we have the farmer money that gives loans to farmers and so that’s GEEP, the third component is the Conditional Cash Transfer that we tend to focus on the vulnerable and poor in our various communities and the next after that is the Social Investment Hubs which focuses of ICT.

Here we roll out the information technology hubs across geopolitical zones to promote a lot of tech innovation start-ups across Nigeria and the last but not the least is NPower which you all are a part of.

The Job Creation Unit coordinates the N-Power program directly, in the N-Power program we have the graduate component.

I speak to a lot of you and the 300,000 batch you are part of the graduate, in the non-graduate component you have the N-Build which focuses on the vocational skills for construction industry, the automobile industry.

And in 2018 we’ll be adding on the hospitality industry and then we have technology (N-Tech) where we have the hardware.

  • Tech hardwareto focuses on repair and maintenance of devices again those of you in batch one you have about 200,000 devices out there now so repair and maintenance of those devices and many others phones, smartphones.

Then we have software development that focuses on grooming young people around development of software and the last one is the N-Creative which focuses on developing animation, illustration, graphics .

Once you hear the name N-Power, all of this is coordinated by the job creation unit within the National Social Investment Office in the Presidency.

Now having said that I’ve always taking time to give a bit of government lessons, government 101 to your seniors those in the 2016, now take your first dose of government 101.

The way the constitution of Nigeria is structured first, it runs a federation by that I mean that we have a Federal Government, we have the State Government and Local Government.

In the federal government we have federal ministries, again, the highest approving organ of government is called the federal executive council made up of ministers to supervise the federal ministries and their related departments and agencies.

Each of these federal ministries are the ones that are the constituted authority to become accounting officers to any government project of government spending and in this particular case, the social investment fund is domiciled in the ministry of budget and national planning.

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I repeat again the ministry of budget and national planning.

The budget and national planning ministry is the accounting officer ministry for this project and job creation unit or the social investment office we are the operators.

You know, we design, we implement, we co-ordinate but the ministry of budget and national planning is the accounting officer and by accounting office you can then relate to payment.

The next word that comes to your mind is payment so in other words every payment is processed through the ministry of budget and national planning and by that you then know that all payments are processed in accordance to the federal government judiciary discipline around payment processing.

We just don’t once again dip our hands in any pocket to pay anybody you need to run through specific processes before payment can be made.

I will speak to how you get paid in a few minutes but then still speaking about how the NPower program is structured in terms of institution and the next is that at the same level of ministry of federal ministry of budget and national planning.

We have other federal government institution or ministries that are our partners, chief of them the Federal Ministry of Agric.

They are the ones with related agencies that superintend over the Agric extension they are the ones that design and develop the training manuals for N-Agro, so for those of you who in the N-Agro component the statutory start point is ministry of Agric and then runs through the agency called the Agricultural development programme (ADP).

The next federal institution is National Primary Healthcare Development Agency so N-Health those are your sponsors so to speak because they design your training manuals and curriculum.

They will also provide you the step down training that you require so yes, those of you in N-Agro you would soon be contacted at your various local government level and within your state preparing you for your step down training for your N-Agro training manual.

The same will happen with the N-Health courtesy of the National Primary Health Development Agency, which is under the Federal Ministry of Health, and the next is the Federal Ministry of Finance that is related to N-Tax.

I know that with N-Tax you have been deployed earlier than even the three hundred thousand some of you still get called up to attend your mandatory training in Orozo here in Abuja but that’s coordinated by Federal Ministry of Finance in partnership with the Joint Tax Board at the state level.

So, those are our federal government institutional partners that work with us to ensure that we have a smooth running of the NPower program.

Now the next level is the state, at the state government which is the second tier of the federation that we have as a country, that is when we have what you call a focal person or persons.

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Let me ask, is anyone of you not yet aware that you have a focal person your state?

If you are not today, now you know and I think you should make it a point of view to reach out to know who your focal person is.

Your focal persons are basically those appointed by your state governor to act as liaison between the federal government and the state government.

Their role chiefly is they play the father and mother role for you there in your state by extension they are the extension of the arms of President Muhammadu Buhari in your state and the extension of the feet of President Muhammadu Buhari in your state as well.

They act as liaison, so their chief role is to co-ordinate all of these activities that we require to make N-Power a success.

For example, in your deployment you would realise that for those of you in N-Teach you needed to work with the SUBEBs which is your State Universal Board for Basic Education which again when you trickle down to your local government is called the Local Government Education Secretary.

You needed to walk through the line to be able to ensure that you get deployment letters to each of the public primary or secondary schools where you have been deployed.

Your state focal person coordinates that through the SUBEB office and that’s how you’re able to get your letters.Social investment Program Structure by Afolabi Imoukhuede InfomediaNG

Those of you in N-Health same thing, the focal person coordinates with the primary health care agency in your state sometimes they are within the ministry or local government, sometimes it’s within the ministry of health each state has different dynamics but whoever it is that is the arrow head for community primary health, the state focal person coordinates with them and then it trickles down to local government.

Those of you in N-Agro, same thing, like I said, it runs through the ADP, the state focal person coordinates with the state coordinator of ADP, who then obviously works with all the local government reps and sometimes ward and zonal coordinators to be able to reach out to you.

So that’s the way it works, those are the Layers, and so for each and every one of you in any local government you may be listening to me, whether its in Damaturu or any local government you are listening from, you really need not to know me in Abuja.

You need not know your state focal person in your state capital, perhaps, what you really need to know is the coordinator at that local government within your arm.

Whether N-Teach, N-Agro, N-Health, but most importantly let me tell you who the most important person is at your local level is the head of your PPA.

Watch out for PART II: N-Power Code of Conduct

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